Confused About the Occupy Movement?

by lewwaters

A woman down at Occupy Atlanta explains what it is all about.

There, now you understand it all, right? Well, don’t you?

11 Comments to “Confused About the Occupy Movement?”

  1. Wow. I guess that’s settled.

  2. I’m thinking she went to the same school as Al Sharpton

  3. While you are busy amusing yourselves with meaningless videos a 24 year old Marine veteran of the Iraq War is in critical condition in an Oakland hospital after being viciously attacked by the Oakland PD in full riot gear:

    Why isn’t THIS your VOD Lew?

    I guess dissent really won’t be tolerated. I can’t believe this is the country I’m supposed to be proud of. I wonder if you’re happy, as this seems to be what many on the right are hoping for — a police crackdown.

    If you believe in the power of symbols, this should terrify all of you who oppose us. When this incident registers with the American people, our movement will grow exponentially.

    Did you see or hear about this in the right-wing echo chamber today? Who am I kidding.

  4. Don’t even try to pull that crap on me, koosh.

    If you go to the article at you will see I have been commenting on it with several likes and some who don’t care for my comments.

    If you do not wish to go there, here is what I commented addressing, “”It’s unconscionable that you go overseas to protect our country, but you get injured by police officers who are supposed to be protecting us.”

    I responded, Police are to keep law & order and protect the community, not to protect a bunch of hooligans while they are rioting in the streets and disrupting the law & order.

    It’s tragic that he was injured, but he chose to take part in the riot and defy Police orders. He wasn’t taught that in the Marines.

    When we returned home from Vietnam, we faced a lot of scorn, but we knew to let it pass and not to go out to confront communities in a hostile fashion.

    I hope he fully recovers and learns there are better ways to express your discontent with policies.

    Sorry, but having served does not give one any right to riot in the street and violate Police orders as they try to reoccupy a point they were legally ejected from earlier.

    That he chose to remain and confront the Police lies with him, not the Police.

    I find it more distasteful that people like you try to capitalize on his violating the law by using his Veteran status.

  5. Pull WHAT crap Lew? Did you mention it here rather than this other garbage you chose instead to post?

    Not surprised AT ALL by your prototypical authoritarian nonsense. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  6. …oh and as far as “capitalizing on his veteran status,” I notice you wear that Vietnam Veteran cap whenever you’re at a protest. Hypocrite.

  7. LOL, Koosh. I wear my Vietnam Veteran cap EVERYWHERE I go, not just to protests. I’d try to explain it to you, but it would go right over your head.

    Now, as to the rest of your diatribe. If you support Veterans engaging in disruptions and being given a pass since we are Veterans, I have to ask if you would support if I assembled a group of Veterans who disagree with the current occupy nonsense, and I can flat out guarantee you there are many, many more of us that don’t care for what we see than there are those who support the disruptions, to take up baseball bats and go eject protesters from the parks in Portland?

    If you don’t support us engaging in actions to restore peace in the parks, since we too are Veterans, then you expose the depth of your hypocrisy.

    Be honest. He Scott wasn’t in support of the disruptions, you’d just as soon spit on him and wouldn’t give him the time of day.

    You should be ashamed of yourselves for using a Veteran to further you bullshit!

  8. koosh,

    Same Oakland Protesters that made this practice target board for throwing rocks at police:

    I got that picture from a Oakland police officer that I served with. Who was there. Next time, whether one is a veteran or not, if he or she is given a lawful order to disperse and refuses, then there are consequences, some of which may be very unfortunate such as the case of this young man, whom I think we all wish (regardless of political ideology or world view.) a full and quick recovery.

  9. “How can I stay focused?” she asks at the 50-second point. I’d say that’s the key question, right there!

  10. Squooosh is still “wet behind the ears”. Btw Squooosh, these “protests” sure aren’t going anywhere, are they?

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