Jeanne Harris on Tobacco Ban in Vancouver Parks

by lewwaters

A brief excerpt from a much longer testimony by Vancouver Washington city council member, Jeanne ‘Gavel Down’ Harris, expressing her view on why banning all tobacco products in city parks is necessary.

Full testimony may be seen by visiting and clicking on “Revisions to Vancouver Municipal Code Chapter 15.04 – Park Code”

12 Comments to “Jeanne Harris on Tobacco Ban in Vancouver Parks”

  1. Harris has already shown that she is a complete nut-case. As Lars Larson said today, since she’s “so concerned” about “health”, shouldn’t she skip a few meals and get some of the lard off her fat ass? After all, fat old cows aren’t as “healthy” as skinny cows. Everybody knows that.

    And “who” died and made her the sole decision-maker of what is “healthy” for anybody?

  2. Here’s something else to consider:

    “You know, I find it amazing that some people just keep showing their total stupidity in public. Take the idiots that whine about “clean healthy air”, for example. Look at any building roof – on that roof you will find vents from every toilet and drain. All of the germs and flatulence from those vents goes out into the open air. Guess who breathes that “clean healthy air”? We all do, even the people who whine about “clean, healthy air”.

    The only “totally clean, healthy air” that you will ever breathe will come from a filtered oxygen tank. Any other air is filled with germs, dirt, bugs, flatulence, chemical vapors, decay, fungus, and radiation.

    Think about breathing from someone else’s bean burrito from last night, or the vapors emitted by a dead opossum on the road. Think about inhaling spores from that rotten wood in the forest or the mildew eating up your plastic shower curtain. Think about breathing coal smoke from China – because you do every day. Think about breathing in someone else’s germs when they’re talking to you in the same room or outside or they’re just walking next to you.

    Ever notice that you can easily smell any perfume or fragrances that someone is wearing? Doesn’t it dawn on you that you’re smelling whatever they “emit”? Do you think that’s “healthy”?

    Now, let’s talk about “clean, healthy air”.”

  3. I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.

    Thomas Jefferson

  4. And Jack, tobacco ban aside, have you read the ordinance? Just who is going to be handing out all of those exclusions?? Sure, VPD could use another tool in the ‘ol bucket, but don’t you think they have better things to do than go around watching the parks to see who is smoking in one??


    If you read the ordinance, it authorizes the Parks Director or his “authorized representatives” to hand out those exclusions. Just who are those representatives going to be?? Did anyone besides me notice all of the new power that just got handed to the Parks Director??

    And by the way Lew, did you know this is coming to the Clark County Parks system near you soon?? This was touted as a trial run on the issue before they tried the Clark County Commissioners.

    I interpret that to mean that we may soon see Parks hiring Rangers like Portland does, to patrol around and ride herd on all those smokers and renegade leaf thieves…

  5. I don’t look for any big “enforcement” efforts. I do remember when smoking was first banned in bars, the health dept. declined to send out any “enforcement agents” due to threats of physical harm from the public.

    The best one of all time was of course, was the Revenue Dept’s wussy little “threat” to have agents on Jantzen Beach taking notes of shoppers avoiding the sales tax. They were guaranteed many “knuckle sandwiches” and people stated that in letters to The Columbian. That was an American “classic”.

  6. You did not answer my first question Jack. Did you read this ordinance??

    I find it sad that the only thing you guys can see with this ordinance is another excuse to romp on Jeanne Harris again. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a Dhimmie and there is nothing wrong with pointing out what a Dhimmie she is. But when that becomes more important than actually discussing any of the real issues with this, then the barking seals here are little different than all the barking seals over on the Columbian.

  7. Yes Bob, I read the ordinance. There are lots of things to “romp” on, but Jeanne Harris sticks out like a sore thumb because she’s such a “fine example” if a dipstick pinwheel and a class “A” hypocrite.

    I’ll go smoke in a park after the 30 days and let you know what happens.Nothing will happen.

  8. Well Jack, if you were familiar with the way these ordinances work, then you would be aware that it does not even take effect for 30 days, and that puts implementation into next year.

    If you had read it you would also know that the first order of business is going to be the purchase of enough new signs so that the Parks Department’s new “Code of Conduct” can be posted in every park in the City of Vancouver. Once that “code” is posted then enforcement can begin, and that won’t be until at least next Spring after all of those new signs are installed.

    Of course, none of that was discussed before this was passed either. No idea what all those new signs will cost, but I suspect you could perform a whole lot of park maintenance with those funds…

    Tell ya what Jack, go light up a smoke in Esther Short Park after the new signs go up, and let me know what happens to you then. They will start with just a warning, but if you had read the ordinance you would know that an exclusion can just be mailed to your “last known address” by the Park Director’s “authorized representative”. This is a version of photo-radar, without the radar or the handsome picture that comes with the ticket for running that red light.

    Yes, there are lots of things to romp on, not the least of which is the creation of a Park Czar that is enabled with some very broad discretionary enforcement power, and that is what bothers me one hell of a lot more than what some well-known brainless local Dhimmie said about it. I expect nothing less from someone like Jeannezilla so this thread is hardly newsworthy of and by itself.

    And is this site being Lou-Rolled, or Lew-Rolled….hard to tell….

  9. Gee Bob, whaddaya expect us to do about it? Go blow up city hall and dye Tim Leavitt’s hair red?

  10. Jack, I think its extremely indiscreet of you, to say the least, to even suggest such a thing on an open access internet site like this one. Its frequently been found to result in a visit to your home and place of work to find out exactly what you mean by that, so I don’t recommend you repeat that kind of statement again.

    In addition I would thank you kindly never to mention my name in the same sentence with such an inappropriate suggestion ever again.

    I think we’re done here.

  11. Gee Bob, I’m not sure what we’re doing here, are you? I’m still trying to find my navel in the dark without a flashlight. Perhaps I dropped it in the hall…

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