How Ironic Can Jeanne Harris Be?

by lewwaters

Jeanne Harris, the embittering Vancouver, Washington city council member known internationally for her ‘gavel down’ outburst and subsequent efforts in wanting it forgotten, continues to amaze in how she can’t get passed it herself.

It’s well known she received a slap on the wrist for her outburst against fellow council member Jeanne E. Stewart, since city ethics policy did not address her overbearing treatment in ‘gaveling down’ citizens and she sort of apologized as she forgave the community for her outburst.

Since, she has ‘requested’ the famous video be taken down, apparently not realizing that once something is on the internet, it’s there forever. She has also come forward seeming to expect a public apology from others over her outburst and the subsequent ethics investigation that she only received the slap on the wrist for.

Her conduct and disdain for those who disagree with her reach legendary proportions as she has been noted to single out people in the audience, demanding they “stop shaking their heads at her,” and speak down to citizens as if she were a teacher speaking to a kindergarten class.

Her frequent target remains to be successful businessman David Madore, who has become the official boogieman of sorts in several editorials appearing in the local mouthpiece for the Democrat Party, the Columbian.

After almost 2 years of vitriolic articles against Mr. Madore, a PAC who he supports issued an ad featuring a photo from the ‘gavel down’ moment, instantly labeled “negative” by the powers that be.

Brutally honest escapes them as the ad shines a light on the source of many problems within our city that so called city leaders would rather not be seen.

Thanks to the involvement of Mr. Madore and blogs, the light is getting brighter and brighter.

It wasn’t surprising to see David Madore, a devout Christian man, publicly apologize for the ad, only to receive yet another vitriolic negative attackagainst him from the Columbian’s own master of vitriol against conservatives, political editor John Laird the very next day and yet another the next day after that largely targets his involvement in opposing the bankrupting policies of current city elected rulers and funding opposition candidates.

Seeing this ongoing demonization of one citizen in the community, who stands up, literally puts his money where his mouth is and still remains involved, I am not only astonished but absolutely appalled to see Jeanne Harris, on her facebook page, make the following comments.

How ironic, especially given her history sitting on city council to say, “Sinning against someone and then apologizing after the harm is done doesn’t cut it with anyone.”

How arrogant that she continues to show she expects an apology for her ill treatment of others and efforts to silence citizens and taxpayers who clearly see the potential to bankrupt those same taxpayers from the very policies she promotes.

And she expects an apology be given her now?

As the old saying often credited to former President Harry Truman goes, Ms. Harris, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

What an appalling sense of entitlement and arrogance this woman, Jeanne Harris has!

13 Comments to “How Ironic Can Jeanne Harris Be?”

  1. Yes Lew, the Elitists are jumping all over David Madore but all they did was cause him to unlock the box where he normally keeps a “pair” of big brass ones.

    I think that David has learned that it doesn’t work to try to be a “nice guy” to a bunch of underhanded Elitist bastards.

  2. Jack, reread it. I updated Harris’ comment to include those added by Timmy Leavitt.

    I am impressed, though. He mustered something better than “blah, blah, blah, give it a rest”

  3. Tim Leavitt never ceases to amaze me. I’d hate to be David Madore trying to get any kind of permit from the city of Vancouver. Madore is a successful businessman bringing jobs and taxes to Clark County, and all Laird, Harris and Leavitt can to is complain about him.

    I liked Laird’s response (to you I think, Lew)[I use ‘like’ in the sense of sadly chuckling at the hypocrisy] the other day in which when questioned as to why he was using the bully pulpit of The Columbian to persecute Madore, he explains that because Madore is in the “public arena” or something to that effect, he’s fair game for Laird to attack. So why is he crying such crocodile tears for Harris and Leavitt over the ad that Madore put together? They’re in the public arena I believe. Aren’t they equally open to the same kind of action?

  4. These Elitists are such arrogant, hypocritical bastards. Lying little Timmy surely has no shame. The Columbian is a snake pit. It’s high time to clean house and send these scumbags packing.

