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December 1, 2011

Is Bill Turlay In For The Mielke Treatment?

by lewwaters

Like them or not, we have to admit the Columbian is about the most transparent newspaper in existence. You can pretty much tell where their articles lean politically every time.

All we need do is look back at the disparity in their coverage of Tea Party rallies compared with nearly twice as much coverage given to Occupy rallies in Vancouver. Several reporters were sent out to cover the initial rally of between 600 to 700 people while a previous Tea Party rally in Esther Short Park saw no coverage at all.

We were treated to numerous articles covering the scandalous resignation of former Republican representative Richard Curtis, while no one is at all interested in a single rumor on alcoholic escapades and harassment against female staffers by former Democrat representative Jim Jacks.

It is difficult to find any favorable mention on Republican State Senator Don Benton just as there is with county commissioner Tom Mielke, who beat out Democrat Pam Brokaw, who the Columbian just so happened to endorse.

The negative coverage of candidates they do not endorse and those who support them reach legendary status, as we saw last year with Alan Svehaug and as we saw this year with Josephine Wentzel and with successful businessman David Madore, who happens to oppose a major project they support, CRC with light rail from Portland.

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