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November 3, 2011

More Reason to Vote NO on Proposition 1, C-Tran Sales Tax Increase

by lewwaters

It is no secret that I oppose giving C-Tran another single dime of our hard earned tax dollars. I have also maintained we are not being told the truth and that the threats of cuts in service now are fearmongering.

Forensic Accountant, Tiffany Couch has prepared a Financial Analysis based upon personal meetings with C-Tran Officials and auditing what documents have been turned over to her pertaining to C-Tran Finances.

C-Tran Financial Analysis

From the Executive Summary,

“My analysis and meeting with C-Tran officials indicate the following:

1. Proposition 1 funds are not necessary for C-Tran to maintain current levels of bus service.

2. If C-Tran maintains current levels of bus service, and foregoes expenses related to High Capacity Transit (HCT) initiatives, reserve funds will remain intact through 2023.

3. If Proposition 1 fails to pass, current C-Tran board policy indicates that High Capacity Transit project costs will take higher priority over current levels of bus service; causing bus service to decline or to be eliminated.

4. C-Tran’s 20 year plan, “C-Tran 2030” is significantly at risk due to overestimated revenues and underestimated expenses.

We have been denied a vote we were promised, C-Tran continues running empty buses that are not on the cut list and as many have maintained, we can now see just how far off they are in their estimates of needing more of our money.

I urge you, if you haven’t already voted, please vote NO on Proposition 1. Force C-TRan to operate within their means and if need be, reorganize into an efficient bus service for Clark County.

November 3, 2011

If Vietnam Service Really Matters In The Vancouver City Council Race

by lewwaters

The latest ad on behalf of Anne McEnerny-Ogle by the New York Unite Here Union, who represents the Hilton employees currently seeking a 53% wage & benefit increase makes the claim of she is “married to a Vietnam Veteran.” Speaking with Anne previously, this is a true claim and even though I haven’t met her husband, I have every reason to believe he is as proud of his service as I am my own in Vietnam.

But, does having married someone who served in Vietnam matter more than someone who actually did serve in or over Vietnam?

As previously noted, Anne’s opponent, Bill Turlay is a retired combat Navy Pilot. Bill flew some 385 combat missions over Vietnam, was subjected to ground fire and whatever the North Vietnamese forces sent his way. He was awarded 25 Air Medals through 3 tours with 800 carrier landings, 200 at night!

I have no doubt Anne’s husbands record is also filled with honorable service, but I have to ask, what does that have to do with Anne’s ability to serve on the city council?

My own wife gains nothing to qualify her due to my service. Bill’s wife gains no extra qualification due to his service either.

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November 3, 2011

Occupy PDX Media Head, “Hope You Don’t Get HIt By A Bus”

by lewwaters

H/T daylightdisinfectant

November 3, 2011

Time For the Columbian to Clean the Egg Off of their Faces

by lewwaters

After the Columbian’s hit piece against city council candidate Josephine Wentzel yesterday, basically labeling her a liar over her claim of being a CASA Volunteer because she no longer replies to them, Wenzel now leaves the Columbian with eggs dripping off of their faces.

See also:CASA confirms Wentzel’s participation as sworn in volunteer

“However, CASA Program Director Jo Waddel confirmed in writing today that Wentzel participated with the Clark County CASA program in 1995.”

“Wentzel volunteered sixteen years ago, a time in which all CASA records were not input into a computer database, but instead administered via hard documents, some written by hand. At that time, the courts allowed the use of assumed names for privacy purposes and due to situations that might require volunteers to investigate a child’s situation and report to the court as they monitored case progress.”

Will the Columbian and Andrea Damewood now issue a retraction a prominently as they did and apologize for their hit piece? Or, will they continue in demeaning Ms. Wentzel as they have since she stood up on behalf of taxpayers?

UPDATE: The Columbian sort of admits their mistake, but continues the twist. Wentzel was volunteer 16 years ago

Wentzel Press Release