Eileen Brady: You Vill Take The Light Rail and Love It Too, Vancouver!

by lewwaters

An excerpt from the Sunday November 20, 2011 Kremer and Abrams show where Eileen Brady, candidate for Portland, Oregon Mayor discusses her desire to put Light rail into Vancouver, whether we want it or not.

Kremer & Abrams Nov 20, 2011 Eileen Brady Interview Excerpt

Occupy a Brain Portland, please don’t elect this woman.

9 Comments to “Eileen Brady: You Vill Take The Light Rail and Love It Too, Vancouver!”

  1. Peetown doesn’t have any brains, Lew. They’re totally hopeless.

  2. I’ll say Lew, Kremer – Abrams whose shows is on KXL. So you might want to make a minor editing change.

    Now to my main point. This woman is clueless. She says “we are going to LOVE light rail.” And she does not seem to understand the various *Starts federal transit programs that Trimet, Ctran and another transit agencies beg for funds at the federal level. She suggested that Kremer & Abrams should do a little research on the subject or she would help them do so.

    Honestly, this woman is clueless. I’ll take any other person than her for Mayor of Portland. Dang, I might even take Sam Adams again!?!? I don’t like clueless or clueless acting people.

  3. 🙂 Well.. You put it right lew. This woman is even MORE special than Tim Leavitt is. I mean she needs that special help…. Maybe Steve Stuart can send along the ambulatory service to pick her up before the election over in Portland to SAVE her….

  4. Until recently, the popular insult was to call anyone who disagrees with you little people an “elitist.” But recently the anger-management-class dropouts (inspired bo doubt by Lew Waters, that blogger, and others) have shifted to snarling about the “ruling class.”

    This is code for “Boy, howdy, I sure wish the last election had gone my way.” Truth is, the “ruling class” is dominated by popularly elected public officials like Tim Leavitt, Mark Boldt, and Jeanne Harris.

    Voters put them there — to rule — and if they don’t perform satisfactorily, voters will replace them.

    Most Americans understand the system. Not so with all of you complainers. When elections don’t go your way, it’s easier to moan about the ruling class and grumble (pot, meet kettle) about other people waging class warfare.


  5. John, if this is truly you coming over there to post, why do you post such thievery of cognizable thought? Do you know that when you use comment with name calling, you just drag your own reputation? Similar to like having a a container ship anchor directly over the columbia river bar during a huge winter storm.

    It does not do any thing to show others that you want to have a conversation about a subject or a decent challenge to a held belief in our community that needs changing.

    In some respects, I wonder if you are not just another paid person who goes blathering on like former fox contributor Glenn Beck, Bill O’Rielly, Keith Olbermann and many others who simply give us hours of media filler without getting to a core issue.

    And for you to come here and post what you are saying, shows politically there is some form of desire by a specially economically advantage people or companies that are desperate to control the message of Clark County to control our hearts, minds and bodies.

    With the web analytics numbers growing by leaps and bounds with traffic brought from search engine queries or links from other sites, your paid appearance shows a real lack of understanding of local dynamics that are changing from a top-down modeling of Reagan political maneuvering (trickle down economic theory but I’m applying it in political sentiments) where the community is being dictating to that we must be one way or another instead of being a whole bunch of chaotic individuals who come together by choice to form our community bonds.

    With the internet shaping the next three or four generations from the average age of most of elite class that is passing on, its time to get a whiff of reality of your own children. There will soon be a time they will be dictating to their own drummer beats, even against your own better judgement, appeal and action. And you won’t be able to do an thing about it.

    And do you believe that that your contributing an honest discourse with your positions playing out each week in the local newspaper or a hindrance to the growth in so many ways of our community?

  6. Gee “Molly”, maybe you don’t know that “Elitists” and “The ruling Class” are the same thing?

    The only thing that bailed out the Elitists this election is the fact that this was an off-year election and most people aren’t interested in those.

    Eventually people will wake up to their stupidity and start throwing the bastards out, but by the time that “trigger point” comes you’ll also see the start of a bloody Revolution.

    So keep yer panties zipped up tight and look for something to hang on to.

  7. Jack, just ignore Molly Ivins Laird. She’s just one of our recycled sock puppets from generations past….. Or is it really John “the baptised reporter” Laird?? 😀

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