The Columbians Glaring Hypocrisy

by lewwaters

Although we complain often, the bias seen in our media is glaring. What doesn’t get mentioned much is their hypocrisy. That is seen no brighter in the latest bash of businessman David Madore for the following flier a PAC he formed sent out.

NOTE: This blog no longer supports David Madore and calls upon him to resign immediately!

Neither candidate had anything to do with the ad and what is stated is the brutal truth, save the claim of Clark County having the highest unemployment. Four counties are now higher, but we are not too far behind. We have been in double digit unemployment for over 2 years now.

But, for the Columbian to express any outrage over the ad is as hypocritical as can be.

County Assessor Peter Van Nortwick, when a candidate last year was accused of “running a negative, attack-dog campaign,” prompting him to play the song “who let the dogs out” at his campaign event.

Political page editor John Laird routinely refers to citizens who oppose the Columbia River Crossing Project, including light rail from Portland as “ankle biters” and “hounds from Whinerville.”

David Madore has also been frequently demeaned in the pages of the Columbian.

Local blogger Kelly Hinton of Clark County Politics has come under attack from the Columbian as efforts were underway to connect 18th legislative district representative Ann Rivers to him when she was a candidate. Hinton was labeled a “growing burden weighing her down” although his main connection was he drove a truck for her in parades. Kelly has an acerbic writing style not unlike political page editor John Laird, who receives praise for his bitterness by those at the Columbian.

On the other hand, Hinton was called mean with a “biting, shot-laden political blog” and compared to Rev. Jeremiah Wright, known for this outburst of “Not God Bless America, But Goddamn America” from the pulpit of the Church Barack Obama attended for 20 years.

Just days ago the Columbian, in issuing their endorsements of city council candidates stated about candidate Josephine Wentzel that she was “a toxic influence at council meetings, a chronic complainer whose frequent trips to the podium have followed a pattern of unproductive negativity,” and that she “has shown no capacity to cooperate with any elective body. Her obstructive, combative approach does not fit well in collaborative community discussions.”

The above labeling prompted Maria Salazar, a well known lady in our community for her involvement as an active member and local and national leader of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), to chastise the Columbian by leaving the comment under the article,

“I am totally outraged! “By contrast, challenger Josephine Wentzel has emerged as a toxic influence at council meetings, a chronic complainer whose frequent trips to the podium have followed a pattern of unproductive negativity.”- The Columbian. Whether you support Ms. Wentzel in her candidacy for Vancouver City Council or not. The Columbian clearly has gone too far! It rudely & unprofessionally printed code words that directed it readers to see Ms.Wentzel in the most negative way our community looks at ambitious women who stand up for themselves, their beiliefs, speak their minds and do things differently (have their own leadership skills) than others. Who is her own idea and not someone’s idea of what they think “she should be”, in more direct words that you can’t print, you have printed that she is a B______! As a women and Hispanic American I know too well the buried prejudice that exist in our community & American society. Calling powerful or ambitious women B word or using codes words to refer to her as B—-and laughing about it or refusing to take a stand to confront it–reveals just another buried prejudice we need to dig up, air openly, and get rid of. To all the candidates endorsed by the Columbian: If you can’t even stand up for respecting women amongst your supporters, you are not worthy of my vote or others vote!”

No doubt Ms. Harris remains embarrassed due to her outburst last year, but she did do it and Mayor Leavitt did not make any move to quiet the meeting down. He sat back sheepishly allowing it to unfold as it did.

No doubt she regrets the outburst, especially once it went out on YouTube, exposing her temperament.

Many in the community wanted her to resign, but she chose to remain.

Likewise, many politicians have committed gaffes that are embarrassing that they would like to see forgotten, but they are not. Such public outbursts cannot be swept back under the rug once they get out.

But, for the Columbian to now come out crying foul over a political ad featuring the outburst after all of the acerbic swipes they have taken towards candidates and citizens has to be one of the most hypocritical articles they have printed.

