by lewwaters

Submitted by Rees Lloyd

Do the so-called “Occupiers” who declare they “represent the 99%” represent you?

Does SEIU, whose members are overwhelmingly “public sector employees,” formerly “publicly servants” fast becoming “public enemies” in the Andy Stern-transformed SEIU which has publicly joined the “Occupiers,” represent you?

Do you agree with the Occupiers’ principle demand that American taxpayers must to be compelled by the Federal Government to pay the Occupiers’ “college loans” — while Americans of the same college-age as the Occupiers are fighting, being wounded, and dying, defending freedom in the war against terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq?

Do you agree with SEIU’s recently retired president, neo-socialist Andy Stern, who reshaped the SEIU in his own Sol Alinsky-like political view, and has publicly threatened that: ” ‘ Workers of the World Unite’ is no longer just a slogan, but how we have to do business[,] and “We [SEIU] will use the power of persuasion, but, if that doesn’t work, we will use the persuasion of power[,]” against the very public whose taxes pay the public sector employees of SEIU?

Does the position of President Barack Hussein Obama, the former “community organizer” who has publicly stated that Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” have been “burned into my [his] brain,” whose most frequent guest in the White House in his first year in office was SEIU’s Andy Stern [22 visits], and who has stated he understands and supports the Occupiers, represent your position?

Do you agree with the Obamite (rhymes with Termite) protesters that they have a “right” to take over parks, streets, and now businesses without complying with permit regulations or other laws applicable to all other Americans but not to them?

For evidence of the Occupiers arrogant usurpation of public streets, parks, and other public places, please check out the television news clips, and blogs (including mine), from the blog of radio talk show host and patriot Victoria Taft, a voice for freedom and patriotism, showing the acts of the Occupiers in Portland, OR, the Principality of Progressive Political Correctness, where the true position of the Occupiers regarding their country was succinctly expressed by a television newscast interviewee: “F**k the Country.” (See Victoria Taft’s Blog here and here)

Portland’s Mayor, Liberal Progressive Obamite Sam Adams — a homosexual predator who now admits his seduction of a 17-year-old male teenage City Hall intern, first physically expressed in a long “French kiss” in the City Hall Mens Room — has refused to enforce the laws equally against his fellow Liberal Progressive Obamites in the so-called “Occupied Movement,” which is the political equivalent of a bowel movement.

No matter their self-righteous elitist belief that they can do as they please because they believe their intentions are soooo good, the constitutional fact is that even Obamite Liberal Progressives like Portland Mayor Sam Adams, the homosexual predator and Mens Room Seducer, or Los Angeles’ Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, former president of the ACLU of So. California, or even President Barack Hussein Obama, Himself, has and have a duty to enforce the law equally, and not unequally based upon race, creed, sex, or political affiliation as they pick and choose.

Compare: The Tea Party Patriots have been vilified as “racists,” even “terrorists,” for universally peaceful demonstrations in which hundreds of thousands have gathered without one act of violence or damage to property. In contrast, the self-righteous Occupiers are babied by media and Liberal Democrat politicians as they take over streets, destroy parks, defecate and copulate publicly, all the while boohooing that, gee whiz, they are not being bailed out of paying the student loans they sought and received due to the generosity of the taxpayers backing up those loans, even though those babylike students would not have a credit history or assets which would normally be required for receipt of a loan.

The Occupiers confuse “crony capitalism” with free market “capitalism,” then give evidence that what they really want is to be recipients of “crony capitalism,” being “bailed out” of their student loans as if entitled thereto. They carry out pretentious psychodramas in public, protesting self-righteously but without the ability to articulate just what it is they are protesting against, e.g., “Stamp Out Greed!,” or what they are protesting for, other than the rather greedy demand that taxpayers’ pay the Occupiers’ students loan.

