Another Look at the Pepper Spraying Cop

by lewwaters

We’ve all seen the short video presentation of the Cop slowly walking up and down in front of protesters steadily spraying them with pepper spray and heard the outrage from all corners over the incident.

But, were the Cops set up by protesters? A much longer video posted at Gateway Pundit claims the leader of the group “agreed to be pepper-sprayed!”

I can’t say I condone the action, but others can be heard issuing cautions on keeping your eyes closed and protesters can be seen covering their mouths and faces prior to the spraying beginning. Officers can also be seen trying to remove protesters who were sitting, arms linked and not cuffed as they were being sprayed.

Were the Cops set up by protesters who now use a short clip of the video to show Police Brutality?

Could they have removed the protesters who refused to unblock the way differently?

29 Comments to “Another Look at the Pepper Spraying Cop”

  1. Lew, why do I think this won’t be a serious political issue but more of a court action that will play out and people will simply get a huge chunk of our cash?

  2. Jeremy, it appears the main court that will be used is the court of public opinion as people have seen the short segment and will not want to look at it in perspective.

  3. I saw an excellent news story on this today Lew and it is clear that the reporting on this has been biased from the start and has come nowhere near close to describing what actually happened, until today, and it is clear that not only were these people warned this was coming multiple times, they encircled the police who were trying to exit the area themselves, and some demanded they be pepper sprayed.

    I’m sure they would have preferred that the Cops prove what Nazis they are by wading in with nightsticks a’ flyin’, but the Police don’t do things like that, at least not in all cases, and when a bunch of reprobates pull something like this, it is a textbook example of why God gave us pepper spray in the first place.

    If anything, these police showed tremendous restraint in this particular incident, but some of these “citizen journalists” would bitch if you hung ’em with a new rope…

  4. Well if it is true these Tools decided to take a stance against law enforcement that was wanting to leave the scene, they deserve all of the “special treatments” they got.

  5. Should have sprayed them with night sticks.

  6. Interesting that you all appear to be supporting a police state. What happened to individual liberty?

    How was this nation founded?

    Why not simply arrest these people if they are breaking the law. Instead, we have police assaulting citizens.

    Come on, for those of you who lived through the Cold War, did you similarly justify Soviet actions?

  7. Josef, it is not a Police State to restore order for all. The area these protesters were “occupying” is not their private area, but a public area they blocked others from to hold for themselves.

    If you had watched the new video, you would see the Police did try to arrest the protesters, who resisted by linking arms to prevent their being arrested. The leader of the group, told they would be pepper sprayed, AGREED to it and the group prepared themselves for it.

    Would you have preferred billy clubs swinging?

    You want anarchy, falsely thinking you are free to just impose your will upon others with impunity. There was no Soviet action on the part of the Police, but there appears to be much Nazi / Bolshevik action on your part in justifying protesters seizing public areas for themselves and denying the rest of us our right to also utilize those public areas peacefully.

    I suggest you get away from the liberal indoctrination you use to justify your actions and study actual history of just what you are advocating. Should you receive it you won’t like it. It is you people driving us headlong towards a Soviet style of living.

  8. They were “blocking” a field on the University. These are tuition paying students. Are peaceful students now not allowed to assemble on Universities now, subject to the whims of a police state?

    Let’s review:
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE PEACEABLY TO ASSEMBLE, AND TO PETITION THE GOVERNMENT FOR A REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.
    [emphasis added]

    These students showed remarkable restraint. Later on, they show further restraint at the UC Chancellor finally leaves the building after stating she felt in danger. Her background is rather interesting:

    “Seizing public areas” – is that how you characterized the Boston Tea Party? It is evident which side you would come out on there!

  9. Paying tuition does not give any the right to seize a public area and block others who also paid tuition from the use of the area.

    “Peaceful Assembly” does not entail stepping on the rights of others who also have a right to “Peacefully Assemble” but are denied their right due to your group seizing a public area for yourself. Mobs are not “Peaceful Assembly”

    The Boston Tea Party did not camp out on the ships or destroy the docks they were moored at, did they?