44 Responses to “The Columbians Glaring Hypocrisy”

  1. Lefties are always dirty hypocrites, Lew. The Columbian is just dirtier than the rest because they circulate their BS and propaganda under the guise of “reporting the news” to the entire County.

    There is a special place in bankruptcy hell waiting for The Columbian. I don’t know how those people can sleep at night.

  2. Jack, maybe some of them hang upside down from the rafters when they sleep? 😉

    I don’t think there is an objective person down there any longer.

  3. They’re typical Liberals, Lew. They just get more vicious and suicidal as time goes on, figuring that they’re the “anointed ones”.

    Notice how Pat Campbell went into hysterical fits when he was fired, and then evaporated into a cloud of flatulence after he was effectively shut down. I doubt you’ll ever hear anything more from Pat.

    Leftie-Liberals just can’t bring themselves to believe that people don’t want their crap. They’re arrogant as hell.

  4. Lew, let me be the first to say today on your blog that I for one am appalled at this misleading advertisement. I’m not going on here to say this is an attack by liberals…it’s an attack on the people as a whole. When bent political advertisement is utilized to misinform people into believing that one person elected into City Council will make change, that is absolutely wrong in my book. We’ve already seen that at the presidential level now, haven’t we…and look where that “Hope and Change” has led us to today!!!

    If they seriously believe putting JW into council will change the direction of how things are being done, they’ve got a hard lesson that’s going to virtually slap them in the face. Of anything, this advertisement has greatly diminished the credibility of the political hopeful as well as her number one supporter and will definitely hurt her chances. And as far as I’m concerned, her number one supporter has lost credibility from my vantage point as well…putting him in the realm of dirty politics and elitism.

    Such a disappointment to me…a BIG disappointment.

  5. Goldie, I know people do not like the ad. But, my point here is the Columbian is the last one with any merit to complain, after how they have launched attacks against candidates and citizens.

    As I have maintained, I don’t live in city limits and have not made any endorsements in this race. The Columbian has.

    The ad is brutally true in how things have happened and if Jeanne Harris doesn’t like that her meltdown keeps coming up, she has only herself to blame. Every public official has something embarrassing that keeps coming up. Obama & 57 states. Bush and Good Job Brownie.

    And, if the November 6 date in the ad is a major gaffe, how does the Columbian explain their own boo boo on the Opinions Page listing endorsements for the 2010 elections?

    As for changing the face of the council, that is done one candidate at a time. Whether these are the right ones o do it remains in the hands of those who can vote on council.

    But as far as tasteless ads go, you should see some I receive from the Democrats on a daily basis.

    But again, the Columbian has no room to complain about such ads. But, as one of the “ankle biting hounds from whinerville,” what do I know?

  6. Sorry GO, I luv ya, but I disagree with ya.

    This ad goes directly to the point that major changes are needed on City Council, and quite frankly Bill Turlay and Josephine Wentzel are exactly the right monkey wrenches to throw into the gears down at City Hall.

    I’m looking forward to some honest discussion about the real state of the City, fewer unanimous votes with absolutely no comment at all, and maybe, just maybe a chance to at least influence the final outcome of the Columbia Crossing Project, Bus Loot Rail down Fourth Plain, the Waterfront Project, et al.

    I don’t know about you folks, but out latest property valuation from the Assessor just arrived, and the value of our house and property has dropped again. I have no doubt my taxes will continue to increase despite the drop in value.

    In the meantime, my street is in pieces because the City has no money to fix it, the streetlights are buried in trees because the City has no money to prune, and our neighborhood park continues to go downhill from neglect because the City has no money to do maintenance of any kind.

    The current crop of Council Critters obviously has not gotten the message, Bart Hansen in particular now that Pat Campbell has been forcibly retired, had best pay more attention to the realities of the City instead of playing Dhimmie Good Guy to Jack Burkman and Mayor Progressive.

  7. Goldie, Liberals share the same trait as Lefties in the sense that they’re lying, vicious, nasty bastards. You’re not going to defeat them by playing “patty-cake”.

