Democrats Shameful Support of Occupy Wall Street

by lewwaters

2 Comments to “Democrats Shameful Support of Occupy Wall Street”

  1. It’s “interesting” Lew, that the Democrats will team up with any known scumbag that comes along, such as: anarchists, criminals, race-baiters, Communists, thugs, bums, drug-pukes, and insane people, and then try to claim that they “speak for America”.

    The Democrat Party is sure the party of the absolute gutter.

  2. Honestly, I don’t even know what they want? Just for “the rich” to have their money taken away?

    They have created, check that…Soros has created this great opportunity to get some point across yet it remains a mystery to most.

    The ironic part is they are paid, fed, and have a large savings account all provided by those they are seemingly out to get. Typical of the ignorance generally seen inside their movement on any video you can find on the web.

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