Damewood Answers Her Own Question, 8 Months Later

by lewwaters

Not too surprisingly, the Columbian’s liberal bias was on full, bright display this election as their endorsed candidates did not include a single conservative. But even more glaring is seeing the sexist attacks launched on one woman, Josephine Wentzel.

Whether you like her or not is immaterial. She is a Hispanic woman who ran on her values and was thoroughly trashed every chance the Columbian got.

Leading the charge was Andrea Damewood, who seemed to take a little more delight than one would expect in digging out dirt irrelevant to the campaign and who seemed shocked when Wentzel, fed up with the ill-treatment, cut off responding to her and the paper.

Damewood, it should be remembered, penned an article just 8 months ago in March, ‘Why aren’t women running?’ political vets wonder

Maybe Andrea should look within, not only to her own reporting and efforts to dig up irrelevant dirt, but to editorials and endorsements of other candidates where the Columbian went out of their way to trash Ms. Wentzel with, “challenger Josephine Wentzel has emerged as a toxic influence at council meetings, a chronic complainer whose frequent trips to the podium have followed a pattern of unproductive negativity.” And, “Wentzel has shown no capacity to cooperate with any elective body. Her obstructive, combative approach does not fit well in collaborative community discussions.”

Such unnecessary trashing of Ms. Wentzel elicited a comment from a fellow Hispanic woman, Maria Salazar-Rodriquez,

“I am totally outraged! — Whether you support Ms. Wentzel in her candidacy for Vancouver City Council or not. The Columbian clearly has gone too far! It rudely & unprofessionally printed code words that directed it readers to see Ms.Wentzel in the most negative way our community looks at ambitious women who stand up for themselves, their beliefs, speak their minds and do things differently (have their own leadership skills) than others. Who is her own idea and not someone’s idea of what they think “she should be”, in more direct words that you can’t print, you have printed that she is a B______! As a woman and Hispanic American I know too well the buried prejudices that exist in our community & American society. Calling powerful or ambitious women B word or using codes words to refer to her as B—-and laughing about it or refusing to take a stand to confront it–reveals just another buried prejudice we need to dig up, air openly, and get rid of. To all the candidates endorsed by the Columbian: If you can’t even stand up for respecting women amongst your supporters, you are not worthy of my vote or others vote!”

Another example of their sexism would be Dr. Kathy Marshack, who applied for the open council seat vacated when Tim Leavitt lied his way into the mayor’s seat, listing primarily her disputes and lawsuit with the city, while barely mentioning she is a clinical psychologist or airing her side.

To add insult to injury in Josephine Wentzel’s case is the post-election poll they put up just today.

Acerbic, vitriolic political editor John Laird frequently adds his own particular brand of hostility by labeling women and others like Josephine Wentzel, Carolyn Crain or anybody who dares confront the ‘good old boy’ network as “ankle biters,” “Hounds from Whinerville,” “bananas” and much more.

Another woman who has faced the scorn of the Columbian is Debbie Peterson, a teacher who ran for the seat of 49th legislative district representative in 2008 against Jim Jacks, know for walking out on constituents’ mid-session earlier this year and later excusing it with the excuse of he was a drunk.

Of Debbie, they said “she lacks the breadth and the ability to clearly and concisely discuss an issue” after telling us she is a teacher and has worked as a financial specialist for the Vancouver Housing Authority and labeling her views “unrealistic” as they endorsed the sot Jacks.

Her crime, as is Josephine’s and others are being outspoken critics of CRC and Light Rail from Portland.

A conflict of interest in a campaign in 2009 earned Debbie the distinction of being labeled a “vicious activist” by the Columbian who didn’t even speak with Debbie.

Not all women receive such demeaning treatment by the Columbian, though. Jeanne Harris, well known her the famous “gavel down” incident often gets the soft shoe treatment as she did during the incident last year.

Sharon Wylie receives no intricate inspection of her skeletons either.

In answer to Andrea Damewood’s question “Why aren’t women running?” Look in the mirror and at your co-workers at the Columbian, Andrea.

You all have made it very well known that “conservative women need not apply” and “woe onto them if they do.”

42 Comments to “Damewood Answers Her Own Question, 8 Months Later”

  1. This is a blue state and has been as far back as I can remember (I came here with the Navy in 1992 and have lived in several towns throughout the state).. The fact that the bright blue of Oregon has come across the river in waves is not much of a surprise as well as the small town, good ole boy back room politics that we see on a daily basis.