    Liberal Elitists have been pulling dirty, nasty tricks for years and they’re supported by the lying, sneaky, back-handed bastards down at The Columbian.

    One tough, truthful flier is but a tiny “opening shot” compared to the damage that The Columbian and the other Liberal Elitist SOBs have done to Clarke County. Sorry if it make you “uncomfortable”, but defeating Lefties is a nasty business.

    Liberal Elitists are not “nice guys”. The Columbian is a vicious rag. They just try to “smile” when they’re shoving a log up your backside, that’s all. Toughen up, we’ve got a long way to go.

  8. The ad is “brutally true” (Lew Waters) but so is the article:

    Turlay, Harris and Leavitt don’t like the ad. Bart Hansen’s campaign does. Wentzel declined to comment. Madore commented by email (excerpts quoted). There are a couple of factual errors in the ad.

    That, along with a photo of the ad, is the gist of the article. Are any of those things untrue? If not, what’s the problem with the article?

  9. Hoo boy, this is “rich”. Commissar Brancaccio has reposted the “Gavel Down” article on The Columbian’s website. It seems he didn’t get the “public outrage” he was looking for from anyone but the usual Leftist sockpuppet sychophants yesterday.

    Sorry to tell you this Lou, but The Columbian really doesn’t have much of an “audience” aside from a sea of sychophant sockpuppets. And despite the efforts of The Columbian, it’s hard to refute the TRUTH.

    But do carry on and keep cutting your own throats, because the sooner you go out of business the better for Clarke County.

  10. The “problem” with the article is “h-y-p-o-c-r-i-s-y”, Cry. Apparently you lack reading comprehension skills.

  11. Cry, as Jack says, it’s the hypocrisy.

    The Columbian labels candidates “toxic,” “attack dogs” and citizens who don’t lay down in bed with the ruling class on the “locally preferred alternative” are “ankle biting hounds from whinerville.”

    The Columbian has no room to cry offended now.

  12. Sorry, but the observation about unemployment appears to me to be legit.

    Note the democratian’s quote:

    • It asks voters to “vote for change on Nov. 6th.” The election is Nov. 8.

    • It claims Vancouver has the highest unemployment rate in the state.

    The latest revised unemployment figures show that four other counties had higher unemployment than CLARK COUNTY, said Scott Bailey, regional economist for the Washington Employment Security Department.

    The mailer talks about oranges, and the rag responds with pears.

    The claim is that VANCOUVER has the highest unemployment.

    The response is a claim about CLARK COUNTY’S unemployment. And unless Vancouver and Clark County are interchangeable terms (I don’t believe they are) the claim stands… both unassailed… and unaddressed.

    As for the vote date… yeah… it’s wrong.

    It’s kinda like the democratian’s endorsement list:

    TODAY it says : 2011 General Election Endorsements

    ( )

    It says that today because when they read my blog this morning, they noticed the following:

    That it DID say 2010 General election endorsements.

    ( )

    Yeah, Brancaccio. Let’s beat up Madore for screwing up the date of the election. And while you’re at it, why don’t you just be a fricking hypocrite while you do it.

    By responding this way, the democratian is just engaging in a full-court press to protect their CRC/Loot Rail water carrying lackies. Harris and Leavitt blowing a gasket? That’s just the cherry on top.

  13. My reading comprehension skills are actually fairly good, Jack. But thanks for your concern.

    I hear and agree with your dislike, Lew, of the Columbian’s name-calling.

    I don’t see the Columbian crying offended in this article. I see Andrea Damewood reporting that:

    >>Turlay, Harris and Leavitt don’t like the ad. Bart Hansen’s campaign does. Wentzel declined to comment. Madore commented by email (excerpts quoted). There are a couple of factual errors in the ad.

    That’s news, plain and simple. Where does Ms. Damewood sound offended?

