Re-Occupy Portland Calls Mayor Sam Adams Bluff

by lewwaters

December 2, 2011, Portland, Oregon Mayor Sam Adams stated Occupiers would not be allowed to occupy another park, after the destruction they did just weeks ago.

December 3, 2011, Re-Occupy Portland is setting up camp downtown Portland in Shemanski Park and stating their interpretation of the camping law.

What will Mayor Adams do, besides ring his hands and stomp his feet?

NOTE: Breaks in audio are a result of livestream feed, not editing.

Livestream feed for Occupy Portland here

UPDATE: Mayor Adams showed what a wuss he is. He talked big saying they won’t be allowed to take another park.

They took a park and he let Police oust them about 8:30. They walked around and went back to the very park they were just ousted from about 11:05, where they still remain.

So, what good did he do by ousting them and letting them retake the very same park and stay there overnight?

Can all of us just begin doing as we please?

18 Responses to “Re-Occupy Portland Calls Mayor Sam Adams Bluff”

  1. There is only one reason why they would give these people until midnight to disperse, and that is so Portland PD can activate their mutual support agreement with all of the surrounding communities, and assemble a force that is sufficient to clear that park the first time, and keep it cleared.

    From what I have heard, their intention is to camp where they are for 2 weeks, then move to another public park and camp there for 2 weeks, and continue the rotation all winter long. Considering just the bill for damages would be reason enough to prevent this, but it also cost over $1.2 Million in overtime for just the Portland PD. The final bill for the last time is still being tallied!

    These people have been itching for a violent confrontation with the police, and they are going to get it tonight. Portland has no other choice than to enforce the law and not allow these morons to get a foothold like they did Downtown. If they don’t stop this in its tracks then these morons will do nothing but trash every piece of public property in sight.

    No retreat for Sam tonight Boys and Girls. The tents are already being erected over there, and that’s against the law right off the bat. They have some sort of amplified sound system, and when I watched the news they had someone howling into the mic at the top of their lungs so loud that it blocked out the reporters’ microphone. This should get really interesting around 11:30 or so.

    Stay tuned…

  2. Adams should squash this right away, have the governor activate the guard if need be.

    These people are hell bent to prove they make the rules, and expect us to pay for it.

    It’s Bolsheviks all over again.


  3. None of the networks are live right now, but Channel 8 has some sort of live feed going that is being provided by Occupy Portland, and from what I can gather some sort of “emergency order” closing that park has been issued by the City of Portland, and there are riot geared police on scene right now. It sounds pretty noisy but it doesn’t look like they have started serious clearing efforts yet.

    Top of the hour is imminent so lets see who has a live update on whats going on over there…

  4. Lots of profanity flying over there, so be advised…

  5. Police are reading a statement over and over using an amplified system of some kind….in part…”You must vacate the park immediately. Failure to do so will subject you to arrest.”

    The emergency order was issued tonight by the Portland Parks Director, closing the park.

  6. I think the arrests have begun…

  7. Sounds like a bunch of them are trying to organize some kind of march through town back down to City Hall.

  8. I checked the Oregonian’s site and their latest update sez the police have already removed all of the tents and the arrests started for those who would not leave a little while ago.

    I wonder how long the Portland PD will let these malcontents raise hell downtown tonight. Too bad it isn’t snowing, that would put an end to this quicker than anything else.

  9. Good deal that they found the balls to shut this down right away. Otherwise they would have regular citizens waving pitchforks at city hall.

  10. I don’t think the City can afford to let this go on Jack. The bill for damages at the first site is up to $85,000 and they still don’t have a complete assessment from a plumber for all the damages to the public toilets.

    But yah, imagine living in one of those apartments down there tonight, and trying to get your little kid off to sleep amidst all of this. These demonstrations are all just meaningless disruption and mindless misbehavior, nothing more.

  11. Short;y after 11pm, the park is reoccupied.

  12. AS of 11am this morning, Sam Adam’s twitter account is showing a HELL of a lot traffic! I wonder if he is going to get a new Google score in the top 10. I had to turn off the notifications for my twitter client because I was simply being flooded.

    So my best guess is that they’re back in the park again this afternoon somewhere….

  13. They have been back in since last evening. Police are “monitoring” the parks, but doing nothing!

    What would Sammy do if everyone else decided laws do not matter and just acted as they see fit?

    Adams is moron that should forcibly removed from office now, if necessary.

  14. Lew, you going to run down and help the political crusades with Victoria over in Portland? 🙂

  15. Not unless I need to, Jeremy. 😉

  16. I agree with you Lew, but the chances of Sam Adams doing anything decisive about this crew are somewhere between slim and none. He is not running for reelection so he could not care less what anyone outside his very narrow base thinks about anything.

    I find it interesting that Parks Commissioner Nick Fish is the guy who acted early the other evening when he signed an emergency closure order for that Park and requested police help to clear it. I have to wonder what Sammie would have done if left to his own devices, and if Nick Fish acted because he knew Sam wasn’t going to, or at least not right away.

    I’ll be very interested to see what else develops about all of this during the week….


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