The Dark Underside of C-Tran and Proposition 1

by lewwaters

Like many other people, I am one who doesn’t appreciate being manipulated, not by anybody, especially government or agencies set up and maintained by government. What with the recent release of an independent audit of C-Tran Finances pertaining to Proposition 1, another demand for more tax dollars and copied emails between the auditor and certain elected officials in Clark County, all I see is pure manipulation on the part of C-Tran Board of Directors.

We’ve seen the article in the Columbian here of forensic auditor Tiffany Couch’s independent audit that leans heavily on C-Tran’s refuting her work and the Columbians refusal to post Ms. Couch’s point by point rebuttal of their assertions here, but the email exchange between Ms. Couch and County Commissioner Steve Stuart is a real eye opener.

Beyond the Columbians efforts to discredit her analysis due to her being hired by David Madore to independently audit CRC finances to see where over $140 Million of our tax dollars has gone, a task completely separate of C-Tran finances, commissioner Stuart, who ran for reelection with the promise of we would be given a vote this year on light rail operations and maintenance that he promptly joined others in preventing after winning, comes across as accusatory towards Ms. Couch and her analysis.

Stuart says,

“I think staff is very appropriately answering the numeric claims you made, and I’m not an accountant so I won’t delve deeply into those. I was, however, a quantitative analyst trained to use statistics in product research, so I do know that there are certainly ways to manipulate numbers to help them say what you want to hear (the main reason I left statistics for law school – ironic. :)). We will follow up to make sure that isn’t the case in C-Tran staff’s numbers, and I would think it very sad if you were doing that, just before an election that means so much to some of the people most in need in our County. Sad as a Rotarian trying to pass a 4-way test, or as a professional with a strong code of ethics. Ironic, though, considering that exact claim of manipulating numbers has been leveled by you and others against the CRC.”

Ms. Couch responded,

“To imply that I, as a Certified Public Accountant, and Certified Fraud Examiner would manipulate numbers with respect to my analysis of C-Tran is disappointing. I’ve not done that in this case. Can you please point out, exactly, where you believe I’ve somehow manipulated the numbers? I’ve been VERY clear about the intent of my analysis, and how I came up with my calculations. I’ve sourced each and every number I’ve used (all which are C-Tran’s numbers, by the way). I had my report peer reviewed by no less than 5 other CPA’s and/or Public Transportation experts.”

“To imply that I have manipulated numbers to make them “say what I want people to hear” is simply untrue.”

County Commissioner Marc Boldt chimes in with his own accusatory threat,

“Tiffiny.this is a very important budget matter between you and have stated this is not public but you have made it public.You have , in my view. told the public that c-tran employees have convinced the board to place a measure on the ballot when we have excess cash. I have spent alot of time this year on our budget numbers as well as the state auditor . I do have more faith in our numbers than yours however I will seek to find answers to the truth and hold either you or c- tran accountable .” (Spelling and punctuation errors from original)

Ms. Couch replied to commissioner Boldt,

“I have never stated that this was “not public”. I’m not sure where you get this information?”

“I also never told the public that C-Tran employees have convinced the board of anything. Again, where did you get the information? Rather, I was informed from C-Tran employees that they abide by what the board members and board policies direct them to do. This was directly stated to me, and is exactly what one would expect. Management of any organization must abide by what the board of that organization agrees (or does not agree) to do. Based on C-Tran’s 20 year plan and 2011-2012 budget documents as well as the 2000-2010 CAFRS, board policies are clearly stated. Those policies were confirmed by Mr. Hamm and Ms. O’Regan on Wednesday.”

What is this policy that has both commissioner’s Stuart and Boldt in such a turmoil that has now been revealed to the public?

