Largest Recipient of CRC Funds Sues to Keep Financial Records Secret

by lewwaters

An interesting development in the ongoing “transparent and open” process of the Columbia River Crossing Project, responsible for so far swallowing up some $140 Million in “studies” for a new I-5 Bridge to run Portland’s Light Rail into Vancouver, wanted by taxpayers or not.

David Evans and Associates, so far the single largest recipient of funds from the CRC, accepting more than $30 Million so far, answered a notice from WashDOT over their intent to comply with a FOIA request for financial records with a lawsuit quietly filed in Thurston County to block release of their records on file with WashDOT here.

The records request was part of an ongoing private audit of the CRC finances funded by successful Vancouver businessman David Madore. Tiffany Couch, the forensic auditor hired by Mr. Madore says, “the request for the Evans financials was one of series of records requests she’s filed.”

She continued, “We have been asked to perform a review of how public money has been spent on the CRC project; starting from the bidding process when the project began in 2005 through present day expenditures.”

Also named in the lawsuit as defendant is Debbie Peterson who works for Ms. Couch and who filed the actual request with WashDOT.

In a comment left on facebook, David Madore said, “Nancy Boyd, director of the CRC uses words like transparency and accountability and then goes on to say that because state law does not force them to provide financial statements, that she will not provide them.”

This move begs the question, just what does David Evans & Associates have to fear from transparency in why they were paid over $30 Million of taxpayer monies?

It’s time this fiasco was brought to a screeching halt and our federal representatives from both states bring in federal investigators with prosecutions in mind for any wrongdoing.

If Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Portland or Occupy Vancouver really need a cause to protest, maybe they should be protesting the Columbia River Crossing and David Evans & Associates.

9 Comments to “Largest Recipient of CRC Funds Sues to Keep Financial Records Secret”

  1. Makes you wonder what David Evans & Associates are trying to hide from the public. And why in the world are they wasting yet more taxpayer dollars to stop WSDOT from doing what the people have demanded all along? Oh wait…we’re talking about the CRC and their affiliates.

    My bad

  2. 🙂 Now, now GoldenOldie, it can’t be THAT bad could it, right? 🙂

  3. This is so disgusting. The old cronies hiding stuff and take tax payers money. It is time they are taken to task and forced to live within the law. This begs for a state based investigation. It should not have to be done by a private tax payer simply because he has enough money and a honest heart caring for our community.

  4. Lew, good story. I saw this in the Oregonian and sent an email to Lou Brancaccio asking why the Columbian was not on this story. He emailed back promptly stating they have reporters digging into this. I agree with your first poster, Goldenoldie, what are they hiding? Their appearance of guilt is magnified by their law suit?

  5. Liz….the reason the Columbian isn’t posting on this is because they choose not to. I invited them to the event on Saturday, where we had nationally known speakers and experts. Her response was that they work M-F,8-5. I’m serious. Yet, they had full page color coverage of the Pink Power event which was held on a Sunday and also lasted 3 hours. When Andrea called for comment this afternoon at 2:30, I was astounded that they plan to write an article for tomorrow. By then it’ll be old news. The news in our town isn’t neutral….or investigative.

  6. The Columbian has the juvenile “class” of a junior high school newspaper. They haven’t grown up in 50 years.

  7. They’re only “investigative” when they have a conservative or Republican to go after.

    We still haven’t heard the real story behind Jim Jacks abruptly walking out in mid-session.

    So, almost a week after Bridging the Gaps II and after being coerced into covering David Evans & Associates lawsuit to block their financial records release, the C decides they can mention BTG II.

    I’ll be surprised if it is anything other than the usual hatchet job.

  8. No, if they really do mention the BTG II, it will be with a full bladed axe being licked like a lollipop so it can be taken as a direct aim and with fully swung measure.

  9. And for whomever said they were M-F 8 to 5pm, that is really hysterical! Andrea had TWO events, a portland MPAC meeting, Vancouver city council meeting that went into the wee hours of the morning.

    And the court ~ cops beat is a 24 – 7 job. Along with all of the reports by police radio traffic? remember those?

    So whomever suggested they were not a 24/7 operation really is seriously disingenuous! They start their printing presses around 1 to 2:30am.

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