Could Tim ‘Leave-It’ Be Elected Dog Catcher?

by lewwaters

With full apologies to the honorable profession of dog-catcher for comparing Vancouvers worst ever Mayor to them, I read with great interest our local version of Pravda, the Columbian as they continue to hawk ‘Liar’ Leavitt’s chances of being elected to higher office, namely to the seat of 3rd congressional district representative, now held by the equally inept Jaime Herrera Beutler.

Leavitt eyes pros, cons of taking on Herrera Beutler

Both of these marvels of modern politics have accidently stumbled upon doing some things right, but for the most part, are mere puppets of unseen handlers directing what they do while in office.

Herrera Beutler’s less than stellar political career is diligently laid out at the link, so no need for me to rehash how, in spite of a youthful cuteness, she hasn’t a clue.

No, the focus here will be on Tim ‘Leave-It’s’ less than stellar performance as Mayor of Vancouver, Washington ever since openly lying his way into office, also seen here.

From his cheap toupee looking haircut to his failure to rein in Jeanne Harris in her meltdown seen last year in the now famous ‘gavel down’ incident, ‘Leave-It’ has shown a lack of leadership over the council and city as tax increases are proposed for C-Tran, CRC, Light Rail, a Baseball Stadium and a Waterfront development  while the city begs for funding from the federal government in order to reopen and staff a Fire Station closed due to lack of funding.

We see his lack of leadership in claims of no money to maintain parks, yet has the ability to put up $250,000 in hopes of receiving state funds to build an unneeded park in hopes of a development coming in on now barren land by the Columbia River, land that has flooded in the past.

Former Vancouver Mayor Royce Pollard said, “People wonder here about his dedication to city of Vancouver,” aptly noting citizens disappointment with ‘Leave-It’s’ lies and overall performance sitting in the mayor’s seat.

When lying his way into the mayor’s seat, ‘Leave-It’ played the role of a ‘conservative’ in his lies about not supporting tolls, but it is now acknowledged that in order to win against Herrera Beutler, he’d have to lie his way into being seen as a Democrat.

Democrat representative from the 49th legislative district Jim Moeller chimed in, Tim’s going to have to mend some fences from the last (mayoral) race if he’s going to run as a D,” adding “I can’t think of anybody right off-hand who’s actively in office who would be a viable candidate out of Clark County, other than Tim” after first correctly stating of such a campaign, “It’ll kind of be a Barbie and Ken race, don’t you think?”

I can’t think of two more plastic people in politics today that ‘Liar’ Leavitt and Jaime Herrera Beutler.

‘Leave-It’ bills himself a “moderate,” saying “I’m a moderate candidate, and I suspect that’s why I’m the most viable candidate to take on our congresswoman. Because we are a very moderate district. And the question is: ‘Are folks ready to return to more moderate-oriented politics?’ I think the recent elections suggest that may be the case.”

Maybe ‘Leave-It’s has forgotten that we are undergoing a “re-districting” due to the 2010 elections and Republicans are pushing to redraw the 3rd Congressional Districts line to benefit Herrera Beutler’s chances of holding the seat.

Washington Democratic Party Chairman Dwight Peltz recognizes the re-districting and adds Democrats “would certainly be very open to the idea of the mayor running against Jaime Herrera Beutler on the state level.” Describing Herrera Beutler as “very vulnerable,” Peltz ignorantly also describes her as a “Tea Party Republican.”

She is far from a real Tea Party candidate, having been cherry picked by the Bellevue Mafia for election against a real conservative Republican in 2010, ensuring a ditz like Herrera Beutler won the nomination then throwing the full resources of the party behind her, allowing other state and local candidates to go it alone, many losing their races.

Although we didn’t need the reminder, our own Pravda informs us that ‘Liar’ ‘Leave-It’ has come up very short on just about ever campaign promise made in 2009. We know he sold us out in his lies on opposing tolls, only to revert back to one of the biggest supporters for CRC and tolls, but his failure to follow through on town halls, discuss rolling back a $50-a-head employee tax, or bring a cultural and performing arts center back to the forefront.

The article mentions an unnamed local business owner saying of ‘Liar Leave-It’s’ a “leadership style paralysis by analysis’,” adding, “Boy, do we ever need leadership around here. Boy, do we miss Royce.”