“If Proposition 1 fails to pass, current C-Tran board policy indicates that High Capacity Transit project costs will take higher priority over current levels of bus service; causing bus service to decline or to be eliminated.” You back that up with an unidentified quote from C-Tran staff: “When asked whether these initiatives would continue to take place if Proposition 1 fails, the answer was, “these are Policy decisions made by the Board of Directors and these initiatives will move forward.” In essence, it appears that current levels of bus service would be reduced or eliminated if Proposition1 were to fail; because the cost of these High Capacity Transit initiatives would take higher priority.”

Challenged by Commissioner Stuart as to just who expressed that policy, Ms. Couch replied,

“So, in answer to your first question, I’m quoting C-Tran CEO, Jeff Hamm.”

“Here’s the context of that conversation. Which also answers your second question. In reviewing all documents related to this issue, including: your “Public Transit Ballot Measure” marketing information on your website related to Prop 1; your 2011-2012 Budget; and, your C-Tran 2030 plan – the only information that I could find related to the potential budget cuts if Prop 1 didn’t pass was related to current bus service.”

“However, your board approved budgets and plans had millions of dollars of High Capacity Transit expenditures included in them. And:
• In no public messaging could I find references from C-Tran staff or board members that indicated that they needed the Proposition 1 funds because they were dedicating over $11M to High Capacity Transit expenditures in the next 5 years.
• In no public messaging, could I find references that indicated that the depletion of reserve funds would be accelerated because of High Capacity Transit expenditures, thus necessitating additional tax dollars from the citizens of Clark County.
• In no public messaging could I find references to the axing of said High Capacity Transit expenditures should Proposition 1 not pass.
• C-Tran is sitting on $47 million worth of unrestricted cash…yet only burning $2M worth of cash per year. Where is that in your messaging?”

“Those FACTS begged the question that any reasonable person would make based on this research. The very same question I posed to Mr. Hamm. Which was, “If Prop 1 doesn’t pass, are you telling me that C-Tran is going to cut bus service FIRST before the planned High Capacity Transit expenditures?” Mr. Hamm said to me, “These are board policies, Tiffany. Management of C-Tran can only implement the policies made by the board.” To which I replied, (by picking up the Ballot Measure piece from your website) “Well, Jeff, doesn’t the public deserve to know that this is the case? It does not say that anywhere on this material”. To which he replied that C-Tran has complied with all requirements of the information that needed to be put out to the voters.”

Being accused by Commissioner Stuart of the appearance of “not independently or objectively analyzing this issue, but instead cloaking your politics in your profession,” due to the timing of the release Ms. Couch responded in part,

“I have been sitting on this information for a long time. And the more I looked at it, the more troublesome it became. But I was afraid. I was afraid of the backlash it would cause me. I was afraid that people would think that David Madore was “behind this”. I was afraid to receive emails like the one you sent me today. But then…I looked in the mirror. I realized that I was a citizen of the United States of America. I realized that I was a CPA; someone with a DUTY to inform the PUBLIC of items in their best interest. And, yes, I realized that I was a Rotarian. I had an obligation to inform my fellow citizens of the information that I had. To sit on that information would have been in direct violation of everything I stand for.”

As we all can see, that is exactly what has happened. One brave person standing against the power elite that would cut off seniors and handicapped from bus service they can easily afford to maintain, all to continue the pursuit of an expensive bus and light rail system we do not need and have three times now expressed in our votes that we do not want.

Nowhere in any pro-Proposition 1 material is the public informed of this intent. And the person who brings it out is attacked and demeaned in classic shoot the messenger style, not only by our local so-called newspaper but by elected officials because of information voters have a right to know.

This is the dark underside of Clark County today and is clearly a manipulation of the public by a small number of power elites who ignore Clark County citizens in order to force upon us what we have said in the past we do not want.

If you haven’t marked and turned in your ballot for this Tuesday’s election, what more reason do you need to reject Proposition 1 than this?