  2. Don’t forget too, this Blue State just finished with it’s first recorded budget deficit of $90 Million for the last 2 year budget.

    And, they just keep returning the idiots to Olympia.


  3. Lew, it is no favor to Josephine to fully reprint the slander in detail by the Columbian. Josephine stands up to bullies, or in some cases, avoids. It can be a wise strategy to avoid a fight, walk to the other side of the seeking a confrontation. Josephine has given second, third, fourth…chances to the Columbian, in good faith for over a year. And every time she was burned. Ouch. That really hurts. Maria says it best. I fully understand that trust has been broken, and am glad that you have treated her fairly in this forum. You focus on important issues, not her hairdo or a supposed stare or .. . Issues like $$ millions unacounted for by the CRC, a vote on light rail BEFORE it is brought in, how citizens are treated by elected officials, practical transportation solutions that start with the true needs of residents, not the dreams of a transit makers, land developers, garbage collectors or consultants driven more by $$ than serving people. Debbie has been informing our community for years and deserves our thanks for work well done.


  4. I, one of those biting hounds, really do not care what they call me nor how mean they are. My Mother used to tell me “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” and she was right with one exception. Call me all the names you want but those written words that become ordinances and policies they hurt everyone in the jurisdiction. That is why we strong women fight, not with sticks and stones but with persistent determination to effect change that restores the freedom to the people.


  5. My name is “that blogger”….

    Just think what they will say about you Lew when you run for County Commish…….


  6. I think one of the highest priorities should be to work to shut down The Columbian. That rag works against the best interests of the community every time.


  7. It should be painfully obvious by now, if not before, that any conservative running will have to also campaign against the Columbian, not just their opponent, the good old boy network, the unions, Identity Clark County and what have you.


  8. Funny how it is when we make an open stance for what we believe in, we’re called the hounds of Whinerville but when the other side of the ticket does the same thing, it’s “expressing concern.”


  9. “It should be painfully obvious by now, if not before, that any conservative running will have to also campaign against the Columbian”

    I’m reluctantly coming to the conclusion that Lew’s statement is true. I’ve tried to give them the benefit of the doubt but keep getting disappointed with the results. The latest incident in which Lou Brancaccio brushed aside my request that the Columbian investigate possible collusion between C-Tran adminisistrators and Clark County Commissioners Stuart and Boldt to deceive the public about Proposition 1 is just another example.


  10. ahem….

    Whiners, Howlers and you Nimbys:
    We got a library on a lot,
    We got the City in a fiscal hole,
    We got Jeanzilla whose a snot.
    We got a Ding Dong in the newsroom,
    We got Laird who is so lame!
    What else we got?
    We got that Dame!

    We get spin on the Crossing Project,
    We get lies about C-Tran,
    We get speeches off the subject
    And demands for more C-Van.
    We gag on her sickly perfume
    We get dizzy from the smell!
    What don’t we get?
    You know damn well!

    We have nothin’ in the paper worth commentin’ for
    What we have we wish a journalistic substitute for…

    There is nothin’ like the Dame,
    Nothin’ in the world,
    There is nothin’ you can name
    That is anythin’ like the Dame!

    We feel lied to, we feel blue,
    We feel angry, and in brief,
    We feel ev’ry kind of feelin’,
    But the feelin’ of relief
    We feel hungry as the wolf felt
    When he met Red Hiding-hood
    What don’t we feel?
    We don’t feel good!

    Lots of things in life are beautiful, but brother,
    There is one particular thing we need relief from more than any way, shape or form like any other.

    We need relief from the Dame!,
    In the daily rag,
    There is nothin’ you can name
    We want less of then,
    then that Dame!

    Someone else won’t write the same,
    No one in the world
    So this is the end of the game!
    Let’s all say goodby to that Dame!!

    (With many apologies to Rogers and Hammerstein….)


  11. Lew, how did you surmise that Andrea Damewood “seemed to take a little more delight than one would expect in digging out dirt irrelevant to the campaign”? As has been pointed out over and over by Lou (and he’s right about this), if Josephine would have simply responded to Andrea’s message or e-mail, the story, though not necessarily stopped, would have been rewritten. It probably would have been along the lines of her follow-up story where she appears to be minimizing JW’s CASA experience.

