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November 22, 2011

Another Look at the Pepper Spraying Cop

by lewwaters

We’ve all seen the short video presentation of the Cop slowly walking up and down in front of protesters steadily spraying them with pepper spray and heard the outrage from all corners over the incident.

But, were the Cops set up by protesters? A much longer video posted at Gateway Pundit claims the leader of the group “agreed to be pepper-sprayed!”

I can’t say I condone the action, but others can be heard issuing cautions on keeping your eyes closed and protesters can be seen covering their mouths and faces prior to the spraying beginning. Officers can also be seen trying to remove protesters who were sitting, arms linked and not cuffed as they were being sprayed.

Were the Cops set up by protesters who now use a short clip of the video to show Police Brutality?

Could they have removed the protesters who refused to unblock the way differently?

November 22, 2011

Dashed Dreams of our Fathers

by lewwaters

Submitted by Professor Robert Dean

Bill B: Gentlemen, as County Manager, I have convened this workshop of the Clark County Commissioners to discuss the opportunity to heat and power county buildings in Downtown Vancouver using alternative energy sources – specifically, a bio-mass plant. Commissioner Steve S., I believe this was your idea.

Steve S: Thank you Bill! Yes, as you all know I am not a one-trick pony. Like the President, I have friends on both sides of the environmental protection movement. I was approached by some well-dressed fellows in black suits – I’m not sure which side they were on – who made us a business proposition we couldn’t refuse.

Marc B: I’m agin it!

Steve S: But Marc, why?

Marc B: I’m agin it! My dear old Dad was a farmer. He told me, Son – always be agin it. I have to remain true to his admonition. It’s what I stand for. It’s who I am.

Steve S: But you haven’t heard what their offer is.

Marc B: I’m agin it!

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