Do You Think Leavitt’s “Choo Choo Train” is the Answer?

by lewwaters

17 miles in only 78 minutes? For all of the hype we hear of “21st Century Technology,” it sounds more like a return to the Model T era instead of efficiently getting to your destination.

Mayor Tim Leavitt and County Commissioner Steve Stuart remain determined to force this boondoggle on us in Clark County and Vancouver. They claim it to be the “locally preferred alternative,” meaning they chose it over the objections of voters.

The Clark County is in our 3rd year of double digit unemployment with the state considering more taxes on a struggling middle class to try to close an ever growing budget deficit, along with the tax increases seen from both city and county, means nothing to Kings Leavitt and Stuart who are now trying to strongarm yet another tax increase on us for a Bus Rapid Transit system down Fourth Plain and to pay for operations and maintenance on light rail from Portland.

If you believe the taxes will stop there, think again.

13 Comments to “Do You Think Leavitt’s “Choo Choo Train” is the Answer?”

  1. Oh Lew, that was precious! I just loved the pop-ups! 🙂 I hope David Madore or Josephine gets to see that video… 🙂

  2. It should also be noted that LA’s Metro also has trains throughout its core. Amtrak like trains I mean…..

  3. I have been telling them that this whole ****load is the technology of yesteryear! No one with any sort of brain would do this…

  4. Yes, Carolyn. It is the same thing that I pointed out to Tim and Sam Adams for nearly a decade. And both Portland and Vancouver has a century of running street cars, so its not like they both do not know.

    No, it does take some brains to ignore the repetitive nature of people who come up every single week and ignore what is being said to them and push their own special agenda. Have you not seen that over the two or three years you have gone in front of political bodies and very little has changed except do what they want??

  5. Trains have been around since the early 1800’s. They were at their “zenith” in about 1890. In the early 1900’s cars were becoming common and trains started losing out to cars have have done so ever since.

    VanGoober had street cars a long time ago and had the common sense to get rid of them and tear up the tracks because automobiles made them totally obsolete.

    In the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, the only people who rode bikes were little kids. Everybody else drove. Almost nobody walked except in malls.

    Now the Lefties want to force everyone to walk or ride a bike and to live in cave “communes” like sardines. The Left wants America to go back to the Stone Age because the Left hates modern society, hates the human race, and hates themselves for being a part of the human race.

    Lefties and Liberals are just plain “Haters”.

  6. Lew, What we have with Leavitt and Stuart are two youngsters who not only take their marching orders from Identity Clark County, but have become so impressed with their own importance that (they actually beleive their own press releases) that they have decided to take on and belittle Congresswoman Jamie Herrera Beutler just because she is doing what she was elected to do.

    “Represent the People”.

    Tim and Steve, Question? Other than a group of Spend and Tax Democrats (Murray, Cantwell, Blumenauer and DeFazio), who the hell are “WE” you are referring to that is asking is asking Republican Jamie Herrera Beutler to becme an advocate the CRC Boondoggle without a vote of the People.

  7. Where is my jet pack?? I’m tired of living in the past and the poor leadership that we have to deal with. They need to abide by their oath and not ICC’s agenda!

  8. karma, if you want to ride out on the rails, just buy a ticket on Amtrak and have a great one way trip to wherever you want to leave too. I will sure miss you! (and those wonderful flowers you grow!)

    Larry – it has been proven that those two can BEAT pretty much any thing that moves at a snails political pace. So until someone can come up with a better plan OR situation of candidates, we’ll remain at least for the present moment under the same regime.

    And Jaime, unless she grows a pair, she is going to get bullied by the political twins (stuart & leavitt) until her next election series starts. And let us hope that starts soon, so that we will have someone new and fresh to deal with these two!

  9. So I’m figuring that by taking light rail from Delta Park, through downtown Vancouver and over to Clark College will take probably about 20-40 minutes with all the stops they plan to implement with parking garages to house all the personal vehicles since most routes never match transit times successfully…

    That would be a lot of people loading and getting off the train at those three garages (as well as the other stops) so they could drive their gas hogs home. Hmm…a lot of vehicle emission boosts for every vehicle parked all day in those garages!!!

    Let’s see now…last Friday I was on I-5 at 4:15 pm and the entire Portland highway system was stop and go in all directions…except for those on the HOV lane northbound. It took us 25 minutes to get from the tunnel to the HOV lane and 8 minutes for us to get to Hwy 14 since there were two of us in the car. I figure from Delta Park, it was 5 minutes by the time we passed under the Fourth Plain overpass.

    FIVE minutes versus 20-40 minutes. Gee, I wonder which one I’d prefer to take…LRT or personal vehicle – carpooling. Not a hard choice for me!!! But then again, they want tolling implemented on the bridge. So much for that 5 minute travel time!!!


  10. I don’t think your off by much, Goldie. I know they are going to have to go SLOW on that bridge to get across it and stop in Jantzen Beach before they go on to Delta Park. But then again, I’ve post a very similar rant for the last 6+ years all over the Clark County nets….

  11. Yeah Jeremy…I hear ya. Too bad the officials don’t! I honestly believe they are two of the three monkeys in disguise (take your pick for each official)…see no evil and hear no evil. Regarding speak no evil??? Well, we ALL know that’s not any of them.

    As my husband nears his retirement years…more often than not, we are contemplating the migration away from anywhere near the I-5/I-205 corridors. We like our home and have good neighbors, but it’s going to get to the point that we won’t even be able to afford living in Clark County and I know my thoughts are felt by others as well. I just heard the cost of food will most likely rise another 3% next year (I’m thinking higher).

  12. As you have heard me grumble through various channels, I may be also looking to move away from this area. And it’s not because of financial reasons, it’s simply I can’t deal with the followers of NIMBY, BANANA republic and other political wastes of time that I have dealt with here in Clark County for nearly two decades.

    I will say that I have a lot of great friends here that are not into the political scene as much as I used to be. And it will be one of the great things I will really miss.

    Since I know that I’m the real YOUNGIN’ here. Wherever I go, I still will have about a career and a half until I retire somewhere. I saw interesting places around East Cowlitz county, where I know some folks. It’s an area that has a lot of DIY type people and the nearest mall is thirty miles away.

    And it tends to be a more conservative area than what you will find here in the more po(m)pulous areas of Western Washington.

    Once you leave Clark County, the next real amount of population is Olympia, the former border of the third congressional district. (Will change due to redistricting and population growth.)

    I had also thought of trying the Aberdeen area but have heard from friends who lived there that the place isn’t very conducive to real job creation, like Astoria, its got still a resource based economy per se. And bigger meth problem than Clark County.

  13. I wasn’t aware that Astoria had any real “job creation” going. Astoria is still stuck somewhere in the 70’s and is run by Liberal knotheads. Half the place is “for rent” or “for lease”. Warrenton will blossom into a real dynamo though. in fact it’s booming right now.

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