Thanks to the Actions of Which President?

by lewwaters

As usual, Barack Obama is creating yet another false illusion on his effectiveness as president. The following was received in email just today.

Click image for larger view

If you note the second sentence below the video, you will read, “Now, thanks to the actions of this President, we can say that conflict is coming to a close.”

Nothing could be more deceptive. The Obama administration was actually negotiating a new Status of Forces Agreement to keep U.S. Troops in Iraq longer and negotiations ceased as the Iraqi’s would not agree to US. Forces not being tried in Iraqi Courts.

The Dec. 31, 2011 deadline of having all U.S. Troops out of Iraq is not an agreement made by Barack Obama, but was agreed upon between President George W. Bush and Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki before Obama was even inaugurated.

As  we read in a release from Defense Department dated December 15, 2008,

“The status-of-forces agreement outlines the framework for American forces withdrawal while providing authorization and protections for U.S. troops to continue support operations after the United Nations mandate expires Dec. 31.”

“Although the pace of meeting those agreements depends on the Iraqi government and military, Bush said, the SOFA acknowledges that U.S. combat forces in Iraq are required to withdraw from Iraqi cities, villages and localities no later than June 30, and it calls for a complete withdrawal of forces by Dec. 31, 2011″

Leave it to the Democrats, who always blame everyone else for their misdeeds, to now come forth grabbing credit for what a Republican President set in place before they were even in office and not give any credit whatsoever to him.

Wouldn’t it be great if they could be honest, just once?

7 Comments to “Thanks to the Actions of Which President?”

  1. I think you are missing an important point here Lew.

    Once we have withdrawn our forced from Iraq, what better way to cut the Defense budget than by a Reduction in Force, or RIF??

    What I fear is that DOD is going to just discharge a bunch of these people, without much notice and certainly without severance pay of any kind, directly onto the unemployment rolls back home.

    My son in law has been over there for the past year being shot at daily, and they just got the official word that they are leaving, the same way we did. This was a sudden decision, and the troops (and their families) are relieved to know what the final deal is to be in Iraq at last.

    But none of them know what comes next. No word on that one, and I fear for the worst.


  2. I’m okay with Obama’s statement – I wouldn’t be okay if we were not getting OUT!

    Bush should get the credit for getting us IN.

    However, I can see your point.


  3. The Middle East seriously needed a shake-up, Martin. Thanks to President Bush they’re starting to finally get one.


  4. Jack, I suspect the Internet and precision air strikes have most to do with it.

    However, Obama didn’t wring his hands during this “Arab Spring.” In fact, so far he’s kept his balance – no invasions, and lots of successful assassinations of terrorists. Clinton solved the Bosnian conflict in much the same way. I’m a big fan of maintaining U.S. interests from 30,000 ft.


  5. “No invasions” Martin? What about Libya and Pakistan and Syria?

    I’m sorry, “how” did Clinton “solve” the Bosnian conflict?

    You must be reading some pretty “warped” history.


  6. Jack, I’m an advocate of the “good luck to the new guy” method of foreign intervention. We are NOT the world’s policeman – but I don’t mind using the Big Stick when our Best Interests threshold has been reached. Fewer boots – more brains.


  7. So far, Obama has been batting “zero”, Martin. I think his “stick” is a really “tiny” one.


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