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November 14, 2011

Washington Transportation Commission Meets In Vancouver

by lewwaters

Read the Columbian’s account of the first meeting here

More will follow later, in the mean time, make CRC and light rail comments here.

From the rude treatment of Tiffany Couch and others we hear “We’re not the agency you should talk to,” from chairman Dick Ford.

We have heard similar comments from every agency or governmental group we have turned to.

All claim it is up to the legislatures of Oregon and Washington who will be voting on it, not the people getting another vote.

The question I now have, if no one but the legislatures have any responsibility in this boondoggle, why has over $140 M been spent on something the legislature has not yet approved?

UPDATE:Commission chair Dick Ford of King County said Tuesday’s tour “absolutely” convinced him of the need for the CRC, which will replace the Interstate Bridge, bring light rail to downtown Vancouver and rebuild the freeway on both sides of the river. Ford said he’s particularly sold on the project’s light rail component, which he said would greatly improve the efficiency of the regional system.”

I thought they weren’t the agency to address that? Washington State Transportation Commission Panel wraps up visit with a tour of bridge State advisers see CRC’s plans as ‘most reasonable solution’

What’s that old saying? Uh, the fix is in?