Will Sam Adams Apologize for Upholding the Law?

by lewwaters

The non-leader facilitator of Occupy Portland, Adriane Ackerman read a prepared statement this morning in Portland, decrying what she called “deplorable police action” as Sam Adams finally found a little spine and cleared the illegal squatters out of Chapman and Lownsdale squares in Portland.

Ackerman, who was also seen Saturday evening directing matters leading up to the 12:01 AM “suggested deadline” for the illegal squatters to leave the parks, is demanding an apology from Adams for what she called “militarized police action that led to violence against peaceful protester.”

Video of the “news conference” is at KPTV 12

A poll on KPTV asking if Adams should apologize is running 94% NO, 6% yes.

A similar poll here on KGW’s article is running 92% NO, 8% yes.

Ackerman claims to be cutting off communication with the city until such time Adams issues a formal apology for upholding Portland’s law.

Adams has expressed support for the illegal squatters so the question is, will he continue to ignore the rights and needs of 99% of Portland residents to facilitate illegal squatters? Or will he stand firm and act like a mayor should against illegal squatters who know threaten in invade banks around the nation this coming Thursday?

UPDATE: Most outrageous to now see the city of Portland requesting donations from citizens to restore the two parks that idiot mayor Sam Adams gave illegal squatters permission to destroy. http://www.portlandparksfoundation.org/historic-squares

9 Responses to “Will Sam Adams Apologize for Upholding the Law?”

  1. These guys sound like my daughter when she was a little girl. She’d get disciplined for something then expect an apology from her parent for being disciplined.

  2. yah…these mental giants are “offended” because the police showed up in riot gear, ready for the greeting the OP anarchists were preparing for them.

    Did they really think they police would show up in flip flops and shorts??

    yeesh! The obvious lack of mental processes in this crew is very troubling. Makes me wonder what their mothers were taking while the were preggers with these children…..

  3. Portand is a very weird place. They like being weird over in Peetown. Thank God we have a natural barrier between Peetown and Clarke County.

  4. Not Portland, but the mentality of the illegal squatters.

    Occupy Seattle, a “protester” taped taking a dump on the sidewalk.


  5. >>Ackerman claims to be cutting off communication with the city. . . .

    And that’s a problem why?

  6. Oh for Pete’s sake!!! Mayor Adams as well as the PPD owe NO apology to the occupiers. Those people are evading the REAL needs to stand up to who the intended target of their frustrations are. They just know that nobody’s listening to their jumbled demands and are acting like spoiled little brats who can no longer get their way.

    Fess Up Occupy Portland. You have diminished your OWN message to Wall Street and you have allowed the fringe to come in and step all over your agenda so you have to blame somebody other than yourselves for the mess you have made. Get some bawls, become a WATCHDOG group like Occupy Vancouver and most of all…

    GET A LIFE!!!

    And that dude who’s plastering videos all over YouTube, claiming he was brutalized by PPD…maybe he needs to look at the crowd that nudged him to the ground in the first place. If his back was so danged unstable to the point that falling to the ground might cause injury…then STAY HOME!!! His little stunt sitting in the wheelchair as the brainless audience cheered him, calling him a hero DID NOT KNOW THE WHOLE STORY!!! He was cleared from the hospital with no aggravation of his prior injury.


  7. Do you folks realize that the fine for letting your dog crap in the park in Portandia is higher than the fine if you do??

    These people are a joke and most of ’em would bitch if you hung ’em with a new rope.

  8. Portland itself is a “steaming pile”, Bob.


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