  14. Really, Cry? Then how come you missed Lew’s point of The Columbian’s hypocrisy? Perhaps you need a refresher course.

    Cry, the fact that The Columbian published the article, and then not having received the desired “outrage” from the community, it was re-posted again, is enough to tell you that The Columbian is feeling “offended”.

    Perhaps you need a refill of common sense as well.

  15. Jack, Columbian writers label the people with whom they disagree as toxic, and as ankle-biting hounds. You label people with whom you disagree as lacking in reading comprehension skills and needing a refill of common sense.

    As ad hominem attacks go, I’d have to give them the prize–theirs are crisper and more colorful. But why are you engaging in some of the same sort of behavior you’re castigating them for?

  16. No, I just showed you where you obviously lacked reading comprehension, Cry. The title of Lew’s article says: “Hypocrisy”. Maybe you missed that.

    I’m so sorry that you don’t like me pointing out where you’re wrong. Perhaps if you re-adjusted your Liberal arrogance you might see that.

    You’re not Lou Brancaccio Btw, are you?

  17. Why are folks arguing over this mail piece?

    Yes, it’s terrible. It doesn’t raise awareness of city issues and does absolutely nothing to shine a positive light on opposition candidates.
    The behind-the-scenes-but-not-really folks are now realizing that this postcard was nothing more than a tool for the enemy.


    This mail piece is just $ thousands wasted with an after-taste of WTF.

    I guarantee you won’t see The Columbian publishing my mailer:

  18. I guess you should meditate on the flyer a little more, Cory. High unemployment, job-killing tolls and taxes, abuses of power, arrogance, broken promises, and special interests are all “issues with the city” and telling those who read the flyer of two candidates for changing those issues with the city does indeed “shine a positive light” on the opposition candidates.

    It’s a “flyer”, not an encyclopedia. It’s purpose is to catch the attention of those who see it and inform them that there are candidates who will address the above listed issues.

    If you want to write an encyclopedia, go ahead. Most people won’t take the time to read an encyclopedia. People will respond to eye-catching heaers and colors, though.

  19. Corry, what say you take bout 10 seconds and tell us everything you know about politics.

  20. Oh, and Cory… you left out his Silver Star, his Combat Infantry Badge and your nine tickets this year.

  21. Bob Koski, first of all, good to hear from you! We’ve missed you on the forum! People are asking for you to join them/us in the Back Fence Forum for some of your recipes and tips, lol. I have to ask you though…what’s there to disagree with? I know, change begins with ONE, but if that ONE doesn’t have the spine to go up against what they are facing and gives in to the pressure of “following the leader,” which is what I am recognizing with at least one of the party of two, we’re only back to square one. What I was referring to was the way the advertisement was implying that voting for the two listed will make definite change on the council and by using Leavitt’s and Harris’s faces, implying that voting for Turlay and Wentzel would oust the other two…that to me my friend is misleading the voters and that is what my chief complaint is. I believe these types of tactics in promoting an individual for office should be outlawed…but then again as you and everybody knows…I have a right to my opinion and it’s my opinion alone. You know…that freedom of expression stuff!!!

  22. Except, of course, you have the option of returning the incumbents… which GUARANTEES business as usual… or replacing them with the challengers, which at least provides the opportunity for “definite change.” Thus, there was nothing misleading, saving the vote date typo, on the mailer.

  23. Some people just get “touchy” when they hear “raised voices”, that’s all. They think life should be nothing but “Sesame Street”.

    Well, I’m sorry to say that in reality life ain’t “Sesame Street”.

  24. Jack ~ You made an astute assumption, the city council meetings at times reminds me that the show they put on looks so very much like “Sesame Street.”

    Goldie ~ Yes, I have my feelings about the subject and it was raised through this way. I do believe that this could have been handled a lot better and both of the candidates could have gotten more exposure because of it.

    But I have to say that it was not the candidates fault for the release of this mailer but a single local PAC.

    And the question I now wise to ask all of you who may be in the City, are you going to shun candidates represented in this mailer because of their association that is implied?

