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December 5, 2011

Occu-Commies Declare War on the Police?

by lewwaters

What unmitigated gall this bottom 1% has

Communism, even pseudo-communism is not the answer.

You’re not as anonymous as you think. Your numbers are not as large as you think. We do not need your forgiveness for anything. We of the 53% do not forget either, especially as we see freeloaders who are only a pain in our collective butts.

December 5, 2011

Who Would You Support For County Commissioner?

by lewwaters

In interesting poll put up by David Madore on facebook.

He asks, “Care to say who you would support for county commissioner position 1, north county in 2012” and gives the choices of Tom Mielke or someone else.

He also asks, “Care to say who you would support for county commissioner position 2, east county in 2012” and gives the choices of Marc Boldt or *gasp* David Madore.

It is unknown at this time whether he intends to challenge Boldt, or if he is just playing with Lou Brancaccio over his Saturday Column, Press Talk: Politics and baseball in River Citywhere Lou opines about Commissioner Marc Boldt’s surprise no vote on the recent Admissions Tax defeat,

“So what happened? Politics. Another definition of politics, one that some would argue is the most important definition, is this:

“I need to get re-elected.”

The election looms in 11 months. And whom does he see as a possible — likely — candidate in his rear view mirror?

None other than one of the most high-profile guys around.

David Madore.”

In a way, I hoping he is trying to make Lou sweat a little, but I’d vote for A successful businessman like David in a heart beat.

I do not see Tom Mielke being voted out and don’t have a clue who the Dems will run against him to try.

Feel free to take David’s polls and come back and comment on your choice, if you choose.

December 5, 2011

Liberal Hate Cartoon Links Child Rapist to Republicans

by lewwaters

H/T Examiner

December 5, 2011

Vietnam Claims 40,000 Deaths From Old Munitions, But Ignore Millions of Deaths After the Communist Takeover

by lewwaters

It’s always heart wrenching to read or hear of deaths long after a war’s end, due to forgotten and discarded munitions. We still occasionally hear of the discovery of old munitions left from World war One and World War Two. I imagine that is why Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung says of the war that ended in with the communist take over 36 years ago, “The war’s painful legacy, which includes hundreds of thousands of tons of bombs and unexploded ordnance, continues to cause painful casualties every day.”

Dung claims 100,000 Killed, Hurt by Abandoned Weapons since the end of the Vietnam War in April 1975.

The ABC article is quick to point out, “The United States used about 16 million tons of bombs and ammunition while allied with the former South Vietnam government.”

We also read in the article, “Bui Hong Linh, vice minister of labor, war invalids and social affairs, said explosives remain on about 16 million acres (6.6 million hectares) of land, or more than one-fifth of the country.”

What is not said, and possible unable to determine is how much of those discarded munitions are actually not U.S. munitions, but landmines and other munitions laid their by the communist North Vietnamese to kill or wound American and South Vietnamese Troops during the many years of their struggle to remain a free people? Munitions built by the communist North Vietnamese as well as those supplied them by the former Soviet Union and Communist China?

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