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November 26, 2011

Vancouver Proposes New Parks Ordinance

by lewwaters

Written and submitted by Bob Koski

I keep a close eye on the doings of our local government here in Vancouver, Washington, and out City Council Critters in particular. Wednesday the new agenda for the upcoming Monday night City Council meeting was published an there is one item on it that caught my eye and triggered disbelief and outrage the further I read. Among the many changes that are being made, an entire new enforcement mechanism is being created along with making the local Parks Director a defacto “Park Czar” and giving that person the same authorities as local Police have when it comes to the Park.

I have a lot of problems with this whole document, but only a couple of issues to present for discussion out of a mult-page document. Most of the changes are in fact relatively minor in nature, but the City is sneaking in a couple of real doozies here and I am looking for advice on how to proceed.

The entire City of Vancouver Staff Report No. 148-11 I am referencing here can be found at the following link. Proposed changes are underlined.

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