    As I said, I agree with you that any conservative will need to be prepared to run against The Columbian as well as their political counterpart. However, beating up on Andrea Damewood (which Bob Koski seems to take particular delight in) does not further the conservative cause. It just makes conservatives look mean and vindictive.


  12. I sometimes wonder if it really is Andrea writing the articles. There’s rumor on the C forum that Lou might be secretly writing those articles…just a rumor, though.

    Bob Koski, you never cease to amaze me with your talents, lol.


  13. Goldenoldie –

    I can’t think of any journalist with even an ounce of integrity who would allow another writer (boss or not) to hijack their byline. Do you have reason to believe that Andrea Damewood is so utterly bereft of journalistic integrity? Or Lou Brancaccio for that matter?


  14. I think that’s Andrea all right. If you follow her scribblings she has a verifiable anger cycle that peaks every 28 days. Lou doesn’t have the talent or the ability to ape that.

    Just like it’s anatomically impossible for Lou to go *&$% himself….


  15. Bob,

    While I’m sure that was written in the spirit of a humorous post, I don’t think everyone would find it so. In fact, I’m sure that a lot of readers would find it bordering on misogynism.

    Come on now, not everyone down at The Columbian is evil incarnate. Sure, some of them have an agenda (this means you John Laird), but most of them are talented writers doing the best job they can do.


  16. Sometimes I wish I did have a Facebook account. In today’s Columbian Editorial, they finally admit a linkage between Prop 1 and light rail. They adamantly refused to do that throughout the campaign – even though two of their writers, Andrea Damewood and Eric Florip, made that linkage clear in




    I’d like to compliment The Columbian for though belatedly, finally admitting the truth.


  17. Bob Koski, “a 28-day verifiable anger cycle???” Just what is it you are suggesting, sir??? A bit sexist, wouldn’t you say??? It’s about as bad as me saying you are suffering from the ills of lunar gravitational pull on a monthly basis now, isn’t it???


  18. Now on an honest note, I believe Andrea is paid to do what she does best and that is to get people talking. I’m not condoning the actions of the Columbian with regards to how Josephine Wentzel was treated by them…far from it, but I AM saying that I believe Andrea as well as others at the Columbian know their Schtuff! Wouldn’t you love to see what the qualifications and job descriptions were for Andrea’s position???

    I tell ya folks, the C is looking more like a supermarket tabloid every day. It’s the trend of the future and the sh!! is getting deeper. Better get your chest waders on because it’s not only the C. It’s all the mainstream media, folks.


  19. Bob, Thank you for the wonderful poetry of Dame. 🙂

    I do believe that Andrea has some ethic, though I doubt some of her boss and upper management do.


  20. Oh, I think we all know what bunch of lying, sneaky weasels the mainstream media is, Goldie. I think it’s just that we expect our hometown newspaper not to be like they are.

    Unfortunately The Columbian is no better than the other garbage rags. Thank God for the Internet.


  21. Jack: As usual, you’ve hit it on the noggin when you said that we expect our hometown newspaper not to be like the rest of the mainstream media and it’s obvious, we’re expecting too much out of the C.

    I won’t thank God for the Internet but I’ll thank the appropriate founders of the web. I’ll save my thanks to God for other reasons.


  22. Well, at least they live here and as a result have some accountability for what they publish. The publisher Scott Campbell is strangely unresponsive though. I’ve sent him a couple of relatively benign (and polite) e-mails but have never recieved the courtesy of a response from him.


  23. For yet another example, peek at the poll they put up yesterday, including another slap at Josephine and Brancaccio’s comments on who he warns and who he lets spew.


    Sorry, the only city council race that could be considered a “sure bet” was Larry Smith vs Cory Barnes. Nothing against Cory, just a comparison in resume’s and experience.

    My personal feeling is they thought Josephine stood a really good chance or they would not have attacked her as they did. If you note, Smith / Barnes sort of fell of the radar, especially after his traffic fines came to light. He can put that behind him and if he keeps his nose clean, come back with a much better chance in the future.

    And, if any noticed me not commenting there today, Brancaccio did not run me off, I’m just tired of the crap in articles and comments and how some don’t get called on it but others do.


