Occu-Commies Declare War on the Police?

by lewwaters

What unmitigated gall this bottom 1% has

Communism, even pseudo-communism is not the answer.

You’re not as anonymous as you think. Your numbers are not as large as you think. We do not need your forgiveness for anything. We of the 53% do not forget either, especially as we see freeloaders who are only a pain in our collective butts.

4 Comments to “Occu-Commies Declare War on the Police?”

  1. The little unwashed anarchists are just hoping and praying that the brain-dead “stupids” of America will give them a “pass”. I don’t think America is that “stupid” yet.

  2. Interestingly enough, the statements on very last slide, starting with “Your government has failed you” are mostly correct. Washington DC is where protests should be taking place.

  3. If the occupiers are hoping to repeat the “success” of the Bolshevik revolution, they are in for a surprise. The Russian peasantry weren’t armed. If they want to declare war on the police, they will also be declaring war on a majority of Americans. Americans who believe in a Republic founded on a system of law and will defend it.

    The fact that a great number of Americans own guns has been a major disappointment to those in this country who have been pining for an overthrow of constitutional government. They have been attempting to disarm Americans for decades without success.

    They and their ‘useful idiots’ in Congress (mostly Democrats, but some Republicans as well) will continue to smear gun owners (those of us who ‘cling to our guns and our religion’ that is) in an attempt to convince voters to outlaw gun ownership.

  4. This video aims to instill fear and incite rage and wage war within our citizenry and amongst our people. They are not the 99% they are much much fewer than stated by anyone. I have only met one person who believes in the occupy movement in all my civil interactions. We the people must speak up for ourselves and not let these people be so audacious as to do it for us without having heard our voices first. No way should we start a war with the very police that are here to protect us from all the fallout that comes with full anarchy.

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