Democrats Shameless Support of the Occu-Twits

by lewwaters

For a group that continues to claim no leadership and being non-partisan, it is obvious that partisanship is what fuels the mobs.

If you believe this is a newly formed mob, you’re wrong.

March 2007 Portland, Oregon

 Summer 1968

Those claiming they are only trying to protect America and the American worker are really misleading the public. This movement is about bringing about the collapse of America as we have long known it. What made America great is repulsive to them.

Don’t fall for their lies of fighting to improve anything.

Similar groups in the waning days of World War One did the same and many fell for their rhetoric, ushering in decades of oppression in the former Soviet Union.

Shame on any Democrats who stand with these people.

Tip of the hat to Campaign to Defeat Obama

11 Comments to “Democrats Shameless Support of the Occu-Twits”

  1. I like the iony of the ILWU president coming out with a letter supporting these clowns on October 5. I wonder if he still supports them?

  2. I wonder more if ILWU members who lost wages today still support them.

  3. The Democrat support for the OWS crowd gives you a “glimpse” into just how twisted the Liberal mindset really is. The Democrats are directly responsible for the mess that this nation is in, yet they support those who stupidly “protest” the mess that this nation is in.

    The situation is similar to the treatment of minorities, where the Democrats are directly responsible for the situation that some minorities find themselves in, yet the Democrats support minority “protests”.

    The end result is constant “turmoil” promoted by the Democrats, because the Left has long used “turmoil” as a vehicle to gain power.

    I find it ironic that the “protesting” idiots don’t realize that the Democrats are the very people who are responsible for the situations that the “protestors” find themselves in.

    I think that’s where the term: “useful idiots” came from.

  4. Jack, you’re predisposing that the OccuTwits have the ability to actually think on their own.

    Their inability to do that is what makes them such “useful idiots.”

  5. This Occupy the Ports thing is the most ridiculous plan yet. Not only will they cost the port millions, but they have disabled the small-town America entrepreneurs who sell their products globally and they are party in part of driving the cost of imports and exports through the roof. They have also blocked entrances for the smaller businesses located in the port facility for which they have nothing to do with the shipping terminals, leaving yet more small businesses disabled due to their selfishness.

    What really bothered me was seeing the little child standing in 27 degree weather as “Mommy” chanted some nonsensical jibberish against a port which had already closed down for the day. Where’s CPS when you need them???

    I honestly wish these folks who are hiding their faces with red bandannas, waving black and red flags and threatening the WORKING CLASS, would realize that when their cell phones or IPAD’s no longer work or when their digital cameras bite the dust…or even their little tents and sleeping bags they squat on private property with, that they can thank themselves for blocking delivery of the very products they rely upon each and every day of their miserable lives, thinking that capitalism is evil. Honestly, I hope they make a scene at the ports so HS can take over and put their sorry backsides right in the nice, toasty facilities provided in part by yes, us taxpayers at the federal level.

    Do these people even realize that their supposed “freedom of speech and freedom of assembly” style is going to breach the very freedoms we Americans hold true?

    It seems to me that when Occupy Wall Street began, it was meant as a direct concern of our taxpayer dollars bailing out the banks. Now it has become an Anarchists Haven with the original message tanked.

  6. “Do these people even realize that their supposed “freedom of speech and freedom of assembly” style is going to breach the very freedoms we Americans hold true?”

    I have every confidence that they not only fully realize that, but it is part of the plan.

    The banks were just the issue they grabbed on to in an effort to legitimize their actions.

    If they were really serious, they would be protesting Congress and the White House, instead of supporting Obama and his cronies who exacerbate this quagmire we are locked in.

  7. Oooh Lew…it’s beginning to sound like a certain conspiracy theory I’ve heard about over the past several years. Maybe it’s not a theory after all.

  8. Goldie, that is why I recommend people go back and study the Bolsheviks and Russian Revolution that ushered in the Soviet Union.

    The similarities are staggering.

    THOSE “SIXTIES” HIPPIES (in 1860s Russia)

    Bolshevism: The Road to Revolution

  9. Thank you both!! Just another shade of eco-terrorism and folks are following some others blindly.

  10. You what bother me greatly. It was those independent truckers who take loads from a lot of the ports that had to just sit and eat the fuel, lost wages and benefits of what was coming off the dock.

    There was an article a month or so ago talking about at the Port of Seattle that these truckers were barely making above minimum wage trying to feed their families with a JOB.

    Now if they block the port operations, guess what happens? These idiots do not seem to have a cognition of what a real port is, except scream and blather with no intelligible and facts to base their opinions ON? Not all of those jobs are union and make the same amount as the crane operators bringing cargo off the ships!

    Maybe they should go back to smoking their peace pipes in front of KPAM or KXL and leave good, hard working people alone.

  11. The Lefties are frustrated. Their moron in the White House is screwing up badly. America knows that the Democrats have wrecked the Economy. It’s not looking too good for their Welfare checks and their freebies as the States face budget crisis after budget crisis.

    And of course, they’re afraid that they may actually have to go out and find a job.

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