A Stroll Through The Park, With Occupy Portland

by lewwaters

Video of my walk through the middle of the Occupy Portland campsites, downtown Portland today, October 21, 2011

What a far difference with the Occupy Vancouver people

3 Comments to “A Stroll Through The Park, With Occupy Portland”

  1. This is reminiscent of the homeless crowds that Mayor Katz threw out of downtown around the turn of this century. To get them to leave she offered them a piece of Portland public land over by the airport to camp in where they stayed for years and the sanitation and porta potties were an issue expense wise for the city then.
    They claimed they were being persecuted for being homeless and that they had a right to stay for free at tax payers expense then….
    What’s changed?

  2. We had a few encounters down there today, Carolyn. I went at the request of Victoria Taft and appeared on her show again as she was wrapping it up.

    Seems some feel she had no right to be on a public sidewalk broadcasting, even though they feel they have the right to occupy a public park for themselves.

    They have been granted one year to remain there, but I believe it will collapse long before that when the few who are sincere realize what they are complaining about, givers being taken advantage of by takers, exists right in their midst.

  3. Wow. Bums taking advantage of other bums. Imagine that!

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