    There is little objection to your protesting and stating your message, even if we disagree.

    It is that you feel you have any right to take over public areas and establish your own rules and expect to be granted a right to just do as you please, while still expecting us to fund you.

    Get a clue, you are doing nothing new and twisting the words of our constitution to interpret you have any right to deny others their constitutional rights does not justify any of it.

  10. Interesting that you characterize them as a mob. The students seemed pretty peaceful to me, and there was no need to use force or even get the police involved. Apparently, the Chancellor agrees with me:

    At what point in our history did militarized police become acceptable? You’re mistaken in believing I’m a liberal (at least, in the contemporary definition). Ask yourself this: how would Thomas Jefferson react to police arresting peaceful demonstrators?

    Or are you more of a Hamiltonian/Federalist? I suspect so…

    Boston Tea Party destroyed property. Is that less harmful in your book (I really don’t understand your underlying philosophies) than loitering? Were those at the Boston Tea Party more of a mob than these students?

    And to the other members of the peanut gallery above – please educate me on your love of police using clubs. Do you support Iranian actions as well? What side would you have been on in Selma?

  11. Oh, but how deluded you have allowed yourself to be, Josef. That you would even try to compare yourself to what happened in Selma, Alabama decades ago is most laughable.

    Those people were marching to attain what they were granted under our constitution and were being denied. You and your groupies are in no way comparable. You have it all before you and object that you might have to actually work for it, like others did.

    You mentioned earlier that the protesters had paid tuition. Newsflash for you, I bet few, if any actually paid any tuition themselves. You look to others to pay your way then bitch like spoiled little babies that you may be expected to actually work or are not granted top positions with top pay alongside those who have invested their lifetimes in advancing.

    You ignore just what your tantrums cost the rest of us

    You owe for student loans? Whose fault is that? You took out the loan with the notion of paying it back and now, when expected to, cry like little babies and throw tantrums, destroying parks and land not yours.

    You think you are doing something special? You are not. You even want others to fund your tantrums and when expected to maintain yourselves in some slight modicum of decency, throw a fit and cry like the spoiled rotten brats you are.

    The Boston Tea Party did indeed throw Tea overboard, they did not burn down the ships, steal the ships and expect others to pay for their use of them nor did they cry like little babies over it.

    Your cry of representing “the 99%” is a bald faced lie! Only in your deluded little liberal indoctrinated minds do you represent anybody but the handful of lazy bastards who want a free ride. You all cannot even see where the real problems lie and readily return the very ones who caused this nightmare you protest against to happen to office. Many of you do not even take the time to look at really is going on, you just fall into lock-step with the few at the top manipulating you into enslaving yourselves to a socialist system.

    And you want to bring in Selma? Son, I’m old enough to remember Selma and was in the South as all of that was going on.

    You want something out of life? Get off your ass, get a job or start your own company and work for it. If you fail, pull yourself back up and try again. Don’t stop trying. That is how those you feel now owe you something got where they are.

    They owe you nothing! No one owes you anything! In fact, it is you who owes society, not society owes you!

    Leave the country for a short while and see how others in the world live, especially the third world countries. Maybe you will learn to appreciate what you have here like many of the rest of us have.

  12. History lesson Lou.

    Get back to me on property destruction, OK? I don’t think you’d get along with Samuel Adams, either.

    You’re making a lot of assumptions here. I’m self employed, not a college student, not a liberal, spent four years overseas.

    Let’s compare the cost of the OWS police overtime to the money spent on bailing out banks. Get back to me on that.

    Karl Denninger would most likely mock you, too.

    If you don’t see anything wrong with these police actions you need to go back and reread the Federalist Papers.

    “In fact, it is you who owes society, not society owes you!” This is perhaps the most astonishing thing to write. Channeling the drug addict JFK? Ayn Rand would disagree with you, too. Wow… Apparently you despise individual liberty. I’m not surprised. Tell me to gavel down next.

  13. Sorry, “Lou” typo – s/b Lew of course. However, I feel like your position here is identical to Lou @ the Columbian. Interesting bedfellows.

