Will Rob McKenna Accept Responsibility for “Uncomfortable Conversations?”

by lewwaters

After some two years in an out of court, Washington State Attorney General and candidate for Governor, Rob McKenna, has succeeded in granting requests of Gay Activists to obtain the names and addresses of all those people who signed the petition that placed R-71, placing the states “everything but marriage” bill before voters in 2009.

Activists have maintained all along their intent to place those names and addresses on a website with a search engine in order for others to identify people they know to engage in “uncomfortable conversations” with people who signed the petition.

Ordinarily, knowing who signed a petition is of no worry, but with at least 6 Gay Activist Groups obtaining the state supplied DVD’s listing all 130,000 names and addresses by the end of the day the DVD was made available and due to several threats issued towards those support traditional marriage, I am not convinced the notion of transparency is best served in this case.

A look back at California’s Proposition 8 passing in 2008 also gives a prime example of intimidation & harassment as well as calls for violence against people who do not support same sex marriage. Much of what was seen then came about due to personal information being obtained and posted online.

I find it somewhat perplexing to read U.S. District Court Judge Benjamin Settle’s words in ordering this information released, “They have developed substantial evidence that the public advocacy of traditional marriage as the exclusive definition of marriage, or the expansion of rights for same sex partners, has engendered hostility in this state, and risen to violence elsewhere, against some who have engaged in that advocacy,” after first declaring he “found no reasonable probability any of the nearly 138,000 people faced threats, harassment or reprisal for their action.”

This blog wrote of dangers associated with the release of these names here as well as the strong desire of two Republicans, retiring Secretary of State Sam Reed and Attorney General Rob McKenna, now hoping to be our next governor to hand the names over to Gay Activists.

Both Reed and McKenna state a strong desire to protect the transparency of the process as their reasons. Oddly enough, Secretary Reed was not too concerned about transparency when he declined to reply to questions.

This blog also called upon Attorney General McKenna to Uphold Washington Citizens ‘Right to Anonymous Speech’ in the past. Ensuring those names are made public took precedence.

And now, he would like all of those over 138,000 people to vote him into the governor’s mansion, expecting none will want to vote for his Democrat opponent, Jay Inslee.

Shahram Hadian

While that is most likely very true, we are fortunate to have a conservative alternative step forward to run for governor and who recognizes the potential dangers this release of personal information poses to citizens, Shahram Hadian.

A Press release issued by Hadian states he “is ‘deeply troubled’ by Judge Benjamin Settle’s decision on Monday to release the names of nearly 138,000 citizen defenders of marriage on the Referendum 71 petition.”

The Press Release stated,

Attorney General Rob McKenna and Secretary of State Sam Reed have argued, at great expense to taxpayers, that the names of the signers should be made public in the name of “disclosure,” despite homosexual activists vowing to reveal the names of signers on a pair of searchable websites and encouraging their followers to initiate “uncomfortable conversations.”

Protect Marriage Washington presented evidence of intimidation and harassment, including death threats, extensive vandalism, overt threats of destruction of property, arson and threats of arson, intimidating emails and phone calls, hate mail, mailed envelopes containing suspicious white powder, blacklists, loss of employment and job opportunities, and gross expressions of anti-religious bigotry.

“It is surprising how enthusiastically Rob McKenna and Sam Reed have worked to ‘out’ these names,” Hadian said. “If this is not about intimidation and harassment, why do these groups want the names?”

In stark contrast to the Attorney General, Hadian for Governor stands for the sanctity of traditional marriage and would support a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

“I wonder if the decision would have been the same had we been talking about protecting the names of a homosexual group from being outed,” Hadian said.

It must be noted that Rob McKenna has also taken stances that will be of benefit to our state and citizens, but has also taken stances that might do us harm. Not only in regards to this release of personal information, but in taking a naïve stand of public unions and collective bargaining being a “right.”

Hadian sees collective bargaining as a “privilege.”

McKenna opposed the GOP Platform to end birthright citizenship for children of illegal aliens born in the U.S., a practice refer to as “anchor babies”.

Many of us in Southwest Washington have long opposed the “local alternative” in replacing the aging I-5 Bridge and drag Light Rail from Portland into our community, with the idea of tolling indefinitely to pay for it. McKenna has spoken against a citizen initiative, I-1125 that would require the Legislature, not the state Transportation Commission, to set tolls.

Needless to say, McKenna has a mixed record and would be classified as a moderate, not a conservative.

I have no doubt that should harm come to any who names and addresses are now supplied to Gay Activists, McKenna will hide behind the law, claiming he disagrees with any harm befalling citizens, but was only fighting to uphold the law.

It should also be said that should McKenna gain the nomination in next year’s primary, I will undoubtedly hold my nose and vote for him. As sketchy as McKenna’s record is, it is still better than Jay Inslee’s.

But, until he has secured the nomination, I will look around and seek a conservative, and Shahram Hadian seems to fit the bill.

It shouldn’t be left to political parties to tell us who we should vote for, but we should tell them who we want to vote for.

3 Comments to “Will Rob McKenna Accept Responsibility for “Uncomfortable Conversations?””

  1. Precisely. While I don’t know who, or even if I will support anyone for governor, I do know who I won’t support for governor… and it won’t be either Inslee.. or Mckenna.


  2. I sure wish we could get away from these “moderates” and get a candidate with some cojones. Too many wimps and not enough people with plain old common sense.


  3. Rob McKenna will not crack down on illegal immigration nor will he support a move to stop issuing drivers licenses to illegals in this state. Washington is one of three states left who do this. The others being New Mexico and Utah. We have both Russians and Mexicans driving semi trucks in this state and they can’t read road weight signs…..extremely dangerous. No one should be issued a drivers license who cannot read and understand English.


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