The Original “Occu-Mom Places 4 Year-Old Daughter on Train Tracks”

by lewwaters

Everybody else is posting my video, so I may as well too. 😉

I included it and made mention of it in my older post “David the Occupier” Tries to Justify Lost Wages to Middle Class Workers

Since cutting out the segment on the “Occu-Mom” and originally posting it to Victoria Taft’s blog, it has been embedded on Weazel Zippers, who most link back too, the Blaze, Fox Nation, Hot Air, FreeRepublic and I even found it embedded in the UK.

Yesterday, Dec. 14, 2011 it hit 71,000 views alone and currently has well over 400 comments, 99% appalled that this woman sat her 4 year-old daughter on train tracks and expressing her “faith in humanity” that a train would not run them down.

A few try to deflect away from her inadequate mothering skills by claiming it is “out of context (typical),” “edited,” “never happened,” and a few others claim it was all okay since they did not see a photo of the child on the tracks.

Some supporters of the Occupy movement claim by complaining that the overall movement cannot be judged by the woman’s act. Yet, isn’t that exactly what they did when they attempted to tie the Lyndon LaRouche people’s display of an Obama with a Hitler Mustache photo to the Tea Party or the liberal nutter Jared Loughner after he shot U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords earlier this year?

Perhaps they forgot Saul Alinksy’s Rule 4: “Make opponents live up to their own book of rules.”

Not so oddly, I guess, none identifying themselves from the Occupy Movement has issued any actual condemnation of the woman placing her 4 year-old daughter in danger like that. Then again, we have seen how fast others in the Occupy Movement have been to put small children between them and riot Police who come to uphold the laws too.

Although I expected the video clip I cut out of a KGW News story to receive quite a few views, I did not expect it to spread as rapidly as it has. But, I am very pleased that it did and that people are outraged over such insensitivity towards one’s own 4 year-old daughter.

To Occu-Mom ‘Lotus’ I can only plead, let someone else care for that poor child while you get some help and learn how to properly protect your child.

I extend thanks to all other sites who have embedded it and continue to spread it. Maybe people will wake up to the Occupy Movement and how they draw some of the lowest dregs of our society to them so as to increase their numbers.

6 Comments to “The Original “Occu-Mom Places 4 Year-Old Daughter on Train Tracks””

  1. Lew, this is the same woman I spoke of the other day in your write entitled “Democrats Shameless Support of the Occu-Twits” when I asked “Where’s CPS when you need them???”

    I am totally disgusted that she would put her daughter in harm’s way just to prove a point.


  2. I agree Goldenoldie, but this is what some parents feel is the route to go to get what they want. What message are they teaching their kids?


  3. Karma, it’s definitely NOT the kind of message I taught my kids.

    Oh…and good mornin’!!!


  4. Maybe it’s just me, but I suspect that if this happened at a Tea Party event (God forbid someone that stupid and reckless would be associated the Tea Party), there would have been all kinds of condemnation from every media outlet in the country, politicians would have called for investigations, and the Child Protection Services would be hauling the kid off to foster care.


  5. The reason for the “double-standard” here is that all of the government agencies have been infiltrated with Liberal morons who sympathize with the OWS crowd and hate Conservatives.

    That’s why government is so “brain-dead” and so obviously “Left” whilst the bulk of the population is mostly Conservative.


  6. Has anyone thought of gathering up the “evidence” and calling the Oregon DHS and filing a complaint on this woman with the video saved and passed on?


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