    What’s this about a Back Fence Forum? Is this where the group of us go to our own corner of the fence to disk the latest juicy gossip about candidates? Or is this a new debate with candidates?

  25. Actually Jeremy, it’s a user friendly forum where there’s no controversial discussion. There were several complaints about sharing of recipes, gardening tips and other things folks would share on the back fence. Usually, politics stays on the Open Forum. BTW, there’s also a CRC forum and a C-Tran forum. Rarely do the people stay on track with the most read articles from the previous week. They want to discuss “today’s” news.

    Lew…it’s too bad you, Jack and Bob Koski along with everyone else can’t join us in the forum. I know of some feathers that would get ruffled BIG time if you were to return to the C via the Forums…one being Lou Brancaccio. He’s the number one fan of Facebook apps. And Lew, I see Lou B used you in his press talk this week. Honestly…it’s a bit more relaxed in the forums than what I’m reading in the Facebook Apps.

  26. Goldie, the forum is a place created by The Columbian to keep the real community discussion “bottled up” and away from the public spotlight. Comments there aren’t seen by the general public unless they manage to stumble across them.

    There really isn’t any “community discussion” in the FB article “comments” because most people won’t use facebook. As I had originally predicted, the public-viewed “comments” on The Columbian are now dominated by a few very obvious Leftist sycophant trolls and their many sockpuppets. And as I had also predicted, the “comments” are far nastier than they have ever been before the FB “requirement”.

    Of course, this is the precise effect that The Columbian wanted.

    You see, before the FB “requirement”, the general public was kicking the hell out of the little Leftist sycophant trolls and kicking the hell out of The Columbian, and the Elitists at The Columbian couldn’t “allow” that.

    So why should anyone support The Columbian’s efforts to silence any real discussion and have your comments locked up in a hidden “closet” somewhere?

    I would much rather come someplace like here where Lew isn’t afraid to have some real discussion.

    And who knows? Maybe someday the Elitists at The Columbian might take off their perfumed “panties”, grow a “pair” and join the real discussion here where their “opinions” aren’t any “better” than anyone else’s. Right now they’re too chickens*it to do that.

  27. Well Jack, you have a right to your opinion. I will say this…you speak of the “little Leftist syncophant trolls and their sockpuppets” monopolizing the Columbian. Well Jack, maybe it’s because those who are not Leftist have chosen to blacklist the C and have turned away. This little lady has not allowed them to push me aside like an old rag. In fact, I’m holding my own on the C, Jack…and so are others of us who aren’t “chicken” to take on the riff raff. One of the longstanding customers who posted regularly was recently kicked off…and he leaned as far left as ever. The Whine Cellar as we affectionately call our little discussion room, is better than it once was.

    I’m just saying…don’t knock it till you’ve tried it (once again). And Jack, I see you are filled with such a hatred, you’ve resorted to name calling and banter…much like the old days??? Your short, succinct comments which used to get my dander up…I now miss on the C. Again I say…too bad you don’t come back. Those short comments would be great to see again. You might be surprised at the reactions you’d get, but I can see you most likely won’t return and that’s fine.

    Things have changed in recent months on the C…some which I believe are for the better and others I believe are the demise of the C. Once they are able to allow the forum to interact with the Facebook comments, I believe it will improve the site.

    And Lew, sorry…I’m trying to get the attention of folks to once again share in debate on the forum of the Columbian. You my dear sir, have not let your guard down and fight diligently to get your point across on the Facebook side for which I believe you do it very well, but I don’t see the Columbian trying to boost you out of their comment sections. In fact, it appears most of your comments get moved to the top of the list quite often. Are they being hypocritical by doing so?

    I guess I’m just looking at the issues from a neutral standpoint and try to give everyone the chance to voice their opinion whether it be on the Facebook side or in the Forum. Maybe some day….

  28. Hey Lew, with your writes on the Columbian Facebook Comments, why don’t you list links to slam advertisements you recognize with the other candidates in the City Race as well as the County, State and Federal level so that everyone can see for themselves the reasoning behind your stance against the C??? I have to agree with you that the Columbian has David Madore targeted…but maybe that’s because of who’s who in a certain organization in Clark County…the same organization that doesn’t list Mr. Madore or his business…and I’m sure you know what I mean by that as I know you’ve done your homework.