Complete emails may be seen HERE and HERE

42 Responses to “The Dark Underside of C-Tran and Proposition 1”

  1. First of all, Steve “The Liar” Stuart is just that: a liar. There is no lie he won’t tell, no amount of arrogance that isn’t enough and nothing he says can be believed without independent verification.

    Secondly, Marc Boldt is a clueless sell out. Ostensibly a Republican, he’s been in lock step with Steve “The Liar” Stuart, for years… voting with the democrat and against the only Republican on the commission while routinely avoiding Mielke’s efforts to reign in CTrans… and even joining with the rest of the downtown Mafia/Identity Vancouver types to gerrymander the CTrans district to exclude 100,000 or so voters from being allowed to vote on tax increases… but not excluding us from paying for them.

    Given the options, I will not believe either of these two clowns if they tell me it’s daylight outside.

    And, full disclosure: I am Marc Boldt’s brother in law.

  2. Thank you for helping to shed the light on this rotten, stinking mess Lew. The Columbian sure wouldn’t have the balls to do it. They’re in bed with the other arrogant, Elitist pukes trying to shove this up our asses.

  3. The Email—- The very same question I posed to Mr. Hamm. Which was, “If Prop 1 doesn’t pass, are you telling me that C-Tran is going to cut bus service FIRST before the planned High Capacity Transit expenditures?” Mr. Hamm said to me, “These are board policies, Tiffany. Management of C-Tran can only implement the policies made by the board.”

    JK—This is a disgusting disregard of the basic mission of C-Tran in favor of empire building. Even more disgusting is that Mr Hamm is probably the one who wrote the policy he is now hiding behind (the board mostly rubber stamps proposals from him.)

    The whole C-Tran attitude has been one of threatening the poor and the handicapped to blackmail the public into giving them money to build their toys, instead of basic bus service.

    What toys? Here are a few:
    * Taking control of traffic lights to make cars wait for buses.
    * Getting rid of cars from whole lanes of some major arterials to give exclusive bus use.
    * Integrating their fare system with Trimet (a light rail prelude?)
    * Bus rapid transit.
    * Dreams of trollys, streetcars and heavy rail
    * Encouraging more density in neighborhoods (skinny houses,infill, more apartments?)

    Somebody needs to remind C-Tran that their primary mission is to serve those who have no other transportation option, not to push crackpot ideas of how we should live such as “new urbanism” and “smart growth”.


  4. Lew,

    As a CPA, I am someone used to dealing with numbers and statistics.

    Although I did not conduct an in depth review of Tiffany Couch’s analysis, my cursory reading of same did not uncover anything I found to be questionable or manipulative. In particular her analysis of the cash burn rate was very informative as to C-Tran’s current financial condition.

    Boiled down to its essence, the issue appears to be C-Tran wants to expand services financed by obtaining new revenues rather than delve into existing reserves to do so or contain services at current levels.

    Given the economic environment in which we find ourselves and the voters desire to never find a tax hike they like, I am quite certain Proposition 1 will be defeated regardless of Tiffany Couch’s much appreciated analysis.

    Thank you for highlighting this information so that we may have a better informed electorate.

  5. John, it’s all about informed voting. Instead of telling they will be “forced” to cut the services people need the most during these dire economic times, it would be prudent to postpone these overly expensive future plans and rely on what we have on hand instead of trying to squeeze more out of taxpayers.

    Others disagree, which they have a right to.

    But, to hide plans the public should have available in order to make an informed decision is just wrong.

    To me, that is the most telling aspect of this whole mess.

  6. I just wanted to be able to comment on this so that it would be up on my Facebook Page. I will link to it through my blog as well. Thank you for posting the updates – I do appreciate it.

  7. Lew ~ I’ll say this publicly. Because Tiffany decided to step forward as an American citizen against a lot of flack and hell, after this election on Tuesday, either if or if not it fails, I personally believe that she will face consequences. of economic, personal as well as business from the local area.

    She chose what I feel is the greater good and what this city deserves to hear of the truth. I personally thank John for taking a basic cursory look over the data that was written up and gave of his own accord what he thought.