  24. What happened with Turlay? Did they blow that assignment? I don’t think he was supposed to make it was he? Well, I suppose they could always pull a “Rossi” on him at the last moment.


  25. They tried with Bill early on over his business license mistake.

    They tried to tie him to the Save Our City ad but he out smarted them by condemning the ad.

    Still, the soft balled allegations of Annes past behavior, but she didn’t condemn or distance herself from the ads from the New York Union on her behalf.

    I believe they still think she has a chance to pull it out, but we’ll see.


  26. By “they” I’m referring to the local Democratic machine. I’m sure they’ll “find” a box of uncounted ballots somewhere.


  27. I’m not so sure that Turlay is all that he’s cracked up to be. Any candidate that whines about “negative campaigning” when there is as much at stake as we have now and the local newspaper is such a back-stabbing rag obviously doesn’t know how to push back against a bunch of local bastards.

    “Kumbaya” doesn’t gain anything against Liberal Elitist pukes.


  28. The other women maybe wise and sane, just passionate and so frighten those who are intimidated by strong women. BUT, again, just because a person has a degree does not make them a good person, or a good “doctor.” K. Marshack is not to be trusted that her word is gospel.

    It seems to me that if a person is against something GOP locally are for, or opposite, then they are assumed liberal…and then anyone, ANYONE, who they don’t like or respect MUST be a good person, an honest person, a GOP! Uh, you got suckered this time.
    I know just enough to know when you embrased KM, you didn’t do your homework…and showed bad judgement.


  29. Kathy, your first mistake was to assume I am a Republican. Isn’t that what you accuse me of?

    I have problems with both parties and am an Independent Conservative.

    If you go back and read the post, I do not “embrace” Kathy Marshack nor justify her complaints. I do point out how the Columbian listed her qualifications negatively among others I listed.

    The post is not about Ms. Marshack, but focuses primarily on Josephine Wentzel who was viciously demeaned constantly by the Columbian.

    Whether anyone agrees or disagrees with her is irrelevant, it is how she was demeaned at every turn and even again in the post election poll.

    There was no reason for any of the women I spoke of to be demeaned as they were.


  30. I made no mistake. I wasn’t specifying you. I was not accusing you. That is your mistake.

    Also, Couv.com did a piece on this which is where I found this link doing a tad bit on KM. They clearly embrased her.

    I wrote on their wall and another person wrote back that I must be a neighbor…assumption wrong again.

    That is a prblem, when everyone who knows nobody assumes a lot about them….good or bad.

    This woman is not who she touts herself to be. Anyone who feels pity for her is ignorant of her cruelty to others. She makes one Gavely City Councilwoman look like a sweetypie!


  31. And again, Kathy, I’ll remind you the post is not about Kathy Marshack.

    I am not a Psychologist and therefore am not qualified to speak of her mental stability. You are entitled to your view, but unless you are a Psychologist or other certified therapist, that is all it is is your opinion. You have your reasons and a right to have it, if you so choose.

    Still, does that mean the Columbian should treat women they don’t want to win an election as they do? I would hope not.

    If you’d like to comment on the actual theme of my post or any other, you are welcome to do so. But, if your sole intent is to speak only of Kathy Marshack, who barely made mention, please do so elsewhere. She is not the focus of this post.


  32. Lew,

    As a fellow Conservative I am appauled that you would use a “radical liberal” just to make a point in an argument. Seriously, when liberals see this it only adds to the fire that we “conservatives” either do not have our crap together or that we will get in bed with anyone in order to advance our position. What I am reffering to is you using Maria Rodriguez-Salazar to make a point in the Hansen-Wentzel race. This is the same Salazar that is a well known reverse racist and a very polorized figure in Clark County; she seems to burn through communities like wild forest fires.

    From your own Blog on May 2009 (among other sources):

    Not unsurprisingly, little time passed before advocates for ILLEGAL immigrants began calling Tom Mielke a “racist” because he opposes services to those in our country ILLEGALLY. Although Tom mentioned no specific race or nationality, advocates for Latino ILLEGAL immigrants began their mournful wail of ‘racism, racism’ wherever it would be heard.

    Vancouver resident in the League of United Latin American Citizens, Maria Rodriguez-Salazar immediately contacted media to complain that Commissioner Mielke’s words were

    “implicitly racist and threaten to provoke violence against Latinos.”