    Dirty Politics, you know. Oh…and notice how this little article showed up AFTER Mr. Madore said in a Facebook comment that he was cancelling his subscription. Hmmm…

    Just remember this (and David, that goes for you too)…keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. I’ll let you figure out for yourself why I mention that little saying.

  29. I have posted some before, Goldie and they are largely scoffed at. The post currently at the top is an example, where Obama is taking all credit for the Troops coming home from Iraq, even though it was an agreement signed by Bush responsible.

    As for this particular ad, the spin is comical. No one says Leavitt and Harris is running. They are just examples of how the city council has acted towards citizens.

    Oh, and Brancaccio’s column yesterday where He mentioned me again? I never said he was liberal, but the paper is liberally biased.

    As for ads for city races, since I am outside the city limits I do not receive them and rely on others to let me know. But, in any coverage of the Tea Party vs the Occupy anything but a bar of soap people, I stand by my allegation. Brancaccio claiming 800 mentions of Tea Party is equally as laughable. Note he doesn’t say how those mentions portray the Tea Party nor do any cover the April 17, 2010 Tea Party at Esther Short Park where our attendance was a lot greater than the 600 to 700 claimed for last Saturday.

    I receive an email a few years ago telling me about some deep corruption in Vancouver City Hall and I largely scoffed at it.

    Watching CRC in practice, I don’t any longer.

    That;s also why I call for a Dept of Justice Investigation into the CRC, largely being ignored.

  30. I hear ya about corruption! Regarding the 800 mentions…I have no doubt that it included in people’s comments as well, Lew. Regarding our current president, he gets that right to be the announcer for bringing the brave ones home but at the same time, I’m thinking he knows who’s the one who implemented that order and he knows WE are aware of that fact as well. Of course, you will get those who only vote on the left side of the ticket who will praise him up and down. My celebration of the fact was that it was FINALLY implemented and that our fighting brave will be coming back to stateside.

  31. Oh…one more thing, Lew. I believe that a Dept. of Justice Investigation is long overdue. Even some of the officials in the state of Washington are questioning if this project will actually do what they claimed in the beginning in order to acquire federal funding. The article in the C about putting Buses side to side with Light rail to see which would be more effective in transit mobility is a good clue that the Walls are beginning to crumble around the CRC backers…ICC for one.

  32. Goldie, every time you go to post at The Columbian they make money off of you with ad “clicks”. The whole purpose in running a closet “forum” is to keep those “clicks” and the “traffic” without letting the general public see your comments.

    Why should anyone help finance the enemy, especially a bunch of chickens*it Elitists that can’t handle a real discussion?

  33. Goldie, as with everything else the Lefties have turned the CRC Project into a “sports mentality”. It’s “their team” against “our team”. Facts don’t matter to those birds. “Winning at any cost” is all that matters. Facts be damned.

    The only way the project will be killed is to vote down C-Tran funding and keep voting the Elitist pukes off of the city council.

  34. You think I don’t know that, Jack? I’m still going to post. You’d be surprised at the circle of friends I’ve developed away from the Columbian…and we all still share in discussion on the C. Whether you like it or not Jack, it is still our community newspaper and I still read even the hard copy. You think they don’t write slanted articles for a reason? How else do they get the town talking??? How else do they get moms and pops to stand up and get involved??? Not everybody is like us…checking out the news online. Some only obtain their news through that moneymaking entity.

    Also Jack, I actually discuss matters with those who write the articles and we share in quite a candid discussion on occasion through emails…emails that I believe are also kept on record through their host server. Does that bother me as well??? nope

    Besides…the C burns well in my wood stove each time I fire it up. And for those with parakeets and cockatiels…it’s a great liner for the bottom of the cages. It also makes great paper boats for kids in the summertime while they play in their kiddie pools. You’d be surprised at what can be done with our community newspaper. It’s a lot more than just a news rag.

