Super Committe Set to Fail, Tea Party Identifies $9.7 Trillion in Cuts

by lewwaters

As we read of the so-called Super Committee set to fail, as we all knew it would, hundreds of Tea Party activists have identified $9.7 Trillion in budget cuts that could balance the budget, shrink government and set us on the road to fiscal responsibility.

They can expect to be ignored as Super Committee failure is what was expected to happen as Obama and Democrats received the $ Trillions of dollars for debt limit increases they desired this summer.

We all knew it was a sham and now we are seeing proof once again that Washington D.C. politicians are sticking it to taxpayers instead of doing what is needed to turn our stumbling economy around.

Automatic across the board cuts are supposed to kick in, but oddly enough will not go into effect until after the 2012 election, giving Democrats another campaign issue to hammer Republicans on as they will place all blame on the GOP who was foolish enough to vote in the proposal this past August.

In yet another display of why I did not support Jaime Herrera Beutler due to her history of bad judgments, she voted for this fiasco. Just like when she joined Olympia Democrats in gutting our rainy day fund, explaining it away as she will always vote this way to prevent tax increases, even though Dems in Olympia raised taxes right after any way, once again she followed the establishment instead of standing on principle and voting against this latest screw the American Public deal.

In justifying her vote, claiming to be “frustrated” over it, Herrera Beutler said, “Is it a perfect plan? No. For instance, I would like to have a firmer commitment to a balanced budget, which would mean no more debt ceiling crises ever again. Not every spending reform is where I would like it. But the U.S. will be able to meet its obligations, and this deal builds the framework to end overspending in D.C.”

She also stated the latest deal meets the conditions she has set for supporting a rise in the debt limit.

She is pleased that her conditions were met, but now, we taxpayers will be taking it on the chin while Democrats laugh over pulling the wool over the eyes of Republicans.

6 Comments to “Super Committe Set to Fail, Tea Party Identifies $9.7 Trillion in Cuts”

  1. Lew, the Super Friends Super Committee had one mandate from Dusty Harry Reid and Nazi Peloski from the very beginning:

    “Thou Shalt Not Make Any Deals With Republicans”

    Premier Hussein is trying to run a Harry S. Truman like campaign against a “do nothing Republican Congress”. The failure of the committee to reach any meaningful conclusions is not a surprise, because that was the only goal from the beginning.

    And as for all of those automatic cuts, none of them would have come until January 2013, and there has been talk about how to un-trigger the trigger for weeks.

    The bigger story is that the Government is still running on a Continuing Resolution, and Congress is no closer to a budget than they were six months ago. There are a number of other financial issues that are set to expire by the end of they year as well, but Congress is largely in recess until January next year, so don’t look for any kind of last minute deals.


  2. I guess the only people who might be “surprised” are the “Dancing With The Stars” crowd who are too stupid to pay any attention to what the Democrats are doing.


  3. There is talk this evening after the supercommittee failed in it duties to basically do what it was supposed to do. The talk is that legislators at the federal levels are working to block those cuts in defense and entitlements after they promised the nation that they would fix it in the supercomittee,

    Was it that I heard Obama say that he will veto any legislation like this??


  4. You heard right about Obama saying he would veto any efforts to block cuts.

    As a Veteran, talk of cuts to defense while you are still sending troops into harms way is unconscionable.


  5. You should note Lew that VA, medicaid and medicare ARE on the the line too… So it is not just the Defense budget that is going to het nailed.


  6. The Super Committee was already predestined to fail in the first place. It’s just another diversion tactic for the inevitable.


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