Clark County Commissioners Comments as Admissions Tax Goes Down In Flames

by lewwaters

15 Comments to “Clark County Commissioners Comments as Admissions Tax Goes Down In Flames”

  1. OK Lew, but I still see no trend.

  2. Not claiming any trend, Bob. Just cautiously hoping we are seeing a beginning. Or a return, if you will.

    One act, no matter how good it is, does not wipe out all of the past.

  3. I don’t trust politicians either, Lew.

  4. That’s why we watch them, Jack.

    We bloggers will do what the media doesn’t.

    Oh, they may scrutinize Republicans and conservatives, while giving RINO’s they like alone, but we know Democrats usually get a pass.

    But, Democrat or Republican, we all need to hold their feet to the fire.

  5. All I am saying Lew, is let’s not get overly enthusiastic about Mark Boldt. I don’t believe he has had some sort of political epiphany just because he shot down baseball.

    I ain’t from Missouri, but Boldt will have to show me…

  6. Steve Stuart said it’s not us v them. It’s all us. Half true. It’s all us who have to pay and it’s them who want to make us pay without putting it to a vote. Bravo to Tom Mielke for pointing that out.

  7. Professor Dean, I don’t think its particularly admirable to stake one’s political positions on an issue like this based solely on which way the political winds blow. There is a large faction of vocal residents in this town who will never under any circumstances support a proposal like this not matter how it was to be paid for, and it is inherently unfair to allow only their overly loud voices to carry the day.

    I have never heard Mielke propose any constructive way to get baseball here, all he has done is say “NO” from the beginning, and I believe that he is playing to the significant number of his constituents who will never support this idea under any circumstances whatsoever.

    Professor Dean, I would be very interested to hear how you would go about funding a project like this baseball stadium. Whether you like it or not, there are plenty of very successful and highly popular venues like this one all over the Country, and there is no reason whatsoever why Vancouver cannot craft a way to get baseball here.

    So just for conversational purposes, and as a mental exercise for all fans of Tom Mielke, tell me how you would pay for a baseball stadium if the plans that have been presented so far are that unacceptable. I do not want to read a regurgitation of all the reasons why you think this is such a bad idea. The actual costs of the venue are easily available so you should have no problem finding actual numbers to work with.

    Remember, your only goal in this exercise it to find a plausible and politically acceptable way to pay for a stadium so that the Yakima Bears can eventually open their season in Vancouver.

    I look forward to your next Class on this subject, Professor Dean…and you are not alone. Lew Waters, I challenge you to do the same thing. Its easy to just say no to a proposal, but quite a bit of mental exercise to consider the other side and try to find a way to make that proposal actually happen.

    Class, you may begin…

  8. Bob & Lew, at least it one win. If it is not one of many. I’ll just rejoice over in the corner. 🙂

    Oh and by the way, Lew thank you for posting the video so early.

  9. So Bob, why the crickets. Do you think there should be more posts of this? I have not watched Tim’s interview from the lars larson show from today but I hope its posted soon…

  10. if they chirp, idiots will come!

    Do you think the city council did not learn from the Board of Clark County Commissioners mistake? NOPE! Here comes a new tax increase…. Enjoy!

  11. Jeremy, 24 hours of nothing but crickets chirping means that Lew and the Professor both will never approve of any deal whatsoever that involves bringing baseball to Vancouver under any circumstances. All that’s missing is that tacit admission by either, but the odds of that are about the same as Lou Brancaccio winning the Pulitzer Prize.

    I find it infinitely amusing that the Professor is so critical of the editorial content of the Columbian when he in fact resembles one of John Laird’s “Citizens Against Virtually Everything” to a tee.

    What is the lesser of two evils? Paying a small entertainment tax that actually pays for a Public facility, or paying that same entertainment tax on an ever widening variety of “entertainment” in the City of Vancouver to be spent on the Waterfront Project and maintenance of Ester Short Park??

    I don’t recall Bart Hansen mentioning that brilliant idea before the election but then again, I’m not one of the Ruling Class so who am I to question Bart??

    So it goes.

  12. Bob, whether baseball comes to Vancouver or not shouldn’t be the business of government, it should be the business of private enterprise. Government doesn’t need to stick it’s ugly nose into the matter.

    The government is into way too much as it is.

  13. I think Jack you said it as well as I have been trying to say it.

  14. Jack, that is an overly simplistic view of things, and like any other one-size-fits-all answer, it does not address any of the issues at hand. In fact this would be a Public facility, and would have been used for many other things than just the 38 home games that would have been played there.

    “The Government” certainly is into things it should not be in, but that does not mean that every issue “The Government” are involved in is wrong, misguided, fraudulent or unconstitutional.

    Like I said, whether anyone likes it or not, there are thousands of very successful and highly popular sports venues just like this one all over the Country. Just because nobody has the foresight or the cajones to get past the bluster does not mean that there are not ways to get something like this done via a properly structured Public-Private cooperative agreement.

    There are a lot of people who would have actively supported a baseball team here in Vancouver, probably more than could be seated in the stadium that was proposed, and it is a real shame that those fans will not even get a chance to prove their support. If the truth had been known and the stadium finances carefully structured the facility could have easily paid for itself long before it was projected to have taken, and many people here would have gladly paid to do that.

    Too bad for us all that the politics of “NO!” have won this round.

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