While I did not support Mayor Pollard and desired to see him voted out to stop his empire building, we knew where we stood with Pollard and regardless of what we thought about him, knew he wasn’t a liar.

Council member Jack Burkman, who has expressed his own desire to be mayor should ‘Leave-It’ commit political suicide by running for higher office, said in support of ‘Leave-It,’ “He’s fighting for (the CRC), publicly; that’s a huge change. He applies himself, he works really, really hard, and I think he’s much, much improved from when he first started.”

Burkman must really want to be mayor to spread that much malarkey in support of encouraging ‘Leave-It’ to run for federal office.

In his own defense ‘Liar Leave-It’ said, “People usually appreciate that I’m a little more thoughtful about my decision-making. You can’t keep everybody happy … but I think most of our community is happy. I think we’ve accomplished quite a bit in the last two years.”

You keep on telling yourself that, Tim. I’ve already been told by at least one elected official, who shall remain anonymous, that they wouldn’t vote for ‘Liar Leave-It’ for dog catcher either.
UPDATE: Leave-It says No

21 Comments to “Could Tim ‘Leave-It’ Be Elected Dog Catcher?”

  1. Nothing more need be said.

  2. I think that handsome young man would make a much better Congessperson than that abysmal Richfield Barbie. Tim Leavitt works so very hard for his City, but none of you Hounds of Whinerville are capable of appreciating that!

    And where does that renegade butt-pirate Jim Moeller get off referring to this as a “Ken v Barbie” race?? The way I hear it, Moeller has had his eye on Tim for some time now, and I think he just might be jealous. Maybe Tim and Jim need to meet for a cup of tea and a talk….maybe a warm shower on some long afternoon….

  3. Easy now Molly ….. you could start a rumor about our mayor!

  4. Lew, dog-catcher in Whinerville?!? Shudder the thought!!!

    BTW …. stay tuned for ….

  5. I wonder if Laird has his dog license? I know he has a spiked collar…

  6. yah…..

    Didn’t we shoot this notion down in flames a few months ago Lew, when Mayor Progressive first tweeted that “idea”…??

    That said Lew, if he does run against Jaimie, what are you going to do, and who will you be supporting in that election…??

    I still have the capability of making silk-screen signs…the bright yellow “No Loot Rail on our Columbia Crossing” you still see now and then were all made in my garage.

    If Leavitt runs for Congress, I will be glad to host an ongoing working party here in my garage to turn out as many “LEAVITT LIED!” signs that would be needed to flood Clark County. I’m looking forward to that project….

  7. I don’t know what the hell your problem is with Jaime Herrera, but you need to get over it. She’s doing a pretty good job as far as I’m concerned. Just because your guy didn’t win doesn’t mean you have to have sour grapes about her for the rest of your life. Get over it Lew!

    As far as Leavitt – I hope he does run. He will get creamed and that will put him out of politics until a County Commission spot opens up for him to run for (Tom Mielke’s spot of course).

  8. Bummer. It was probably the only way to get rid of him.

  9. No guts, no glory…

  10. It was just another “distraction balloon” floated by The Columbian to generate “controversy”. The Columbian does that a lot in it’s ever-failing attempts to stay “relevent” in the community.

    Sort of like a little smartass in school, trying to get all of the “negative attention” that he can.

  11. Speaking of the Columbian, I wonder if others are having troubles with their website since they moved over to Facebook? I primarily use FireFox, with AdBlock & NoScript, and have facebook blocked, so I can’t view the reader comments on the Columbian’s site.

    However, I then use IE8 in InPrivate mode to view the Columbian articles so I can see the reader comments. At least half the time, the Facebook comments do not load. Is anyone else seeing this? I doubt there are that many people running IE8 in private mode. I’m quite aware of the data mining Facebook could be running, so don’t really want to allow cookies/other tracking.

  12. Well Josef, you’re not missing much in The Columbian. It’s a worthless read with or without the comments. Every time you go to The Columbian blog you put pennies in their pockets, so it’s best to avoid that site as much as possible so they’ll go bankrupt faster.

