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October 14, 2011

Proposition 1, Yet Another C-Tran Tax Increase: Yes or No?

by lewwaters

For those who did not see this final portion of last nights candidate forum

C-Tran, Steve Stuart, Tim Leavitt have lied to us, denied us a promised vote, and have shown they do not care what you and I think, struggle through or how inefficiently they operate C-Tran, we’re just endless deep pockets to those who squander what we send them.

They have Millions in reserve, scheduled some $500,000 for a new administrator for more studies, spend a few thousand more to travel to a convention looking over the latest in electric trains and seeking new creative ways to dig deeper into our pockets, all before we are granted the ‘privilege’ of voting on how they plan to waste even more of our hard earned monies.

They announce staff reductions, but their own pamphlets indicate union employees still receive wage increases, while many in Clark County wonder what will happen when unemployment benefits run out and no job prospects exist.

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