    Tiffany probably will be shunned, lose business or asked to leave local charitable and business contact networks because they don’t have the fortitude for the truth or they themselves have a hand in the pie and are going to give her vengeful spite and payback..

    Honestly, I hope she lets us know who these fools are, so we can shine a huge fog light into their eyes and shame them back into their troll house under the interstate bridge.

    I have personally in the past fought these fools with the same statistics, ideas, private discussions and email exchanges. And now others are finding out what I and others who had ideas that I felt were reasonable on some level, just pissed on, ignored, pushed aside because they felt we were not worthy of the time and attention over the eight or ten years this columbia river crossing project has been going on.

    Along with the parallel RTC – High Capacity Transit Study, which I personally now believe was just a snow job to make sure the right ducks were in a row saying the community believed the light rail was LPA for the CRC project.

    Bob, David, Kelly, Lew, Tiffany and others, go research that study and read up on it from your web search engine. Because THERE is the reason how the CRC from the Vancouver side HAS the opinion to back up the politicians on the CRC task force and the project sponsors council ability to push this LRT on our community.

    That high capacity transit study looked at the differing modes of transit to see what would work for Clark County through the next two decades. I can personally tell you that I remember those public meetings that I attended put by the RTC and almost all of them I heard the same comments that people would take bus service, the BRT and LRT as the very LAST option. But do dare tell me what option you think the process decided?

    The data is out there if someone wants to go looking.

  8. Tiffany, if it doesn’t show up on your page, feel free to link or copy & paste as you see fit.

    Thank you very much for all of your work and should you face any backlash for it, we will stand with you.

  9. Yes, even this fool will stand with you Tiffany. Enough is enough. I have had enough of the B$.

  10. Well! son of my gun! I hung up on this very message on my houseline not half an hour ago! I did not listen to it then, and its too bad I listened to it now.

    Olive Oyl had a deeper voice…Mark should offer to do answering machine messages for Jim Moeller…

    I’m ashamed of Mark Boldt. This is outright propaganda that it is based on phony numbers to boot, and it gives me even less confidence in Boldt as a Commissioner than I already had. And to think I thought it was mostly Vancouver City Council that was pushing this…

    I’m sick of the threats, and threatening to bring down doom and gloom on us all if we don’t vote for a particular measure is a sure fire way to get me to vote down in flames whatever it is that the caller is pushing.

    Methinks the Commissioner wants this a bit too badly and I detect an undercurrent of nervousness under the drastic measures Mark Boldt is attempting to push with this message.

    Barely mediocre try Mark, and I will keep this little missive of yours in mind when you name comes up on my ballot, now that you’ve been redistricted under my purview. If you intend to keep this behavior up, I suggest you invest in a new voice coach and perhaps a recording device that does not involve your cell phone…

  11. 🙂 I am so glad that I went all cell phone-y on those guys. I never had the pleasure of beating my head into my monitor or nearby glass window if I got that nice robocall from Marc.

    I have a new idea for Tim! How about getting those damn robocalls banned at the state level for campaign advertising? I don’t have a problem with it being used for EMERGENCY and personal, legitimate purposes like your pharmacy calling to tell you that they have your medicine ready… But I’ll be damned if I get called during my day while I am working & Marc wants to tell me how wonderful this proposition is.

    Now I am beginning to slide my hanging chad over to NO because I know that if it does not pass, LRT vote will get subdistricted (thanks to the candyman) and we’ll still have to PAY for it!

    I wonder if there needs to be the “CandyMan Can” song to come out…

  12. Another thought on this subject and another wheel turning within a wheel…

    Does anyone really believe that the biomass plant proposed for Downtown is really just about providing efficient hot water to the jail and County offices??