  13. josef, you might want to check into Firefox’s ghostery extension, so you TOO can figure out all of the little driblets of binary that are left on your machine by our local snoozemedia.
    I do believe its always a good idea to click the block box on that program as well. A few less pennies, data drivel and website analytics? There is a version of it for Google Chrome as well.
    I do like to read the comments because some of them actually are reasonable.
    But they decided after some months ago after a bunch of socket puppets kept bashing reporters to move to facebook comments. But we warned them its really easy to fake facebook accounts and create millions of facebook sock puppets? 🙂

    As to Josephine, 🙂 I’m eagerly waiting for what you are planning for that website!?!? 🙂 And yes, with your ability and connections, this probably is going to be a hQQt! And with a little help from friends, this actually could be a great place for local political comedy routines?? 🙂
    And they will be a hellishly lot funnier than the blathering Sunday OpEd section of our local snoozemedia…..

  14. The move to Facebook didn’t gain The Columbian a blessed thing except to restrict 75% of the community from posting to their blog, Jeremy.

    The Columbian isn’t interested in what the community thinks anyway. That’s very obvious. They’re only interested in telling the community what to “think”.

  15. Nice point Jack… And to further your point, I saw a few sock puppets running around the site this morning. 🙂 Guess they said they could not keep John Laird’s cousins at bay…..

    Lew, doesn’t a dog catcher in Clark County wear a weapon while working? I doubt seriously that the Clark County Animal Control would hire him. Remember the county has a deficit problem just as ideal as the city of Vancouver and guess where they take direct AIM at? I doubt the County or the city has the money to hire Tim on even part-time clown status to work……

  16. Lew,
    I am confused by your Bellevue Mafia statement about Jaime. As I recall David’s biggest name endorser was AG Rob McKenna who you now label as the leader of the Bellevue Mafia and not a conservative. Yet he endorsed who you tout as the true conservative in the race.

    I think it is very clear that David not Jaime was the choice of the Bellevue mafia. Jaime’s support came from the folks in Clark County. David is a quality guy but lets be honest he had the Bellevue backing not Jaime.

  17. Your first error Peter, is thinking I said McKenna is the leader of the Bellevue mafia. He is their latest choice.

    I know Rob endorsed David as did several others. But back up and look at who all endorsed Jaime.

    The Bellevue mafia isn’t elected officials, but powerful party insiders who make the calls.

    If David had been the Bellevue mafia’s choice, the party would have been behind him instead of undermining his every step in favor of Jaime or allowing 3 county partys to issue a candidate endorsement in a contested primary.

    There were a lot of dirty politics directed at David from the GOP that the public is not aware of. While he was their main target, some was directed at me and is why I resigned my PCO position and left the party.

  18. So Lew, please clarify for me. Does the Bellevue mafia include party insiders from all over the state and are called that because the party headquarters is in Bellevue? Of are they the actual people of Bellevue that consistently support Republican candidates. I guess I am asking if someone from Clark or Cowlitz county could be considered Bellevue mafia?

  19. Pete, in my estimation, any party people who decide to undermine good candidates in order for a favored crony could fall into that description. But, that is my thought.

    Labeling Puget Sound moderates who took control of the party long ago is not unique to me or even Kelly, who I learned of them from first.

    His view on how they fight Kirby Wilbur is at

    Another who came out complaining about them from the Puget Sound is at where it is claimed, “The idea that her crowd knew better than the rest of us who the candidate should be.The strangest part about that is they didn’t care if there was a better candidate out there.It was there candidate and it didn’t matter if the person had a chance of winning or not.”

    My dislike of Jaime is not hidden nor is my reasons. Far from a case of “sour grapes,” I have consistently maintained the dirty tricks used to get her the nomination and my documenting her poor voting record and support of a pro-SEIU legislation that would have forced childcare centers into the SEIU was met with her then campaign manager publicly accusing me of spreading falsehoods. Even though my documentation was several editorials from around the state and her own voting record in the legislature as well as public testimony on the bill.

    She called my home on Feb 9 and in the discussion, promised me an email explaining her view and reasons for backing that bill. I have yet to receive it and instead, got labeled a liar by Casey.

    In reality, there remains little doubt she will win her reelection bid. So far only Jon Haugen has said he will run against her and even without redistricting, he couldn’t win. I see no one in the immediate future saying they will take her on in 2012 from the Dems and unless a real conservative challenges her, I will most likely not bother with that race.

  20. Just a short notice to Peter, that may be one of the few articles I have read from the local paper that shows a great justification to ELECT David. 🙂

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