Why Doesn’t Michael Moore Share His $50 Million?

by lewwaters

October 31 2011: Director Michael Moore [Occupotamus] refuses to answer questions regarding his own 50 Million dollar net worth at Occupy PDX. At the end the videographer assaulted (specifically pushed and shoved) by participants in OccupyPDX.

H/T daylightdisinfectant

8 Comments to “Why Doesn’t Michael Moore Share His $50 Million?”

  1. Naturally the fat hypocrite puke doesn’t want to give any of his money away. And of course, the hypocrite Leftist pukes at “Occupy Portland” ignore the hypocrisy and celebrate the fat bastard because he’s a Leftist puke just like they are.

  2. The “Occupy” movement still has no head, and as long as Michael Moore types (Marxists) seem to be their spokesmen, it will continue to flounder. However, eventually someone will emerge who is articulate, credible, and can state the case clearly.

    It’s hard for Conservatives to see past the resentment, envy, and perversity of the occupiers to the real issue – there is only one… Unchecked exploitation of the Capitialist system by the nouveau aristocracy.

  3. Martin, the main exploitation I witness is how the masses are once again being exploited by the like of Moore, Kerry, Pelosi, Kennedy’s, Reid, Obama and so many more.

    Not only are each very wealthy due to unchecked capitalism, they point fingers at others wealth with the call to “redistribute” what other wealthy have, yet do not give up a dime of their own.

    Not only do they each hold considerable wealth, they hold and seek power over the masses and pass the very laws that are hurting the masses.

    What amazes me is how so many are blind to it and fall in lock-step behind them.

  4. I never knew Moby Dick had hands instead of flippers.

  5. Lew, obviously no one you named is going to be the person I’m talking about. However, I do expect it to be an accomplished (monetary success) person because Capitalism does tend to reward capable people.

    In fact, when people say that congress is mostly millionaires, my response is, why would I want a 50-something person representing me who has not succeeded financially in life? (I don’t include inherited money.)

  6. Martin, “unchecked Capitalism” is what founded this nation. The freedom to work hard and amass a fortune if one desires to do so is the very “inspiration” that has brought mankind so many stunning achievements.

    The simple fact is that any American can become a part of the “aristocracy” overnight if they’re willing to work for it because Americans have the absolute freedom to do so.

    To trade that freedom for any sort of Socialist slavery is a completely idiotic idea. Only a suicidal maniac would want that.

  7. Jack, are you actually supporting the formation of an American aristocracy?

    Dude, you can still fervently believe in Capitalism without making a religion out of it, or deifying the wealthy. Capitalism is definitely the way to go but it’s not perfect.

  8. I’ve always supported the existence of American freedom, Martin. It’s not a “religion”, it’s a system that works to reward those for being the best that they can be.

    Socialism rewards no one but a few “elites”.

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