    Once you get a boiler built, how hard would it be to add a modest turbine generator that is capable of powering your own little County trolley line?? There are plenty of small efficient steam turbines out there; the marine industry uses thousands of them. Its just a matter of sizing it correctly.

    If you are going to build Bus Loot Rail up Fourth Plain to feed Trimet’s Loot Rail system, why not go all-in and make those buses electric just like the trains? You have to power it somehow and I haven’t heard a peep out of Clark PUD about what the cost of upgrading the local power grid will cost in addition to the construction, operations and maintenance of it all. One way or another, you have to power those trains and it is not that much of a stretch for someone to propose powering Loot Rail from biomass in the near future.

    What I am describing here is not impossible and is an excellent example of what is called “incrementalism” in that you set out to achieve incremental steps along the way to a larger goal that is never acknowledged but is aimed for none the less. Much of the problems we see right now can be attributed to the incremental implementation of the Progressive agenda and the Country is almost to the breaking point because of it.

  13. Tiffany Couch – I don’t have a Facebook account, but if you visit this page again, I wanted to tell you thank you! Thank you for uncovering the political corruption occuring in Clark County. It’s unfortunate that miserable cowards like Stuart and Boldt would prefer to continue the cover-up rather than come clean and admit their wrong-doing.

  14. Perhaps “miserable cowards” is a bit overboard, but their effort to paint Couch as the problem rather than take responsiblity for misleading the public makes me very angry. They both need to lose their jobs.

  15. Bob ~ Another side benefit, is how many blocks close is the Gramor development and the City Hall Chambers? All of it within 3 blocks of this boiler?

    What would happen if they formed a sub-district or LID to provide winter heating to the affected downtown buildings through sewer lines? Those sewer lines are amongst the oldest in Clark County that I know and need to be replaced soon. Why not rebuilt them and pipe steam and hot air into that area?

    Maybe it might help some of the global warming people that march around the Esther Short Commons area with their hot air detectors…..

    I better watch out Bob or you and I might give away out great ideas for downtown! ;-P

  16. Just thought I’d let you all know…it appears Lou B’s Press Talk Column has removed David Madore’s comments and people are asking why including me. Must be all the truthful answers they’re receiving which is causing the Columbian to overload it’s system.

  17. Golden Oldie:

    Whether or not you agree with the Columbian or David Madore, it really is not unexpected that they would do this. David Madore has been hijacking their articles onto his “public” FB page, then censoring and hiding comments he disagrees with from people he doesn’t like. He has been basically stealing their content and modifying it without permission.

    Again, whether or not you agree or disagree with either or both parties, you must agree that what David Madore was doing was inappropriate.

  18. Really, Greg? Maybe you could share an example of what you profess. Sorry, but I don’t have Facebook Page and will never have a Facebook Page. At this time, you expect me to to take your word for it, so till I see the proof behind your allegations…Well Greg, you know the old routine.

  19. Greg Owen,

    I don’t have a Facebook account so cannot verify your allegations. However, assuming they are accurate, what’s the problem? A person can do whatsoever he likes with his or her Facebook page. They can edit, delete, hide, or whatever they wish to do. It’s their Facebook page. It is not ‘public’ in the sense that a newspaper is.

    On the other hand, it is entirely inappropriate for The Columbian to be removing comments (if that is what they are doing) just because they don’t like the politics of the person posting. Don’t you agree that the “Fourth Estate” should be held to a higher standard than an individual citizen posting on his personal Facebook page?

  20. Well, I could provide links, but since you don’t have FB, it won’t do any good, because it has to do with how it shows on a FB page. So, I guess you’ll either believe it or don’t. One thing that was kind of funny, though, was that David made a statement, I replied to it, then he replied to my comment. Columbian took his statements off so only mine remained, and he took my comments off so only his remained. It made both of our comments on both sites look kind of funny because you couldn’t see what we were replying to…

  21. As far as ‘hijacking’, I’m not sure what Owens means. If he’s talking about cutting and pasting links or articles, I believe every media outlet in the country encourages that as long as the source is identified. It’s good for circulation.

