Occupy Vancouver – LGBT Rights

by lewwaters

Just one of the many who spoke before to 700 or so people that came to Esther Short Park

6 Comments to “Occupy Vancouver – LGBT Rights”

  1. WOW. SERIOUSLY? People actually believe the government should pay for this stuff? My husband was born with kidneys who make stones. I suppose the government should pay for all the surgeries he’s had. Oh wait, what about the fact that I was born with genes that will likely result in my having a heart attack or stroke. Should the government be paying for all of the treatment I’ve had and will continue to have? Why am I sitting here working on a Saturday, then? JEEZ – I could sit back, relax, and just let someone else take care of me.

    Somehow, I don’t think having someone take care of me would lift me up or preseve the self worth that I get from a job well done.

    Oh shoot. If I quit working what would happen to the 4 people who work for me? They wouldn’t be able to eat or pay rent. But, I guess they could go on the government dole, too.

    I’m sure there’s some rich guy who would pay for that, right?!


  2. I believe we already have an institution that provides free medical care, free food, free clothing, free education and free transportation. It is called the US Army. These Occupy people are just looking in the wrong place. I think we can see a pretty good reason to reinstate the draft.


  3. Why saddle the military with these hopeless morons?


  4. Occupy LGBT? I thought this was about jobs? Oh, I guess those transgener surgeons need work too. I get it.


  5. I believe from what I heard from the video, it was about people getting shot up with hormones, mental health of being the opposite sex when you are not and sex surgeries to imitations of the opposite sex?

    Honestly, I believe if you want to become some thing else than what you are and ITS NOT a Medical Emergency? Save up & pay for your own medical situations! Don’t expect others to haul their or other people’s medical needs anymore. Unless they are infirmed in a hospital or nursing home and no chance of ever leaving, than those people should be getting a reality check and stop bouncing other people’s reality for their own selfish gain.

    And I’ll make one further step here in this comment and others probably won’t agree with me. I don’t give a damn if you dress up as the opposite sex or want to marry the same gender. Keep your situation to yourself and not cause the world to bend to your needs. I believe there is a constitutional freedom of association?

    If you want to marry or be with someone, so be it. But please, stop making a big spectacle of yourselves and situations. You want me or some one else to treat you as the Golden rule suggests? Stop making the point that you continually make, that you are above anyone else in this nation!


  6. The whole thing sounds like a queer deal to me.


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