Turlay Endorsed by Campbell, McEnerny-Ogle Reaction Disappointing

by lewwaters

In a move that seems to have surprised most everybody, outgoing Vancouver City Council member Pat Campbell has come out endorsing Bill Turlay as best suited to replace him.

Campbell endorses Turlay for his Vancouver seat

Campbell cites as his reason, “Although Bill Turlay and I take opposite stances on some local issues such as light rail, public bus service, and the Columbia River Crossing (not to mention our disagreements on national issues!), I am endorsing him for the citizens. Position 6 has a history of being occupied by straight shooters who have put service ahead of self or reelection.”

“Bill doesn’t make rash promises or play people for political gain. He hasn’t put himself in the middle of property or labor negotiations for political traction. Most voters know where Bill stands. Many more need to know that he is a man of integrity, friendliness, and grace. That is what we all will need during what look like even more difficult times until things eventually change for the better.”

Especially relevant to Campbell’s endorsement was Turlay’s recent “denouncing negative fliers and TV ads put out independently by the Save Our City Political Action Committee” on his behalf.

Pat Campbell came in third in a three-way race in the primary for his seat and for a while seemed to have a sour grapes attitude, mentioning the thought of write-in campaign to retain the seat, until discovering current state election law prevents that.

That he was defeated by two challengers, Bill Turlay and Anne McEnerny-Ogle, neither of whom have held elected office yet is why I did not expect to see Pat issue any endorsement.

In maintaining my stance of not endorsing any city council races, I will give no comment on his choice, but will only add that I find Anne McEnerny-Ogles reaction, as expressed in the Columbian article, very disappointing.

Anne is quoted as saying, “Campbell’s barbs at her were absolutely negative and false” and “she had no clue as to what Campbell meant when he said she makes rash promises and plays people.”

They also report, “McEnerny-Ogle added that she had a meeting set up with Campbell last night, but he didn’t show. When she called him today to talk about the endorsement, she said he hung up.”

Anne said, “What is the purpose of this? Is this to lay out a campaign to come back?” noting that Pat has expressed interest in running for office again.

Having spoken with Anne face to face, I know she can be better than to express such a “sour grapes” attitude herself. I would expect people elected to public office to rise above such petty outbursts as no politician garners every endorsement and to not show such thin skinned reactions during a campaign.

While Bill Turlay openly condemned the PAC ad issued to benefit his campaign, the over $32,000 ad from a New York based union on behalf of Anne McEnerny-Ogle did not draw a condemnation, but drew her comments of, “I can do this without $32,000. This is absolutely amazing. I have never seen anything like this, I’ve never seen money like this in a local campaign,” adding she is glad it wasn’t negative.

This race remains one too close to call, the candidates being closely matched and having only a little over 200 votes separating them in the August primary.

It’s unknown whether or not the endorsement from Pat Campbell will make any difference to undecided voters. But Ms. McEnerny-Ogle’s reaction is very disappointing and beneath her.

5 Comments to “Turlay Endorsed by Campbell, McEnerny-Ogle Reaction Disappointing”

  1. “Wonders never cease…”.


  2. Says a lot about Pat Campbell.


  3. Does anyone actually give a big rat’s ass about anything Pat Campbell (or little Marty Hash for that matter…) says about anything??

    I didn’t think so….


  4. Think of the comedy value, Bob.


  5. Bob, I prefer “Big Guy” Marty Hash, thank you. (That’s Dr. Big Guy to you.)


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