  22. Greg ~ I believe the reason why they did this is because they finally had enough of each other. I doubt there is not much left between Lou and David, so its up to them to grow a pair and up, instead of engaging in this pity party fight.

    AS David said on his facebook group a few days ago, if he got fed up with the columbian, he would just disappear off their radar screen. It sounds like that is what happened though I doubt it was over a some thing so pitiful over copyright issues.

    The final straw probably was Tiffany Couch’s discourse over the C-tran budget.

  23. Greg, it makes no difference to me what he does on his facebook site. A public news site has a higher standard than facebook which they have to maintain. Funny how it was Lou’s Press Talk where censoring occurred…and what was his subject about this week??? Oh yeah…Freedom of Speech, lol.

  24. For me who has a facebook account for private reasons, post those links and show ME the examples you were going to post.

  25. Many of us have facebook, Greg. Feel free to post your links.

  26. Well, Jeremy, it appears I can’t. He has removed those posts from his “public” FB page. The last article he brought over appropriately, without the comments and without the modifications. Coincidence? Do you really think Madore does anything coincidentally? At any rate, kudos for him for changing it and doing it appropriately.

  27. Now I am beginning to wonder if the newspaper sent their sharks after David? Just curious to know the change all of a sudden….

  28. The Columbian is “imploding”, kids. It’s just that simple. They’re in such a dither down there that they have no idea of what the hell they’re doing. Maybe they finally got their “Kumbaya” CD and their drug shipment.

  29. Greg, you have leveled many accusations against David Madore and now claim your “proof” has conveniently disappeared, all David Madore’s fault, of course.

    You have cast many aspersions and now want us to believe some wild eyed conspiracy David has of hiding what you claim.

    About an hour ago he left you a message on his facebook page, “Greg Owens, If you also apologize for your bad manners and commit to communicate a positive message that is always respectful, then yes, I will unban you from my site.”

    Unbeknownst to you, I visited his page just last evening to see linkage to Tiffany Couch’s articles that I also blogged about. Scrolling down, what you say was there was not there.

    I don’t know what you seething hatred of the man is, but it is yours. Why not hold yourself to the standard you impose on him and others. If you are unable, for whatever reason, to support your allegations, keep them to yourself.

    And no, that is not a “man-crush.” It is simple fairness and same standard applied to all.

    David is not a messiah nor is he a devil inspired rich guy out to highjack Clark County. He is no different that Ellie Kassab or Ed Lynch, other than he stands to make nothing off of light rail.

    People do have convictions, Greg. Whether you agree with them or not.

  30. Just a wee bit of an update here from my previous comment. It appears the Columbian has reinstated Mister Madore’s ability to post on their website once again. I see Mr. Owens has also shared his sentiment on the C for which he shared here on Clark County Conservative as well. Now Greg…let’s see if you get a response.

  31. Anyone who has talked to David Madore can see that he is a straight-shooter and is very accomodating to converse with. Perhaps David’s only “fault” is that he is too accomodating and has too much faith in people, considering that politics is such a nasty business.

    Greg Owens is simply trying to use a typical Leftist “tactic” of attempting to make Madore look like a “fiend incarnate” in order to discredit him. Owens has absolutely nothing else to go on.

    Greg, either demonstrate how David Madore is that sort of “fiend” or go peddle your Leftist diatribe elsewhere. We don’t buy that crap here.

  32. Goldie, The Columbian is a “never-never land” of Liberal BS and Leftist diatribe that is obviously biased against anyone who is a Conservative.

    Typically Liberal and typically chickens*it, The Columbian arbitrarily and hypocritically attempts to “shape” the comments to “conform” to their way of thinking.

    In doing so, the comments get so messed up that no one can follow the actual “sequence” and the lines of thinking of the commentors.