  14. If you did in fact “spend 4 years overseas,” you didn’t learn a damned thing! I spent 5 years “overseas” and came to appreciate what we have here and do not wish what the blinded by socialism crowd you support wants.

    How typical of your type to ignore what you have and demand more, all for free.

    Where did I ever support bailing out banks? But, you think throwing tantrums and trying to hold society hostage for your tantrums will improve or change that they were? And, you think just because the bail outs cost more than the occupy twits destruction of public parks justifies your actions?

    You envision yourselves as some sort of patriotic revolutionaries, blinded by your own greed that you are nothing more than useful fools for the socialist left and Marxists.

    I bet too you were one who was crying how terrible and out of control the Tea Party is too!

    And, if you think calling JFK a drug addict entitles you to free handouts from other people’s money, you’re a bigger damned fool than you appear.

    You want something better? Earn it! Public tantrums earn you nothing but the disdain of the rest of us.

  15. Hint: if I support Karl Denninger (which I do), I support the early incarnation of the Tea Party, as he was one of the founders behind the movement.

    Hint #2: I don’t identify myself with the OWS movement.

    Hint #3: I think the fact that American police actions against demonstrators is becoming ever more difficult to distinguish from Egyptian police actions is quite sad.

    I’m still amazed at the support here for police actions against peaceful students. Mob? Really?

    This guy spent some time overseas too, and he gets it. You people here don’t:

  16. Whoops, I think this is a better version:

  17. Re-hint: I am well aware of the infiltration of the Tea Party by the establishment GOP and have openly criticized it. I advocate taking the Tea Party back away from them. But, if you think for a minute that the Democrat Party, the Socialist Workers party, the Communist Party, the Marxist Party and many others has not infiltrated and uses the Occupy movement, as well as groups like, you’re asleep.

    Re-hint: If you defend them and what they have done, you are with them, whether you say you are or not.

    Re-hint: Police have shown amazing restraint so far in trying to restore law & order. You all keep trying for your “Kent State moment” and keep failing. Even in this incident, you have to edit out the majority of the situation in order to attempt to show the Police as brutal. Police were far more brutal back in the 1960’s with demonstrators.

    Re-hint: It appears not all Marines are as Mesmerized by Thomas as you are and

    Others are also not as impressed:

    As for your admiration of Denninger, so what? Why should care who you wish to kiss their butt? If Denninger was half the person you think he is, he’d be working on reclaiming the Tea party instead of whining on Russia Today to Max Keiser who agreed with Roseanne Barr on chopping the heads off of those who have more money than she would prefer (slightly over what she has, by the way.)

    Boy, you can sure pick them, LOL 😉

  18. Interesting that I don’t see a whole lot of responses from the sycophants.

    Let’s review. Lew states that:

    1. “Peaceful Assembly” does not entail stepping on the rights of others who also have a right to “Peacefully Assemble” but are denied their right due to your group seizing a public area for yourself. Mobs are not “Peaceful Assembly”

    My response: this was not a mob. Mobs are found in Mogadishu. If Lew thinks these unarmed sitting students are a mob, perhaps this why we lost Vietnam.

    2. “The Boston Tea Party did not camp out on the ships or destroy the docks they were moored at, did they?”

    The Annapolis Tea Party destroyed property, as I stated in my reference to:

    however he didn’t see fit to respond.

    3. [numerous assumptions about my background]
    I don’t even know how to respond to that. I suppose I could respond that, in his world, some are more equal than others, except that I doubt he’s familiar with Animal Farm.

    4. Surprisingly, he then denigrates one of the founders of the Tea Party movement:
    “If Denninger was half the person you think he is, he’d be working on reclaiming the Tea party instead of whining on Russia Today to Max Keiser who agreed with Roseanne Barr on chopping the heads off of those who have more money than she would prefer (slightly over what she has, by the way.)”

    I suppose we could compare site traffic. Seriously, Lew, do you really think your blog is more important than ??? If so, can you please justify it? What have you done for the Tea Party?

