Occupy Vancouver Photos

by lewwaters

I left just as the march was beginning, I stopped marching long ago. But below area few of the photos I took. Videos will follow.

The march begins

Shortly before noon

49th L.D. Rep Jim Moeller

6 Comments to “Occupy Vancouver Photos”

  1. Looks like the same bunch of misfits that show up at every “demonstration”. Nothing “new” there.


  2. Lou’s name is attached to this photo:


    And Paris Achen, Ray Legendre, Steve Lane (Photographer) plus one other reporter and Lou? I believe I remember reading a tweet cast on the site.

    This is not against the reporters that were there at the scene. But I think it says some thing is wrong about the coverage about protests?

    And Lew, I think you right. Some thing is fishy when you have this many reporters on a subject and the Columbian complains vociferously that they are short of money or man power hours to cover other events? And this event was on a saturday?

    They could not send Andrea or some other reporter to the Bridge to the Gap2 in Camas? As just one of many examples of why I have such a problem with this newspaper executive team and the resources show continually in a biased way.


  3. It wouldn’t matter if they did cover the story.
    The reporter would be the making of a great fisherman.
    “It was THIS BIG!”
    I am tired of the media lies and Drama.


  4. The Media is really desperate to sell the news, Carolyn. They know that they are only one day away from bankruptcy. But being typical Leftist morons, they’re also completely suicidal. They absolutely won’t do the one thing that might save their sorry asses – and that is to print the truth.

    That’s why watching the Media die is so “delicious”. Thank God for the Internet.


  5. Carolyn, Jack & Lew, I guess I am not surprised living in Vancouver on and off for nearly 28 years. I am no longer surprised what I see from local media. I can understand the financial straights but why are they not covering our community as it deserves?

    Why are they not asking for articles about things going on in the community as web only editions? If they can’t physically afford to put news in the physical paper, why is not going on the website? How much does it cost to proofread a minor story, do some basic phone calls or web site searches to do fact checking?

    I just see way too many inconsistencies in coverage. I personally do not place the blame on the employees unless they choose to factually and continually to write in a horrific manner as some past news reporters have done….


  6. It’s pretty simple, Jeremy. The Columbian is composed of a bunch of arrogant Liberal Elitists. They think they are “big time” because they run the local laundromat bulletin board.

    The Columbian has always been produced like a junior high school paper – juvenile, condescending, and smarmy. They’ve never had an adult in charge down there.

    The purpose of The Columbian has never really been so much to report the news and inform the community, it has always been more to “influence” the “direction” and the “thinking” in the community, much like an “elite” group of arrogant little smart-asses trying to make everybody think “their way”.

    Thanks to the Internet, The Columbian is swirling down the toilet. Thank God.


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