    The problem with “censorship” is that it is always obvious because of the above fact. That’s what makes The Columbian a three-ring circus of wasted reading and effort.

  33. I see what Greg Owens is posting and have no idea what he is talking about. Greg made the same claims on the Columbian and I replied explaining how Facebook works as it is integrated with the Columbian software. No one needs to copy and paste anything. Facebook and the Columbian software posts comments both places automatically.

    No one needs to be a Facebook user or have an account to access my Facebook page. That is why I created a public site at If anyone can see anything there that somehow sheds light on what Greg Owens is talking about, please let me know. My email is My cell phone is 360-601-3056.

    It would be insanity for anyone who stands for honesty, integrity and transparency to do what Greg Owens is saying. Does anyone know what he is talking about? If so, please help me to understand.

  34. David, I often have to wonder if Greg even knows what he is talking about.

  35. Re: Comments disappearing
    I have seen a particular FB user comments disappear and reappear on Facebook. I just assumed that the commentor had suspended their account for some reason and then un-suspended it. I also noticed that the person involved was no longer listed as a FB friend and then later (days later) reappeared as a FB friend without me doing anything.

    There may be some kind of glitch in their software that causes this to occur.

    However I don’t believe what Greg is describing is possible to make happen as a user. The Columbian can ban/hide your comments as administrator, but I don’t believe individual users can make this happen on their own.

  36. David, I have said here in multiple places those same ideas about your url linked domain @, if you did not see them on other places around Lew’s blog.

    As for Greg, I find his commentaries to be hard to swallow. I wonder why he wastes so much time posting his diatribes. Does he not have better things to do? I has the right to his own personal opinion unless the spew is going to hurt someone else. And lew might be right about that Greg may not know what he’s talking about.

    And finally David, thank you for leaving us your contact information. In case someone has information about a subject or feels it necessary to contact you.

    One personal piece of advice is that I think you should get a voicemail in case there are people who want to call and leave not so nice messages and phone calls and that information can be picked up at your leisure and time. That way if its someone whom choses to leave not-so-nice voicemail or calls, they don’t infect your day or your family life.

  37. Jeremy, thank you for your comments. One thing that I know to be true is that anyone who speaks up in public on issues, especially issues that oppose the status quo, good-old-boy club, the may interrupt the steady cash flowing into the hands of favored contractors, that they will be targeted.

    The CRC is continuing to pay between 2.3 and 3 million each month into the pockets of those that have made deals with them. There are no bids, no competitive process, no accountability, no oversight, and no useful construction.

    Tiffany Couch knows firsthand, others and I know what it feels like to be targeted, vilified, demonized, and falsely accused for our efforts to turn on the lights. Greg Owens is just one such example of a false accuser. I have no idea what he is talking about. If anyone else does, then please post it somewhere.

    I do not let the nonsense bother me. But the unfortunate result is that good people in our community after a while start to believe the lies and exaggerations. These false witnesses, these false accusers sabotage the success and effectiveness that caring citizens who are working so hard to help our community, to defend us from being exploited, that we all end up losing what would otherwise be helpful insightful insight that would bless us with a more prosperous future.

  38. As someone who has publicly and privately spoken over many years about various subjects and ideas, I have found my own disdane and political brinksmanship going on locally had at one time driving me crazy. So its not like there has not been people before that have tried to fight a good fight and basically nothing happened.

    But it does get tiring talking to a brick wall?

  39. Jeremy, It takes plenty of patience. They call it long suffering for good reason. We must be in the battle for the long run.

    Probably the greatest example of persistence is Abraham Lincoln. If you want to learn about somebody who didn’t quit, look no further.

    Born into poverty, Lincoln was faced with defeat throughout his life. He lost eight elections, twice failed in business and suffered a nervous breakdown. He could have quit many times – but he didn’t and because he didn’t quit, he became one of the greatest presidents in the history of our country. Lincoln was a champion and he never gave up.


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