Reality Bites For Protesters Too

by lewwaters

For days now I have been watching and speaking of how the Occupy anything but a bar of soap movement is doomed to fall apart, just as we saw back in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Pie in the sky dreams of a socialist utopia come crashing down on the bleeding heart feel gooders when they are smacked right between the eyes with the reality of the world and those in it who think they shouldn’t have to work or carry their portion of the load.

We are beginning to see it in Occupy Portland as reports of discontent and unsanitary conditions are literally leaking out and running down the street.

People in California and other states are getting fed up with cries of protesters having constitutional rights while infringing on the constitutional rights of others to live in a peaceful community and freely use the public lands protesters have decided are theirs to hold instead. In Oakland, some found out the hard way that confronting the Police who are charged with restoring law & order is not conducive to freedom, much less their health.

In Portland, who decided in “incorporate” their movement is raising eyebrows as some $10,000 in donations seems to be missing now.

Occupy Wall Street is seeing increased discontent from within as some are realizing those in charge are no better than the government and corporations they are complaining about and protesting. A large big screen TV took precedence over laundering tons of wet clothes and blankets, angering those charged with laundering.

One protester at Occupy Wall Street fumed,

“The other day, I took in $2,000. I kept $650 for my group, and gave the rest to Finance. Then I went to them with a request — so many people need things, and they should not be going without basic comfort items — and I was told to fill out paperwork. Paperwork! Are they the government now?

Most disgusting is seeing in Oakland how protesters, who would ordinarily just as soon spit on Veterans as look at them, now embrace and promote injuries incurred by one Veteran who was participating in confronting Police by trying to retake a park they were earlier ousted from. For some reason, he is held up as being above the very laws he once served to protect. Protesters there cry that the Police are to protect them, not injure them.

Occupy Oakland

That the Police are there to keep law & order for the entire community and the protests are disruptive and infringe on other people’s rights totally misses these protesters. How their rights are more important than others is left unexplained, totally ignoring that they committing many of the very acts the claim to be protesting against.

I have been scoffed at and demeaned for saying these type of protests are a draw to professional freeloaders and societal misfits who do not want to contribute, only take. I have long maintained now that once those few sincere people wake up and see how they are being used, trouble will follow for the movement.

Occupy Wall Street is discovering that as I write with word coming out that kitchen volunteers are getting very frustrated having to work 18 hour days to feed those malcontents who wish only to take, never to contribute. Freeloaders flock to wherever they are offered a free ride and the sincere people end up being frustrated as they begin to see the difficulty faced daily by charities and governmental agencies who struggle to care for those who refuse to care for themselves, instead of taking a ‘tough love’ approach and cutting them off, forcing them to begin contributing instead of always taking. Otherwise, they starve, as it should be with freeloaders.

There is nothing new under the sun. It’s all been here since the beginning and what we see being tried by protesters, who protest in a misguided manner, are doing nothing that hasn’t been done before. It met with failure whenever it has been tried and as we continue to see unfold before us, it is failing once again.

Some just don’t realize how good they actually have it until reality smacks them right between the eyes.

Reality bites, especially for bleeding hearts who do not listen and do not learn.

6 Comments to “Reality Bites For Protesters Too”

  1. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the look on a Bleeding Heart’s face when they realize that they’ve been “had”. Then, it’s almost as funny to hear them try to “justify” being a “sucker”.


  2. I have a suspicion that the implosion of the “Occupy” movement will turn out to be the fault of either George W. Bush or the Tea Party. How long will it be before Leonard Pitts, Dana Milbank, Chris Matthews, Keith Obermann, Rachel Maddow, or one of the other liberal commentators makes that allegation?

  3. I’m surprised they aren’t already.

    They will never claim they fell apart because they desire a false dream or that they cannot best the system they are protesting.

  4. My goodness, guys, don’t gloat too loud. This first wave is a bunch of losers and Marxists but as the inexorable demographics of America trend older, with more people, fewer natural resources, higher expectations, and poor work ethic, the movement will metastasize. Lack of prospects is going to force what used to be the Middle Class into the streets too. The 1960s protest movement led into the Baby-Boomer era, plus we pushed the helicopters off the deck in Vietnam. This time it’s going to be a lot worse.

  5. If I may, Martin.

    We will have fewer resources because we are not using them and legislating against their recovery, while relying on enemies for them. Not to smart in my book.

    We would have adequate jobs and an improved work ethic if the left ceased their “feel good” nonsense and indoctrinating of children in K – 12 and taught actual studies. While people will turn out into the streets, their decreasing opportunities are due to the very system they want instilled.

    Much of the very policies not causing so much trouble are policies set in place by bleeding heart baby boomers as they attained seats in government and were dreamed of during those protests long ago.

    Those helicopters pushed off the decks of ships after Vietnam feel to the communist were to make way for more Vietnamese escaping the nightmare Democrats chose for them as congress reneged on the promises of the Paris Peace Accords and plunged millions of innocent people into the darkness of despair under communism.

    In reality, the “movement” back then did not accomplish anything but to cause over 40,000 more Americans to die, untold hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese to die and the war to go on for 5 more years as the commuist saw the weak link was in America’s streets.

    That war was all but over after Tet of 68 with he North considering a negotiated cease fire (similar to that seen in Korea), but instead saw if they held on, America would cave, which America did.

    While we scoffed at and lessened what support we gave South Vietnam, the Soviet Union and Communist China kept resupplying, training and rearming the Communist North Vietnamese.

    Worse this time? Yes, but it won’t be the Vietnamese plunged into darkness, it will be us as our enemies support those who wish to destroy our freedoms.

  6. Gee Martin, the one thing that pisses most people off is the government. That’s what people are going to “go after” and doing so only involves the ballot box.

    If the government doesn’t change, then you will see the people tear it down with violent acts.

    But I really doubt that you’re going to see a lot of Americans banding together just because some Americans “have more” than anyone else. That’s because we all know that if any American “wants more”, all he has to do is get off his dead butt and work for it.

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