    5. All of you supporting police beating on students with clubs really need to take a step back, calm down, look yourselves in the mirror and ask yourself what this country stands for.

    6. Perhaps the most revealing quote from the exchange, Lew says: “In fact, it is you who owes society, not society owes you!”

    I thought the Republican Party stood for individual liberty. Am I wrong? This quote of Lew’s is something straight from Socialism. Bill Clinton would agree with his statement. Please tell me where I’m misinterpreting that statement.

    Lew, you really need to re-examine your fundamental beliefs. Are you really supporting a police state?

    These students were occupying a *field* — A FIELD. Why in the world would you have to drag in the police? Numerous times you argued about the public’s right to get to that field — why is it so important that it justifies police abuse?

    I’ve thought about this quite a bit during the day – let’s compare this to Tiananmen Square:

    Which do you support – the police or the individual?

  19. Seriously, you really think you can critique me on my own blog?

    As for who and what is more important, you’re here trying to counter me, I’m not there trying to correct you.

    You want to support a Communist/Marxist/Progressive/Socialist movement and try to convince others you are standing up for the constitution, be my guest.

    Just don’t be surprised when people who can actually think for themselves call you on it.

    You’ve fallen head over heels for a sham

  20. Thanks Lew. Glad to see me censored on your blog. Verifies what I thought your views were. So much for individual liberty.

  21. Boy are you an arrogant ass!

    Do you need for me to call you a whaaambulance?

    Or do you want a little cheese to go with your whine?

  22. Your comment was in the spam filter.

    Will you stop crying now?

  23. Interesting dodge, and original! I’ve never heard of the “spam filter” as an excuse before.

    So….. what’s your response?

    I’m not crying, in fact I think I would have such losers as T Jefferson and S Adams behind me.

    What’s your response? Police are always in the right?

  24. BTW, referrring to “whaaambulanc” as you quoted above, I’d be more than happy to drag Michelle Malkin into this little fray..

    Would you agree?

    Do you even know who she is?

  25. You’re wearing your welcome pretty thin, Josef.

    You don’t moderate me or my blog. Nor do you make demands as if you control anything.

    Your points were countered and you choose to ignore counter points by drudging up even more irrelevant crap.

    You impress no one but yourself

  26. Interesting that you cannot stand on your own and have to continue to drag others into the fray.

    Then act like your some super special hot shit pompous ass.

    You have failed to recognize that I do not lean on others, but lean on my own merit.

    And, just because I like people like Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter or even Rush Limbaugh does not mean I follow them lock-step on every thought they have.

    If you were capable of independent thought you’d recognize that.

    Go study the history of the Bolsheviks and the October Revolution, paying particular attention to tactics.

    After that, study the outcome gained up until 1991

    As I said, you have nothing new. It’s all been seen before.

  27. Please list point by point where I’ve asserted things you’ve disagreed with. I will (probably!) disagree with you and respond with my disagreements

    Counter to your assertions, I will reply with my own responses. If you have philosophical disagreements, please assert them here.

    All I see are cowardly attempts at diverting the blame elsewards. If you disagree, please let me know. As things stand, how shall I say, students would be exposed to an ugliness that should not be required. Is that too sophisticated? I’m at a disadvantage, since I don’t normally surround myself with Fascists.

  28. You sure think highly of yourself.

    As I already told you, you do not control any discussion here or make demands.

    Son, I fought the very people who have deluded you. You want a Soviet system? Go to Cuba and see how grand it has worked out.

    THOSE “SIXTIES” HIPPIES (in 1860s Russia)

    Stalin: The October Revolution and the Tactics of the Russian Communists

    Bolshevism: The Road to Revolution

    As I said, you have nothing new. Your bullying doesn’t work with me and you are done.

  29. When you are given permission to do a thing within guidelines and timelines and you abuse the the permission granted, it is called a breach of contract, and in the case of Occupy groups, it is a breach of the peace, and the protest is no longer peaceful no matter how many times the word “peaceful” is used over the radio, TV or Internet.

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