Opposition to Vancouver City Council’s “Vision of Vancouver”

by lewwaters

Letter To The Blog:

Well it appears that no matter what our city council will push full steam ahead with their view of the city. This October 10th meeting I was in extreme shock as I watched Jeanne Harris respond to the mayor’s statement that he didn’t really like the idea of allowing the existing businesses to expand and further develop in the downtown core area. (This conversation was pertaining to the Biomass plant issue as without stating it they were attempting to place roadblocks up to stop the project.) The shocking part was when Harris jumped on that train so fast and requested an amendment to strike out the verbiage which basically protected those current business operations from having to move in order to grow. The economic impact of this moratorium is astounding. When they continue marching forward without a second thought as to the changing times and revenue passing ordinances which will further degrade the home values and further reduce the revenue income it is appalling. These are the people who we elected to represent us? They want us to pay more property taxes and taxes in general so that they can in turn give a tax break to their cronies and then they want to block our family businesses from growing and affording us the opportunity of a decent wage job to pay the bill with. I am not taking sides here on the Biomass plant issue but I am certainly frustrated with the whole lot of them at city hall for over reaching their authority.

If I were in business in what is zoned as the light industrial area downtown I would so sue the pants off of all of them.

This area is pretty much finished in its development with minor additional in-fill adjustments left. The mayor enjoys a residence in the Heritage Condos built here.

The Oct 24th meeting was an equally important meeting with the first round of the five year updates to the city’s vision plan. There were 164 pages to their plan and I read them all. It seems that their new plan now includes the expenses for our lite rail operations which are planned for in this five year segment and are $161,490,000.00 astounding since I don’t think it will be built in that time frame. Do you?

The economic growth section of their Vision of Vancouver shows that they intend to incorporate several more areas of the urban growth boundary, including mine within 1 to 5 years. I don’t know how I feel about that. Part of me says cool I can finally vote my voice in this stupid scenario but most of my gut shouts NO! I don’t want to eat the expenses of their choices. The really amazing thing is that they forecast a 25% increase in seniors and a 25% increase in population but no increase in attendance to our schools.

This forecast plan only allows for one job per household. What is really screaming for consideration is the fact that they are forecasting a planned zoning map that stymies industrial and manufacturing jobs. They don’t want anyone to work in any other field but retail and medical. The highest percentage of new jobs will be minimum wage non-family sustaining jobs. With lite industrial and manufacturing being two of the higher paid skilled job categories, and we have already lost 1/3 of those employers, this planned zoning and social engineering is so scary for our future generations in Vancouver.

We are seriously going to be a high / low class society if they keep their seats on the council. We are already $10k below the state median and nearly half of our residents earn less than $36k a year. Not enough to support a family or rent one of their $1400 per month tax abated “low to moderate” apartments. The total capacity that they feel Vancouver can handle in new residents is 41,000 new housing units which is 15% higher than the county health board recommends. Multi family apartment units account for 54% of their new plan and fully 39% of those will be in the “newly incorporated” urban growth boundary zones. They plan to remove single family homes on 1/4 acre lots where possible and put 8 units on an acre instead.

The future view out the kitchen window will be exactly like the view from Tim Leavitt’s kitchen window in downtown. At least on my street for sure… and maybe yours?

Submitted by Carolyn Crain

Ms. Crain requests all who can to attend the November 7 Monday evening city council meeting at 7 p.m. to take a moment for the freedom of choices in their lives.

9 Comments to “Opposition to Vancouver City Council’s “Vision of Vancouver””

  1. good write up, Carolyn,
    This is just another step towards turning Vancouver into Portland (which is trying to imitate Los Angeles.)

    Levitt is not Vancouver’s mayor, Sam Adams is! (And all the shots are really being called by Sam’s fellow child molester, Neil Goldscmidt)



  2. Can you provide the URL for the plan? I’m particularly interested in Vancouver’s annexation plans for the Urban Growth Boundary, as I’m currently in unincorporated county and would like to stay that way.


  3. Thanks, Lew. The second document you list is the one she references. Interesting to see the potential annexation areas on 6-4 (page 117) which appears to exclude Hockinson & Brush Prairie since they are outside the Urban Growth Boundary.

    However, first page of Appendix A (hey, geniuses at the city – number all the pages, please) says “… Brush Prairie and Hockinson are to be rural centers with community commercial areas…”

    Not sure why City of Vancouver is involving itself with those two areas, which according to their own maps, are not under consideration for annexation.

    Meanwhile, it appears Hazel Dell is not the next target of annexation – instead that falls to the more affluent area to the immediate east.


  4. Thanks very much Lew and to all those who can help in this fight to save our freedom of choices in our lives.


  5. This election will show if the citizens have woke up to the shenanigans facing the Mayor and most of the City Council or if they will choose to stay on the same destructive path. Even Progressive Democrat Commissioner Steve Stuart on a e-mail to Mayor Leavitt stated how bad his City Council was.


  6. Chuck, Stuart said that because our city wasn’t on board wasting enough money, which our county has no problem doing.


  7. Can anyone county on the number of hands how many people actually read the VCCV documents since 1994….


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