More Reason to Vote NO on Proposition 1, C-Tran Sales Tax Increase

by lewwaters

It is no secret that I oppose giving C-Tran another single dime of our hard earned tax dollars. I have also maintained we are not being told the truth and that the threats of cuts in service now are fearmongering.

Forensic Accountant, Tiffany Couch has prepared a Financial Analysis based upon personal meetings with C-Tran Officials and auditing what documents have been turned over to her pertaining to C-Tran Finances.

C-Tran Financial Analysis

From the Executive Summary,

“My analysis and meeting with C-Tran officials indicate the following:

1. Proposition 1 funds are not necessary for C-Tran to maintain current levels of bus service.

2. If C-Tran maintains current levels of bus service, and foregoes expenses related to High Capacity Transit (HCT) initiatives, reserve funds will remain intact through 2023.

3. If Proposition 1 fails to pass, current C-Tran board policy indicates that High Capacity Transit project costs will take higher priority over current levels of bus service; causing bus service to decline or to be eliminated.

4. C-Tran’s 20 year plan, “C-Tran 2030” is significantly at risk due to overestimated revenues and underestimated expenses.

We have been denied a vote we were promised, C-Tran continues running empty buses that are not on the cut list and as many have maintained, we can now see just how far off they are in their estimates of needing more of our money.

I urge you, if you haven’t already voted, please vote NO on Proposition 1. Force C-TRan to operate within their means and if need be, reorganize into an efficient bus service for Clark County.

12 Comments to “More Reason to Vote NO on Proposition 1, C-Tran Sales Tax Increase”

  1. The whole plan bytes. Hopefully, we can follow Colorado’s lead and slam dunk this thing.

  2. Now I’m really glad that both I and my family already voted NO.

  3. “When asked whether these initiatives would continue to take place if Proposition 1 fails, the answer was,
    “these are Policy decisions made by the Board of Directors and these initiatives will move forward.” In
    essence, it appears that current levels of bus service would be reduced or eliminated if Proposition1 were
    to fail; because the cost of these High Capacity Transit initiatives would take higher priority. (Note: cuts to
    C-Tran’s budget should Proposition 1 fail, clearly shows cuts to bus services; not High Capacity Transit
    initiatives currently in the budget).”

    “C-Tran purports that the proposed .2% sales tax increase would not be used for light rail; but rather to
    fund C-Van and bus service only. However, their own budget analysis does not support this statement.
    Several significant discrepancies exist with their current budget analysis and the statements they are
    making to the public.”

    Folks, this document is dated November 3rd, and a real person, Tiffany Couch, has put her name and professional reputation on the line here. You really must read the entire thing to really appreciate what she is presenting to the public on Proposition 1.

    Just for the record, here is the list of the local Politicos who make up the current C-Tran Board of Directors, and who are all directly r4esponsible for creating this massive public lie.

    Marc Boldt, Chair, Clark County Commissioner

    Linda Dietzman, Camas City Council

    Bill Ganley Battle Ground City Council

    Bart Hansen Vancouver City Council

    Jim Irish Mayor, City of La Center

    Roy Jennings Labor Representative

    Tim Leavitt Mayor, City of Vancouver

    Tom Mielke Clark County Commissioner

    Larry Smith, Vice Chair Vancouver City Council

    Steve Stuart Clark County Commissioner

    You deserve the Government you vote for.

  4. Hey folks ya better check out the cat fight on the Columbian.

  5. Cat fight is right Dee, but let’s give credit where it is due….at least they put an article up to have a cat fight over, if you are a member of Facebook Nation that is….

  6. Scott Patterson, along with the entire C-Tran Administration as well as the C-Tran Board of Directors should be fired. They’re uttering the same lies they did in 2004 when they said “If approved, Proposition 1 would maintain county-wide service, 7 days per week, add new service, such as the 99th Street Transit Center, service to Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital and Washington State University Vancouver, the 99th Street Express, the I-5 Park & Ride Shuttle, the Fourth Plain Extension, and additional service to Battle Ground”


    Then they threatened “If Proposition 1 is rejected there would be a reduction in the total number of fixed bus routes from 27 to 15, thereby eliminating routes 76, 78, 105, 114, 157, 164, 173, 177, 190, all Sunday and Saturday service, and The Connector. Service would also be reduced on routes 4, 17, 25, 30, 32, 37, and 80. Weekday service hours would also be shortened to 5 a.m. – 8 p.m., weekdays only.”

    Gee, that sounds familiar!

    And here’s a real gem: “It’s important that we provide the public with as much factual information as possible so they’re able to make an informed decision about their public transportation system this November, says Lynne Griffith, C-TRAN executive director and CEO.”

    Lynne jumped ship as soon as the levy was approved. That should said something right there. I remember thinking that odd – that she would bail so soon after the vote. She apparently knew something she wasn’t saying. She now has a cushy job at Pierce Transit.

  7. The way this document reads, it appears that C-Tran has “cooked the books” in order to create a problem that needs a solution.

    But it is against Federal law to take money away from your local bus service in order to fund an alternative transit system. Its like charging a toll on a highway to pay for a light rail system. You can’t do that either but it doesn’t stop our local politicians from trying to find away around it anyway.

    What does voter intent mean anyway, as long as we have politicos like Jim Moeller who will sue the people of the State in order to inflict his will, or guys like Mayor Progressive who are only concerned about “process” for favored friends and campaign contributors??

    Proposition 1 is nothing short of fraudulent, and I am not surprised that the Columbian is attacking the messenger and refusing to give the message a fair shake. To my knowledge this website remains the only one where you can actually read the entire letter from Ms. Couch and judge for yourself what she has to say, and in context.

  8. The Columbian did make the full document Tiffany prepared available, along with C-Trans response, which amounts to little more than an admission they did not supply her actual numbers.

    I say admission because the letter relies heavily on she did not tell them she was preparing a report when he met with them and called to ask for the numbers.

    And of course, the usual gang of liberal suspect flood the comments with condemnations of David Madore, who hired Tiffany and her firm to audit CRC, not C-Tran.

    It’s as I said in email, Bob, a hit piece to discredit the proposition both the Columbian and C-Tran favor.

    Just more so called media manipulation over actual news.

    C-Tran’s response, for any interested is at

  9. Good. I’m glad the link is there for those who wish to read it, but I think a significant number of people in town will never bother to read much less understand what Ms. Couch has produced.

    And what an amazing amount of vitriol is produced at the mere mention of the name “Madore”….

  10. It’s funny to watch the “usual gang of Liberal sockpuppets”, Lew. All the Facebook “change” did was cut off the average Joe from putting in his two cents worth whilst keeping the nastiest supporters and sockpuppets of The Columbian.

    It’s good to see that The Columbian is still killing off it’s readership.

  11. I understand that this topic will be at the top of the agenda at the We the People meeting here in Vancouver this evening. I don’t think many outside of Facebook Nation are buying C-Trans denials but we will see about that for sure next Tuesday….

  12. hmm.. I did not think the We the People event was still going on. I might have to run over there and see what they have going on.

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