Injured “Ex-Marine” Founder of

by lewwaters

The left’s spin of Scott Olsen, purported to be a two-time Iraq veteran who received a fractured skull in the Occupy Oakland riot, is typical of that ilk. It is unknown just what hit Olsen or where it came from, but is presumed to have been a Police Projectile.

As soon as he was seen injured, in typical fashion, the protesters leaped at a chance to now embrace one they would just as soon spit on, portraying him as a typical Marine, accusing the Police of targeting a Marine, blah, blah, blah, to quote Mayor Tim Leavitt.

While it is tragic that the 24 year-old has been injured, it should also be known that he was and is not your typical Marine Veteran.It turns out that Scott is the founder of a now defunct website, see here

A comment left on his facebook page here by a Jerry Dumas claims,

“In 2010, the Marines issued Olsen an “administrative discharge.” Maj. Shawn Haney, a Marines spokesman based in Quantico, Va., declined to discuss Olsen’s discharge, but said his departure could have been for anything from a medical condition to a punitive measure.
Im guessing the latter and not the former.
Anything less than an Honorable Discharge is a disgrace to the uniform.”

Additionally, the claims of brutality by Police at this “non-violent” protest falls apart as MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell ended yup embarrassed on the air by a protesters admission that they were in fact throwing rocks and bottles at Police.

The left’s claims of this being a struggle for freedom or improving the lot of people in America is as bogus as can be. This is obviously just what we have claimed it is all along, a move by anarchists and socialists to being about the collapse of America.

And, they have no problem using any and every thing as propaganda to accomplish that, including dishonoring the US Marine Corps.

15 Comments to “Injured “Ex-Marine” Founder of”

  1. So he probably got hit by something thrown by one of the “Occupiers” and not by a police “projectile”. Isn’t that “interesting”?

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Lew. Lefties sure a bunch of pukes.


  2. I don’t know about “probably,” but “possibly.”

    An investigation is in the works.

    But, that does take away that he founded the IHATETHEMARINES.COM website and spoke of hatred of the Corps and now, is embraced as a “wounded warrior” by leftists who wish to use the injuries to further their collapse of America.


  3. I knew something about this did not smell right as soon as I saw the initial reports a few days ago.

    Looks like the Reds of the Far Left are indeed trying very hard to manufacture their own “Kent State moment” that so many Progtards have been calling for of late.

    Of course the Police have to investigate these allegations but in the end I would not be at all surprised to find out that this dipwad has bits of concrete in his head from a rock thrown by one of his Progtard friends. I would also not be surprised to find out this was done deliberately in order to cause even more hate against the Police.

    Occupy Oakland is in a league all its own Lew. I’ve read a couple of blogs by people who have been down there and it isn’t far from Thunderdome in Oakland at night….


  4. I think Mother Nature is working to shut down the “Occupy” movement as we speak…


  5. Its a pity that IhateMarines was discovered to be a hoax, traced back to some dumbass republican who made it while Scott was out there fighting for you poor uneducated rightist hickeys, then attributed it to him.

    Now its not only offline, but the real republican owner is getting hassled by users of Reddit and 4chan.


  6. Why Julio, I’m surprised you would try to pull that canard. No wait, I’m not, you’re a leftist.

    His YouTube Channel is still active and he references it there.

    If you need more proof he did in fact own it the whole time, go to the third comment here

    Page 1 of a cached copy is at

    Come back when you feel like being made a fool of again.


  7. “Julio” is probably Squooosh because Squooosh never learned how to Google before he shot off his mouth either.

    “Lefties never go away – They just change to another phony identity” because they’s “smartasses”.


  8. Did he forget about ALL of those nice domain name search engines hiding around? If anyone wants, the domain name owner is there for all to see…. (even the protected domain names!)

    So if its true, either way nothing on the internet is protected. Not even the DNS….


  9. The entire story about the wounded Marine was misconstrued by the media. I would really like all these publications to do some fact checking before writing their articles.

    P.S. If you read anything about the *when to shoot a cop* flier… please google the document and you will find it was written by Copblock, on June 28th


  10. For any wanting to know what CopBlock is,

    I also heard on local news that Scott Olsen is scheduled to appear at Occupy Portland already.

    I cannot verify it, just heard it on the news briefly today.


  11. You know that “Occupy Portland” is dying when the Oregonian starts “losing posts”, Lew. They’re getting pretty heavy into censorship over there. Of course, like other Leftist newspaper blogs they’ve always been into “selective censorship”.


  12. Jack, have they gone so far as to play the Al Gore card where they “invented the facebook plugin” for their web site and claimed they built the internet?


  13. Not yet Jeremy, but give them time…


  14. Oh that’s right, our local newspaper beat them by a mere few thought processes…..


  15. Good thing that Portland Police finally grew a pair, and cleaned those communist agitators out!!! I got tired of driving by them on 3rd, 4th, Main, and Salmon… Eww, they reeked!!!


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