  35. Jack, regarding your comment at 4:37 pm…you of all people should know that politics spark controversy. Ever since there’s been a division of political parties in government, there’s been sides…that us versus them mentality. The News Publishing Companies are out to make a buck. That should be no surprise to you. Of course they’re going to cash in on the attitude of the government versus the little people…just as they do the elitists versus the middle and lower income classes…just as they do with cops versus robbers and courts versus suspects. News sells and if it gets the dander up in the community, people will buy the rag to get the details. How do you think the National Enquirer got to what it is today???

    Oh and Jack…every time you sign onto the internet, you’re supporting an elite group of individuals cashing in on their ka-ching each time…and some of them are in foreign nations. You know you’re supporting China and India as well, right??? So what’s the difference???

    Also…you might check into some of the initiatives on the ballot. I hear I-1125 has something to do with regulation of tolls…so it might be a good idea to do your homework with that if you are serious about the crossing project.

  36. I start my coal stove off with propane, Goldie. I don’t have birds and I use Press ‘N Seal to wrap fish with. I wouldn’t buy a printed copy of The Columbian if my life depended upon it.

    Trying to taunt people as a way to get them to buy a printed rag is the venue of The National Enquirer. It tells you that their paper isn’t worth buying to begin with.

    It’s much better just to print the honest truth and I think a lot more papers would be sold if they did. Of course, you’re dealing with Liberals and Lefties here. They’re afraid of the truth because it will kill their little “game” of “indoctrination” and “mind control”. They just can’t “stray” from their Leftist programming even if it would sell more papers, because they’re not in the business of printing the truth, they’re in the business of “influencing the community”.

  37. You’re still talkin’ about that ol’ coal stove, Jack??? We’re really not going to go on that round again, are we??? I’ve got my way, you’ve got yours and I’d be more than happy to leave it at that if you don’t mind. Besides, you know how many people you’d get their feathers in a dander on the C, lol.

    Now…of course it’s much better just to print the honest truth but the fact is…not everybody wants the truth. They want controversy. It’s human nature…and you’re absolutely right. It IS mind control, Jack…especially to those who are sipping away on their little can of soda pop as they read!!! Great for the brain cells, you know.

  38. Goldie, I don’t have a problem with him announcing the withdrawal, he is in the captain’s seat.

    What I have a problem with is taking all credit, claiming it is due to his actions and his actions alone.

    The sentence in the email I received from the Obama campaign saying “Now, thanks to the actions of this President, we can say that conflict is coming to a close” clearly shows his intent.

    He is struggling to improve his chances of reelection by misstating the facts on the withdrawal.

  39. I’d like to think that Obama doesn’t have any “chances of reelection”, Lew. But then, the Republican Party is in a self-destruct mode so you never know.

  40. The GOP has a very long history of snatching defeat out of victory, Jack.

  41. Boy Goldie, Now I see what you have been holding BACK! 🙂

    Carry on folks. There is a lot more to discuss about local politics….

  42. Everybody in my family including myself just voted “NO” on the C-Tran tax increase. That’s “local politics”.

  43. With careful consideration and the facts that presented themselves, along with the obvious issues of timing the projects to suit the needs of the people rather than the needs of the transit agencies and swelled heads of local officials who just happen to be members of the Board of Directors making the decisions…I too am voting NO on Proposition 1. (Sorry Chuck Green. You had a great selling pitch, but it wasn’t enough to convince me.) The obvious threats to cancel the needed bus routes into Portland to further push the faux need for LRT and articulated buses along Fourth Plain Road along with the obvious threats to cancel transit needs for those who rely on C-Van to remain mobile throughout our county, as the agency sits on a nice little nest egg in their “Rainy Day Fund,” which is designated for “hard times…” a concept they haven’t come to realize that it was intended for hard times like our current economic situation…

    I am 1000% confident that I have made the right decision.


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