  5. Wow, I really admire David Madore tremendously for that apology. I think it’s unfortunate he took it down–although I think I can probably imagine (and sympathize with!) the state-of-mind that caused him to do so.

    I think a brochure for Turlay and Wentzel (and, implicitly, against their opponents) *was* the wrong venue in which to be dredging up the old news of Jeanne Harris’s meltdown and Tim Leavitt’s utter passivity on That Fateful Night that lives on in YouTube history.

    From a pragmatic perspective, pretty much everyone who is going to form an opinion on The Great Meltdown already has and there’s probably very little to be gained for Madore et al by continuing to bring it up, and something to be lost, as it makes them appear mean-spirited and unforgiving.

    From a theological perspective, a “devout Christian man” (I use quotation marks simply because I’m referring back to your post, Lew, not because I’m disagreeing with your assessment) isn’t *allowed* to fight fire with fire. Fighting with one hand tied behind your back hardly seems fair, but those *are* the rules the Boss laid down.

  6. Both “The Liar Leave it” and “Gavel Down” Harris are the kind of swine that give politics a bad name. Added to that, of course, is their mutual rank hypocrisy.

  7. That is what happens when we “live” in a fishbowl! Someone is alway watching…….

  8. Unfortunately, it’s rather clear that Madore knows very little about politics and it seems that CBC knows nothing.

    Madore’s apolgy was unnecessary, he apparently figured that out and did the right thing in taking it down.

    The idea that you cannot, in any way, respond to a political attack if you’re a Christian is idiocy. if that were true, then our political landscape would be littered with Christian bodies.

    Tying the incumbents and Ogle to Leave it and Harris was the absolute right thing to do and it was handled brilliantly. Linda Smith used to say, “well, as long as they spelled my name right,” the whiny, sniveling response of the Carbuncalian was proof that it was effective… otherwise they wouldn’t have tried to blow it up.

    In sum, Madore was wrong to apologize, right to take it down, and right to respond to the attacks.

  9. After several months of attending weekly council sessions I must say that most of the council has the arrogance displayed by both Leavitt and Harris. Campbell will be gone soon since he is regularly rude to people both on and off camera, and Burkman is a jerk with a smile plastered on his face like he knows everything but the camera is watching. Harris is, well I can’t say… but we can pray that this election session sees the end to the 3 seats that are up and two more next year as well.

  10. Lew, your first mistake was when you joined Facebook Nation.

    Your next error is your repeated use of it to play on the Columbian’s website where you know you’re about as welcome as a case of athlete’s foot at a millipede convention. At least Brancaccio doesn’t refer to you as “that blogger”.

    Then you expect Mayor Progressive to take you seriously about anything, even though you know that he knows you don’t live within the City limits. You’re not a constituent, so why should he care what you think…which is exactly my point…..why do you think Mayor Progtard pays you so much attention Lew..??

    And then you expect the leopard to change her spots; or in this case, the Jeannezilla to change her attitude.


    Let me use your own words to wonder why more people don’t use their God-given right to simply ignore David Madore if he is so wrong about so many things…??

    Like I keep tellin’ ya Lew…the flak is always heaviest when you are directly over the target. Press on.

  11. Bob, I do not expect any courtesies from Leavitt now do I expect Harris to change. I know better.

    I’m about showing them for what they are every chance I get.

    If Harris had half a brain, which would be generous in her case, she would know how to easily defuse the melt-down and turn it to her advantage.

    As it is now, she just looks like a whiney titty baby.

  12. It’s great to see David fired up and it’s great to have Lew exposing the Elitist BS.

    Thank God for computers.

  13. Jack ~ I ca hardly wait to see what Tiffany and David are hiding. I remember reading some thing from David and hearing from Tiffany that they were still munching through data that they got from WashDOT about the bridge and the David Evans & Associates a few months back.

    I don’t think you take the flames from the paper and not be changed to the point of never trusting them. I know of several local politicians that won’t deal with them either because of what has gone on for some time.

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