The closest they have come to a coherent expression of what they are really about is the elegant expression of the Portland Occupier: “F**k the Country!” They usurp the public’s streets and parks from Wall Street to Portland, but fail to protest against the person most responsible for the “crony capitalism” problems bringing the country down and unemployment up — President Barack Hussein Obama, His Incompetence, whose ties with the Wall Street elite before and after Obama’s election have been devastatingly detailed and exposed by best selling author Charles Gasparino in his book “Bought and Paid For: The Unholy Alliance Between Barack Obama And Wall Street.”

While you contemplate whether these self-righteous latter-day Hippy/Yippy immitation’s of 1960’s drugged-out student protestors, and their protectors like President Obama, other Liberal Progressive politicians, and public sector unions like SEIU and AFSCME, please keep in mind that while these “Occupiers” trashed America and brazenly and publicly expressed the slogan “F**k the Country” on Veterans Day and thereafter, Army Spc. David E. Hickman, 23-years-old, of Greensboro, N.C., died on Monday, November 14, 2011, as result of terrorists’ IED (improvised explosive device) in Iraq. Spc. Hickman died for the freedom of his country, while his civilian non-peers in the Occupied Movement exploited and denigrated the freedom veterans like him purchased for them by trashing their country and expressing their gratitude for their freedom bought with veterans’ blood by shouting “F**k the Country.”

His family mourns Spc. David E. Hickman, as do the families of the other 4,485 veterans who have died for freedom in Iraq, and the 1,716 who have died in Afghanistan, while these self-righteous mostly college-age Occupiers usurp public streets, parks, and other public spaces, self-righteously demanding that they are entitled to have their college loans paid.

In short, pampered, privileged collegiate Occupiers occupy against their country, while soldiers die for their country.

Shameful. An appalling disgrace.

Enough is enough.

–Rees Lloyd

(Rees Lloyd is a longtime California civil rights attorney, veterans activist, and a Life Member of American Legion Riverside (Ca.) Post 79.*)


  1. I am not the 1% but I am not the 99% as defined by these people.
    I am Carolyn Crain and I believe in freedom. I believe freedom comes with the responsibility to not only protect and preserve my freedom but that of others as well. Under this perception one must not damage the property nor infringe on the individual rights of any other. I call on these fools who would cause harm to the masses by their “righteous indignation” approach to protest like a real American and stand for freedom and vote for freedom and elect to office those who would do the same. I call on them to go home and function in an orderly way so as to better their standing in this fight for our freedom.

  2. I don’t think you understand Lew. The “occupiers” see the military as a big part of the problem.

    The US is withdrawing from Iraq and will be getting out of Afghanistan as fast as they possibly can. We are not leaving because we have won, nor are we leaving because either place is safe. Turkey has already invaded across the Iraqi border in pursuit of Iraqi Kurds, and they did it without any complaint from the US. When the US fully withdraws from Iraq I expect the Country to descend back into Civil War, and I think its likely the long predicted partition will take place between the Kurds, the Sunnis and the Shiites.

    The reason we are withdrawing is purely political, but also cynically financial. If we no longer have two wars going on, we no longer need a big military. The Navy is convening a special board to weed out Second Class Petty Officers. The Air Force is shedding Majors. The US Army is looking at an across-the board Reduction in Force (RIF) in the tens of thousands.

    The goal here is to cut that nasty old defense budget in order to reap that long awaited “peace dividend” and make as much of that money available for more handouts as possible. How about 99 more weeks of unemployment? Forgive student loans after 10 years? How about another $30 Billion in handouts to big political campaign bundlers under the guise of “Green Energy”??

    “You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!”

    Barack Hussein Obama

  3. As far as I’m concerned, they aren’t the 99%. They are the radical extremists who are out to destroy our land of the Free and Land of Opportunity. We all have the capability of our own successes. The Occupiers want to destroy our nation. They do not have our best interests at heart.

    When they’re sitting in the FEMA camps, rotting away…they’ll wonder what hit them.

  4. My take on the occupiers is simple. They simply wanted attention and they got it. They walked around like fools and there was no real agenda IMHO. And it was an utter waste of time in Portland.

    I really do not think the US has had a real march since probably the veterans marching on washington dc during the vietnam war. Could I be wrong guys??

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