    I guess any time we aren’t ready to bend down and kiss ILLEGAL immigrants butts we are threatening violence now, it seems.


  33. Frank, would you prefer the Columbian be given a pass on their appalling treatment of a conservative woman?

    If Maria is a “radical liberal” as you claim, do you not see that she is agreeing with us on this, not the Columbian?

    Have you spoken with her to determine if she carries the same views a she did 3 years ago?


  34. Lew,

    You are missing the point. I am not trying to give the Columbian a “pass”; go after em, they deserve it. However, I have had my brief “run ins” with Mrs Salazar and I looked into her (all one has to do is Goggle her name if that is all the resources you have). She may be agreeing with “us” on your point (of which I agree) nevertheless, her credibility will come back to bite you in the ass. From one military man to another, she has not changed….she is just trying to use political hot buttons to create the illusion that she has changed…..deep down inside you have to know this. Just a simple man’s input, take it for what it is worth….


  35. Lew, thank you so much for printing the truth about this election and being so eloquent about it. The best writer in the Columbian couldn’t possibly compare with you! You are a man of honor and integrity and I know that Clark County appreciates that!

    The Columbian’s attempt at reporting is an obvious joke! Of course they have to appease the liberals in this town, after all it was the liberals that gave them a tax bailout: “Washington Governor Chris Gregoire today approved a 40% tax cut for that state’s newspaper printers and publishers.”
    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/outrageous-newspaper-bailout-begins-2009-5#ixzz1dNNDESEB

    As some of you may know, Scott Campbell, owner of the Columbian, is a major supporter of the light rail crossing project. Go to this site and see who else is behind the light rail project. http://www.debunkingportland.com/transit/whowantsrail-1994.htm Do compare them to the list of contractors who sucked up approximately 150 million cash dollars from the taxpayers on this project.

    What’s really disgusting is how the Columbian (and their editorial board) focused attention on Mr. Madore who had absolutely no business interest in the CRC light rail project. They were obviously using Mr. Madore as a decoy while the real culprits who are supporters or Bart Hansen got away without mention!! Check out Mr. Hansen’s PDC Report: http://www.pdc.wa.gov/MvcQuerySystem/CandidateData/contributions?param=SEFOU0IgIDY2Mw====&year=2011&type=local

    The Columbian had an hour to interview me during their “editorial board” meeting. Instead of asking me questions that pertained to my credibility and qualifications, they focused on demeaning Mr. Madore. They also turned around and used the same names that Laird calls every citizen activist to define me against the man supported by CRC developers. Despicable!

    If the Columbian was really interested in my qualifications or volunteerism, they would have asked me about it then.

    They only attacked my volunteerism when the “Save Our City” PAC came out with the flyer declaring I was a CASA volunteer. In my web site, I openly mentioned I volunteered as a CASA, TIP, Candy Stripper in a Naval Hospital during the Vietnam war, volunteer in a Vietnamese refugee camp, was an advocate for children with learning disabilities in CA and more. In other words, all my life, since a teenager, I had been volunteering. Most recently I received training in a Deceptions Program that deals with Human Trafficking.

    The Columbian and its reporters were well aware that for the past year and a half I was extremely active in city council, C-Tran, RTC, and County Commissioner’s meetings as a citizen activist. Did they mention any of that? Why did they fail to mention that I personally lobbied (volunteer lobbyist) to successfully pass a law in 2006, in WA State, regarding transparency in adoptions? I told them all this during the “editorial interview”.

    I finally figured out why: It’s because Instead of really hearing what I had to say during the interview, the Columbian was fixated on their seething hatred for anyone—especially Madore (with money) and me (as a candidate) — who would dare stand against their agenda, the CRC Light Rail Crossing Project and the Waterfront Project.

    Using my detective skills, I’d say something is wrong when certain local elected officials and the liberal paper work very hard to dupe citizens into looking the “other way”. Look at the light rail money players here: http://www.debunkingportland.com/transit/docs/1994_LRT_PDC(150dpi).PDF

    It is interesting to note that the Columbian failed to disclose approximately $18,000 worth of advertisement they did in favor of light rail against the citizens of Vancouver. In 1995, in spite of the Columbian attempt to dupe its readers, 67% of voters said “NO” to Light Rail!

