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October 24, 2011

Why Is A New York Union PAC Investing In the Vancouver City Council?

by lewwaters

It appears the same New York Union PAC, Unite Here Tip State and Local Fund that spent over $50,000 in ‘in-kind’ contributions to see Tim Leavitt elected as Mayor in 2009 is back, pouring over $32,000 in more in-kind contributions to see Anne McEnerny-Ogle elected to the city council.

It should be noted that ‘in-kind’ contributions are not sought by candidates, but contributed without a candidate’s prior approval by those who wish to see them elected. And yes, they are made on behalf of many other candidates.

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October 24, 2011

Steve Bang Announces Write-in Candidacy for Camas City Council

by lewwaters

It looks like Linda Dietzman has an opponent for her seat on Camas City Council, Ward 2, Position No. 1

For Immediate Release
Contact Steve Bang
Tel. 360-210-7189

Steve Bang Runs for Business-Friendly Camas Council, Sensible Taxes

Camas, October 24, 2011– Business development professional Steve Bang announced his write-in candidacy for Camas City Council, Ward 2, Position 1.

A groundswell of sentiment in Camas is urging Steve to seek the Council seat now occupied by Linda Dietzman. Steve’s extensive experience in developing businesses indicates he can change the course of Camas policy and procedure.

“I’ve received overwhelming encouragement from Camas residents to run for this position,” Bang said. “Our economic situation is urgent, and the city needs the kind of business-friendly policies that I support.”

Steve’s top priorities for Camas City government are saving taxpayer money by prioritizing city services, and streamlining city permit processes to make property available for business development.

Steve not only understands the importance of creating a healthy business environment in Camas, but believes the City needs to live within its means.

Citing the example of C-Tran, Steve said, “C-Tran has over $35 million in cash reserves, yet my opponent voted for Proposition 1, which will create a tax increase. This is the worst time imaginable for higher taxes. All our government agencies need to live within their means.”

Steve and his wife, Sarah, have been Camas residents since 1999, and love living here. Steve wants to bring his years of experience and entrepreneurial skills to help grow living wage employment in Camas.

Steve Bang is a senior business development professional with over 35 years of both domestic and international experience in the high tech industry. Steve has been on management teams that have generated over $2 billion in shareholder value and resulted in the creation of hundreds of jobs all over the world. Steve has served on management teams that have resulted in 2 IPO’s and 3 acquisitions. He has significant high-tech expertise as well as over twenty years service on the board of a multi-billion dollar west coast Credit Union. Steve has spent over twenty-five years raising funds for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals including Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland.

Steve wants to improve the quality of life in Camas and his top priority is to hear from you to understand your issues. Please contact him anytime to discuss any issues related to Camas.

More information is available at

Camas, you now have another choice. As in every other council race, this is not an endorsement, but for your information