Now That The Election Is Over, They’re Coming For Our Money

by lewwaters

From her November 22, 2011 TownHall, Rep. Sharon Wylie (D. Wa. 49th) in reply to a question from an SEIU member, announces she will propose more taxes on a struggling middle class before laying off any state workers. Her claims of “Thinned the soup enough” fall flat with the recent revelation from Fact Check that many spending cuts were actually little more than reductions in proposed spending increases.

See also: As state makes cuts, lawsuits are flying and Fact check: Has state cut budget by $10.5 billion? Hardly

You may view the entire TownHall, if you can sit through the droning on at CVTV

3 Comments to “Now That The Election Is Over, They’re Coming For Our Money”

  1. Tsk. tsk, tsk. … when will “the other half” wake up and realize that the more they vote people like this into office, the more “power surge” they give them to do worse?

    But …. as I was reminded in an anonymous phone call after the election: “….The people have voted …..”

  2. And the first order of business in “special session”

    Bailing out the Wenatchee White Elephant

    With the budget deficit we see ongoing, why would we expect them to do anything but propose more spending?

  3. You must have graduated from the David Madore school of comparative analysis Lew!

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