Who Would You Support For County Commissioner?

by lewwaters

In interesting poll put up by David Madore on facebook.


He asks, “Care to say who you would support for county commissioner position 1, north county in 2012” and gives the choices of Tom Mielke or someone else.

He also asks, “Care to say who you would support for county commissioner position 2, east county in 2012” and gives the choices of Marc Boldt or *gasp* David Madore.

It is unknown at this time whether he intends to challenge Boldt, or if he is just playing with Lou Brancaccio over his Saturday Column, Press Talk: Politics and baseball in River Citywhere Lou opines about Commissioner Marc Boldt’s surprise no vote on the recent Admissions Tax defeat,

“So what happened? Politics. Another definition of politics, one that some would argue is the most important definition, is this:

“I need to get re-elected.”

The election looms in 11 months. And whom does he see as a possible — likely — candidate in his rear view mirror?

None other than one of the most high-profile guys around.

David Madore.”

In a way, I hoping he is trying to make Lou sweat a little, but I’d vote for A successful businessman like David in a heart beat.

I do not see Tom Mielke being voted out and don’t have a clue who the Dems will run against him to try.

Feel free to take David’s polls and come back and comment on your choice, if you choose.

10 Comments to “Who Would You Support For County Commissioner?”

  1. Well, it’s got to be Tom in the North… Harberthur coiuldn’t even win in Battle Gound so he’s out.

    I won’t support Madore: he’s surrounded himself with unacceptable people, he doesn’t take direction well, he acts and reacts impetuously and he lacks political (as opposed to what I refer to as “project”) focus and discipline.

    Unless Marc Boldt undergoes a radical transformation back into the conservative he once was, then I won’t be supporting him, either. His vote to kill the ballpark was a no brainer that should have taken place at least 6 months ago That nhe had such a hard time making the obvious decision does not speak well for him.

    He needs to act to undo some of the damage he’s done.

    At this point, it’s far too early to say for sure.

  2. So you’re saying that you think David Madore wouldn’t work for the best interests of Clarke County because “he’s surrounded himself with unacceptable people”? Like Tiffany? Like Josephine? Like the ‘Couve?

    Why should David Madore “take direction”? From whom? Some pompous ass?

    Perhaps David Madore “acts impetuously” because he’s not been very experienced in dealing with partisan political assholes. I’ve seen a big change in how David has been dealing with jerks lately. I think he’s “learning”. Maybe you don’t. So what?

    David Madore doesn’t “walk on water”. Wah! Name somebody who does.

  3. I think I’ll hold any comments until I see who actually files to run, and what their actual campaign platform is going to be.

    Nothing to see here either folks, move along…

  4. Bob, you avoided the question. Who around Madore do you consider to be “unacceptable”? Why?

    Madore is definitely a babe in the woods politically. I’m afraid he’d get co-opted by devious liberals like Stuart and Leavitt due to his inexperience. I think he tries too hard to be “nice”. You can be kind to others without accepting their agenda or their premises. In his back and forth with Lou Brancaccio, he has not made that distinction.

    But Boldt has been very disappointing in the way in which he has handled the C-Tran and CRC fiasco. Unless Boldt turns it around and distances himself from the less-than-honest goings on surrounding the Prop 1 measure, and supports a county-wide vote on the upcoming vote next fall, I’ll be supporting another candidate.

  5. Oops – sorry Bob – that question was supposed to be directed to KJ Hinton.

  6. Don’t worry, Lew. I’ll play nice.

    I don’t know who all will be running, so, like Bob Koski, it’s hard to say who there even is to support. However, I know who I won’t support.

    I won’t support Tom Mielke. Any representative that publicly states he is unwilling to even discuss issues shouldn’t be a representative. Period. Who knows what solutions may come from a discussion even if the original issue was not to the representative’s liking?

    I won’t support Marc Boldt. I agree with Kelly. Aside from the cowardly stance he took at the last minute, he could have saved all of us a lot of time and effort had he been a little more decisive a little earlier on.

    And, I won’t support David Madore. ALL of the people need to be represented on ALL of the issues. Mr. Madore is stuck on one single issue. I actually agree with him on the CRC. However, there is much more going on in the county, and an elected official needs to be able to effectively address ALL of the issues and take into consideration ALL of his constituents. His focus on that single issue was very transparent by way of the candidates he endorsed and how they conducted their campaigns. And, speaking of candidates he endorsed and supported, his description of his political stance as having integrity, transparancy and honesty, was in direct contradiction with several politicians and candidates he supported that display the exact opposite in their behaviour. It is difficult to marry the two.

    I hope that other candidates come to the front that will wow us all. These three, however, do not, in my opinion.

    Was that nice enough, Lew?

  7. See how easy it is to just state an opinion, Greg?

    That being said, I too have no idea who will actually run and all that anybody can do now is express opinions. It all could change by next year.

    To be honest, I didn’t expect you to support any of the proposed candidates.

    But, do you have any names of any potential candidate you would like to see run? Perhaps you throwing your hat in the ring?

    I’m just curious as to who you actually would like to see sitting on council, doesn’t matter who since as I said, it’s only opinions now.

  8. Why David Madore would make a great Clark County Commissioner

    (1) He is a self made successful businessman in Vancouver Washington.

    (2) An inventor and creator of jobs.

    (3) A man of integrity

    (4) A tried and true Christian

    (5) A rock solid Constitutionalists that will adhere to our Clark
    County Republican principals and party platform.

    (6) David and his lovely wife give to dozens of local charities

    (7) He courageously stands up against special interest groups who routinely ignore the will of the citizens of Clark County.

  9. Someone needs to step forward to run again Mr. Mielke! I’m tired of hearing he has no clue, but just wants to help folks. He sat in my dining room and had the nerve to say he owns folks for their voting him in and didn’t do any research on what he was helping them with.
    Staff was informed to work with just a hand full of folks and no public notice to the area residents. He also didn’t know what programs were in place or why and when I started to tell him of the different programs he had the nerve to say I should had his job. But yet he wasted more CC money and staff time on trying to help folks that lead him down that path that he had no clue on. The county doesn’t put in sidewalks and yes Morris, it’s against the law to divert fund when they were collected for one area especially after the County had a filed doc and an agreement with the old Neighborhood. Again we are seeing the attempt to put in another roadway for another development when the County neglected to abide by some letters submitted. Plus the County has some serious budget problems! If this is going on in one small area, what have the leadership of the past done all over Clark County?? I’m tired of those that run having no clue what is going on or what laws are on the book.

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