Josephine Wentzel, “The Election is Over, The Battle Continues”

by lewwaters

Received through email today;

Dear Friends:

Last night was not the end for us ….. we’ve only just begun!”

I want to thank all my friends who attended the election night event last night. It is always a pleasure to be in the company of great and honest people! I am grateful for all your support and help. I am so grateful for the new friends I have made in the process of running an election and the new friends that I have yet to meet.

When I decided to run for office, I did so with the intent of bringing sanity and integrity back into Vancouver. I ran so that people, like the 11,000 plus who voted for me, would have a voice in this community. However, I declared that “win or lose” I will continue to fight the good fight whether I was seated on one side of the podium or the other.

We did not lose last night, we won and gained the support of over 10,800 voters who are just as fed up with the status quo local elected officials as we are. Although I did not gain a seat in city council, I have gained the confidence of almost half the Vancouver city according to the election results.

Considering the attacks I got from the local paper and the concerted efforts of the local unions and special interest groups, I’d say we did pretty darn good this election! I am encouraged to move on with Plan B…

Special thanks to my brother in Christ, my friend and my ‘back watcher’, David Madore! I so appreciate this man of integrity who stood up to scrutiny and the bullies in this town! If more business owners would stand up like he did, we’d have a stronger and thriving community. David, thank you and in the Chamorro language, “Si Yuus Maase”.

May God bless you … Si yuus Maase! Call if you need to chat. Stay tuned for more news —- coming soon! Also, if you haven’t already done so, please go to and check it out! After all, it is the only reliable local news in town …..

Josephine Wentzel

11 Comments to “Josephine Wentzel, “The Election is Over, The Battle Continues””

  1. Good run Josephine. I’m glad to see that you’re not ready to give up. I don’t live in the city, so didn’t have a vote, but with the way this Council conducts business, I may soon be annexed without my consent or input, so who knows? Maybe next time I’ll be able to vote for you.

    In hindsight, do you think it was a mistake to refuse to speak with Andrea Damewood about your CASA experience? My thought is that if you’d spoken with her before the story was published, there wouldn’t have been a story. They may have come up with something else, but it wouldn’t have been the implication that you lied about your background.

  2. Amen, Josephine Wentzel….and just to let you know, some of the folks who hadn’t made it to vote this year also share in your sentiments as well as folks who live outside city limits, who live on the other side of the river and in other counties. By you standing up and taking a run for City Council, you have made it clear to the current crowd that we aren’t going to stand for it any more. I regret to say I live outside the city limits and was unable to vote for you but if I had lived within city limits…you would have had my vote as well.

    And Josephine…There’s always the next election for city council seat!!!

    Thank you for giving it your best.

  3. Thank you Lew for all the research, time and effort, to get to the truth. also offers hope for a better informed future. If citizens can get accurate information sooner, they can make better decisions.
    Truthfully, the best hope for the future is Jesus, King of Kings and LORD of LORDS. Incorruptable, All knowing, Life Giving. I’m thankful for a place like this blog where such a post can be made. Professor Dean’s recent post on Free Speech was outstanding!

  4. Josephine, You have stood up for the truth, and thousands of citizens just expressed their support. It’s tough being publicly lambasted and mocked inside and out of the council chambers, and you didn’t let it daunt you. Be strong and of good courage, do not be discouraged or dismayed for the Lord God is with you wherever you go.

  5. I’m sure we’ll be hearing from Josephine in the near future. She made a good run of it, and if voter turnout had been any better she could have easily handed Hansen his pink slip. He won with less than 20% of the registered voters.

    Those who were too lazy to return a ballot that was mailed directly to you have no reason to complain about anything.

  6. Josephine, it really shows through with the steps you have taken and how you carried yourself. I do hope you run again!?!?! Not sure who, but If Tim does decide to stay on, may be he might make a good target?

    (Tim has not officially decided if which election he is going to run for next. So when he decides, maybe we’ll know who the mayoral puppet train will be sure to follow..)

  7. I hope Timmy is gullible enough to believe that he could beat Hererra-Beutler. Since he can’t run for both positions and would suffer an ignominous and utter defeat in the 3rd, that would open a position on the Council – and hopefully Josephine could win it. And maybe Jeanne Stewart would run for the Mayoral position.

  8. Next up guys, a political show “A street car named Desire.” There is going to be a LRT planning retreat a the city hall on December 9th in an afternoon meeting ~ retreat.

  9. Thank you Josephine for being upbeat, because we’re not going away. My family and I voted for you and we do live in the city.

    As the political boneheads and the Elites continue to piss people off, our numbers will grow. We need to do more to wake people up and we need to find some way to run The Columbian out of business.

    Time to go after the advertisers.

  10. I get a kick out of some candidates whining about “negative campaiging”. Don’t the dumb asses realize what they do in office greatly affects our freedoms, our wallets, our livelihoods, and our community?

    When the average person can easily point out the folly of some of these boneheaded “projects” with simple facts that the political morons can’t “get around”, you can bet there will be people confronting the political morons every chance they get.

    It’s up to the political morons to either listen to the community or suffer the consequences. If they can’t stand the “heat”, then get out of the “kitchen”.

    Simple facts aren’t going to “go away” and neither are the citizens that are affected by these boneheaded “ideas”. Better get used to it.

  11. I personally believe the political elite finally realized that if Josephine and Bill Turlay were elected along with Jeanne Stewart, there might be an effective block on any thing they want to try and do.

    AND their bread and butter project, the CRC might effectively could be killed because one of those three might have to go on to the C-tran or RTC board?

    You would just need one swing vote from Larry or Jack to effectively kill junk. (though I doubt it would happen.)

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