We Are The 53%

by lewwaters

There is more truth in this one sign than in all of the Occupy anything but a bar of soap protest signs combined.

The problems lie at the feet of Politicians. If you need an example of why, read An Open Letter to the Citizens of Oakland from the Oakland Police Officers’ Association

10 Comments to “We Are The 53%”

  1. One thing describes the “Occupy” movements completely – “H-y-p-o-c-r-i-s-y”. Complete and total hypocrisy, selfishness and greed on the part of the “protesters”.

  2. Jack, do we need that hypocrisy in a big, YMCA-like song and dance number in tandem in front of Portland and Vancouver city halls? 🙂

  3. Couldn’t agree more! Love this sign and have seen some other really good “rebuttal” signs floating through email. I actually started a series highlighting the igornance and hypocrisy of the signs that the Occupy crowds have been hoisting and they really are just calls for socialism and legal plunder….essentially the “occupy” crowds are just “grown-up kids” who want to steal someone elses resources because they lack the ability and/or are too lazy to work hard for their own means.

  4. “Occupy” people get too much credit for thinking – they don’t think and they don’t understand. They are bored and anxious and demonstrating is easy. There’s no getting to them because they want the sweetness of self-righteous platitudes – not the bitterness of pragmatic truth.

    I feel the same way about Tea-Party folks.

    In fact, both groups clearly exhibit the difference between politics and governance.

  5. In response to Martin Hash’s statement that implies an equivalency between the “Occupy” movement, and the Tea Party movement, I must disagree. While I’m not affliated in any way with the Tea Party, I have been paying attention to what they’ve been doing and saying vs the “Occupiers”.

    While the “Occupiers” sit around, bang drums, and whine about their fate, Tea Party members have been actively working to change the country – whether that is in a positive or negative direction is for each person to decide. They have run for, and won, Congressional, State, and local government positions. They have (for the most part) followed the law and haven’t created distubances, defecated in public arenas, nor copulated on the sidewalks of our cities.

    In short, while the Tea Party movement has generally worked in a positive mode to change government, the Occupy movement has worked in a negative mode to change government. The Occupy movement is the antithesis of the Tea Party movement.

  6. Photos of lots more good “We Are The 53%” messages at:


  7. Craig; Occupiers & Tea Partiers have in common a simplistic view of the world.

    It’s actually a good sign that people (both groups) are engaged enough to at least care to do something!

  8. Martin: That doesn’t answer the question as to what either group is actually *doing*. They may each have a simplistic view of the world, and each may be *doing* “something”, but I think the question should be “what *constructive* action(s) is either group taking?”

  9. Martin, maybe we would better off if we did strive to simplify matters more.

  10. I don’t know how you can compare the “Occupy” morons to the Tea Party, Martin. That’s quite a “stretch”, even for you.

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