If Vietnam Service Really Matters In The Vancouver City Council Race

by lewwaters

The latest ad on behalf of Anne McEnerny-Ogle by the New York Unite Here Union, who represents the Hilton employees currently seeking a 53% wage & benefit increase makes the claim of she is “married to a Vietnam Veteran.” Speaking with Anne previously, this is a true claim and even though I haven’t met her husband, I have every reason to believe he is as proud of his service as I am my own in Vietnam.

But, does having married someone who served in Vietnam matter more than someone who actually did serve in or over Vietnam?

As previously noted, Anne’s opponent, Bill Turlay is a retired combat Navy Pilot. Bill flew some 385 combat missions over Vietnam, was subjected to ground fire and whatever the North Vietnamese forces sent his way. He was awarded 25 Air Medals through 3 tours with 800 carrier landings, 200 at night!

I have no doubt Anne’s husbands record is also filled with honorable service, but I have to ask, what does that have to do with Anne’s ability to serve on the city council?

My own wife gains nothing to qualify her due to my service. Bill’s wife gains no extra qualification due to his service either.

Anne is a capable person who shouldn’t have to lean on what her husband did to sway voter’s choices.

How tacky that this New York based union, who hopes to gain a sympathetic vote on city council when they are pressing city council to pressure the Hilton to concede to their demands, now insinuates that who Anne married has any basis at all on her ability to sit on city council, over an opponent who actually did serve in the same conflict as her husband.

If someone having served in Vietnam gains them qualification to serve on our city council, shouldn’t it be Bill Turlay who actually did serve in Vietnam, over Anne McEnerny-Ogle who merely married someone who served there?

I would hope to see Anne publicly denounce these union ads on her behalf, as did Bill Turlay over the ‘gavel down’ ad on his behalf from Save Our City PAC.

But so far, she seems quite reluctant to do so.

Given the amount of non-candidate money flowing in this election for city council, who wins the seat is very important to some people. Those of you who do vote in this election must do your homework and choose who is best suited to serve and represent the entire city.

But, marriage to a Veteran over an actual Veteran should not be the qualifying factor.

5 Comments to “If Vietnam Service Really Matters In The Vancouver City Council Race”

  1. So…. where’s the rag’s article condemning these mailers?

    Nope… no favoritism here. Nothing to see here, move along.

  2. Favoritism Kelly? I think you need to get your cornucopia out and hear the dripping sarcasm from all of us that are posting here…

  3. “Gee. I married a woman who divorced a Vietnam Vet. Does that qualify me?”

  4. Anyone who has 200 night traps under their belt has my vote….

  5. I do believe this is the last weekend before election day. So everyone is probably getting out the wild hanging chad collections and getting ready to cast their votes if they have not all ready.

    I have not decided yet per se but our discussions on the candidates for office have been enlightening.

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