    Ever wonder what’s really driving these bankrupted and near bankrupted companies to dump big money into this project for years?…….


  36. @Frank: I recently befriended Maria Salazar and her husband. They turned out to be great people. I know that at one time Maria and my friend Tom disagreed, but I don’t know if that is still true today. Maria has been very supportive during my campaign knowing that I am well-balanced conservative. I’ve come to embrace her and her family. Maria is no longer with LULAC nor is she assocaited with that organization. I think you need to give Maria a chance … just sayin …


  37. If I followed Franks line of reasoning, I’d have to ignore everything Ronald Reagan stood for, since he too was once a Democrat.

    I have spoken with Maria a couple times now and found her supportive.

    Conservatives are not in lock-step on every issue and practice free thought, contrary to how we have been painted.


  38. Jospehine Wentzel, so many people have been shouting out…”Vote ‘Em Out!” and I believe that is exactly what needs to be done not only on the City Council level, but County Commissioner level as well. What you have shared here is obvious testament to the need to do such. The stench of Special Agenda is worse than what is expected with the Biomass Plant in downtown, along with the natural gas lines in North Portland and Camas combined.

    The problem is…and this is only my speculation…is just where these ICC members reside. I believe when it comes to the city issues, those who support CRC will do whatever it takes to make the blasted project pass. Secondly, I believe the ballot measures have been tailored to a win-win specification in favor of ICC and the CRC…as I have also witnessed in regards to other ballot measures such as Proposition 1. Third and final…the Good Ol’ Boys Club has a firm grasp on the people of Vancouver…and I believe many of the voters who did support certain measures and politicians, did so by only reading what was in the voters pamphlet without any regard to what was on television, online or in hard copy…because they are fed up with the mudslinging and hashing of each political hopeful, each project, each tax dollar we are slammed with.

    Honestly, that is why so many people including myself are frustrated when we say our votes really do not count. If the people cannot do their homework before voting, cannot realize when a ballot measure is a blackmail hit against those who need the services the most and cannot realize when special interests pollute the cause…

    then we’ve got what we’ve got. The same old “Good Ol’ Boys Club” in control.

    Let’s hope Bill Turlay can make change and I hope you will run again. I only wish all of Clark County had the right to vote for city council members. People like Tim,Bart and others on city council wouldn’t have a chance in hell.


  39. Golden Oldie:

    It is most unfortunate but what you have described above does exist in this town. The elitist have a stronghold in this community.

    Some of the “Elitist Club” aka “Credit-Card-Wealthy Club” members must be identified and exposed. We already have a partial list of who they are. Just check the list of pro-tax PACs in this town.

    The lies the Columbian printed about me not being a CASA volunteer may have cost the 3,000 plus under votes in my race! Those voters probably wondered why a candidate would lie, as alleged by the Columbian reporter, about being a volunteer for an organization advocating for abused children.

    After this election, I hope the Columbian realize that half the voters in this town (never mind the “silent others” who don’t vote) voted against them when they voted for who they called a “toxic influence hound dog who complaints about corruption and the corrupted.”


    Clark County residents could read the truth in blogs like this one and by going to http://www.couv.com. Couv.com is working to bring more news on a regular basis. Do go in there and comment, report and engage.

    I will let you know when I get my website up and running: http://www.thepeoplesvoice.me,

    It’s time we take back our country — one city at a time!


  40. I know this isn’t the appropriate article to respond to regarding the day, but I had to send out a huge THANK YOU to Lew Waters and all others who have served in the armed forces this Veteran’s Day for your selfless actions in preserving our freedom at the risk of your own safety. I honor each and every one of you today!


  41. I’d like to add Kelly to that list as well.

    To Josephine & GoldenOldie, there are many in our community that have fought these political games and gamesmanships for a long time. Eventually it simply just wears a person out because you don;t see any positive results from all the hard work that you put into the pot and stir.

    And yet, I am seeing more and more people coming into leadership positions starting to fulfill their training from Leadership Clark County. Do I have any hope that this newest generations will be a lot better than past ones as they continue to replace the older generations in positions of power as people retire or pass on to another life?

    I have been fighting this fight for nearly a decade myself and not sure how much longer I personally can take this B$ train ride. I could have taken a harder line and took out political fonies. But would ICC have had replacements ready to fill in that gap?


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