Will ‘Boss Leave-it’s’ Choo Choo Train Die Like Detroit’s Did?

by lewwaters

An interesting article from the Detroit Free Press tells us how Detroit’s dream of a choo choo train died and was killed off due to “doubts that Detroit could pay operating costs over the long term for the light-rail line because of its and the state’s financial problems…”

While we in Clark County aren’t in quite as severe financial problems as is Detroit and the state of Michigan, we do continue to see middle class taxpayers struggling well into our 3rd year of double digit unemployment, not helped by the recent slate of tax and fee increases handed to us by the state, county and city.

We also have the little matter of strong opposition still to the Loot Rail aspect of the CRC and that recent polls indicate how SW Washington remains strongly opposed to tolling. None of that seems to matter to ‘Boss Leave-it’ as he remains determined to tax and toll us to ensure he gets his choo choo train from Portland.

Currently, ‘Boss Leave-it’ is hell bent on cutting out as many voters from voting on an operations and maintenance tax, which places doubts of Vancouver’s ability to raise enough funds to pay for the operations and maintenance of the choo choo train from Portland.

Realizing too that loot rail remains unpopular north of the river and the distinct possibility of the tax increase failing, ‘Boss Leave-it’ says, “Given the fact that we are going to find a way to fund operations and maintenance of the light rail component of the CRC, there will be a Plan B of some sort.”

KPAM 860’s Victoria Taft tells on Detroit, “Poor leadership, poor transit and the attempt to kill the auto industry –all under Democrats–have left the Motor City residents desperate for ways to get to their suburban jobs. As mentioned above, many people are reliant on the subsidized elevated train and overworked bus system. A so called ‘People Mover’ choo choo is neither and has been nothing but a waste of money.”

Of note too, after ‘Leave-it’s’ lies on fighting tolls to get elected, the many claims of tolls could not be used to fund loot rail seems to be another lie as we read in the Couve.com article linked above, “The group spent a fair amount of time discussing the idea of a new bi-state agency managing light rail and adding a surcharge for operation and maintenance onto the $1.3 billion worth of tolls already slated to help pay for the CRC Light Rail project.”

Leavitt wondered if the Washington State Transportation Commission had the authority to allow tolls to pay to operate light rail.”

It appears that ‘Boss Leave-it’ hasn’t a care in the world on just how much he will destroy the community or further bankrupt middle class taxpayers. Just as long as he gets his choo choo train.

Maybe Santa never brought him the Lionel set he asked for when he was little boy.

If Detroit can see their boondoggle die, there remains hope we struggling taxpayers can see some of our paychecks saved too from the likes of ‘Boss Leave-it’s’ dream of a choo choo train that we have repeatedly indicated we do not want.

5 Comments to “Will ‘Boss Leave-it’s’ Choo Choo Train Die Like Detroit’s Did?”

  1. Light rail doesn’t seem to have improved congestion on I-84 in Portland.
    Instead of the planned lanes for busses, cars, trucks, light rail was given
    the lanes. Now traffic jams are routine, and occasional mostly empty light rail trains go by. The C-Tran trip planner rates the Max light rail line as slower than a bus to get to downtown Portland from Fisher’s Landing Transit center. We have the opportunity to learn from Portlands’ errors, not repeat them. Time to think outside the light rail box about how to better move people and freight in a way that is sustainable. Clark County doesn’t have the population or density to reasonably support light rail and isn’t projected to for years. Shouldn’t alternatives for mass transit that better fit our needs and budget now and a decade from now be considered? Will the golden cufflink CRC crowd be the ones to design cost effective transportation solutions forClark County? Are they more interested in the profits of the companies making millions off the CRC?
    Construction isn’t affordable either at $204 MILLION/mile for light rail in Oregon, never mind operating costs.


  2. I don’t really mind that the voters in the city of Vancouver elected this human garbage their mayor; I tried to warn everyone, so my conscience is clear.

    What I mind is that the actions and decisions of this thug and his fellow scum, like Steve “The Liar” Stuart, results in their ability to stick their greedy, grubby mitts in my pocket and steal my money for their utterly worthless, unwanted, unneeded and unaffordable CRC project… without asking.

    Since it’s clear that their goal is to improve traffic over to Oregon, I need to remind them that they will achieve their goal if this crap pile is built… and our own local economy will suffer as tens of thousands increase their habit of doing all of their shopping across the river to deprive these criminals of their extortion.

    At least, that’s what I hear.

  3. In response to Margaret, I believe the reasoning behind the obvious with regards to I-84’s traffic congestion and the appearance that light rail has not improved it is because of a couple of underlying factors that may play a roll in our assumption.

    1 – The riders on LRT were previously bus passengers

    2 – Population in East County has grown since implementation of LRT in the I-84 Corridor

    With these two factors in mind, what makes the folks with CRC think the service will benefit the locality to Fort Vancouver? They will be servicing those who currently utilize buses and there’s not a heckuva lot of growing room between Delta Park and Clark College.

    The LRT segment of the crossing project should be stopped dead in it’s tracks. immediately. If they truly wanted to add light rail to Clark County, it is my opinion that it should be on that third bridge near 192nd Avenue where the most growth potential still exists…but I’d rather have MAX stay put in Oregon. It’s nothing but a money hog which benefits a select group of individuals…and they know who they are!

  4. …and that should say “…will benefit the locality to Fort Vancouver Way?” sorry about that

  5. I think Detroit is a great example of how Liberals have destroyed the American concept of “cities” in their quest to force the citizens of America into living in “communes”.

    Liberal morons succeeded long ago in turning downtown VanGoober into a “dead zone” where most people don’t go. Like Detroit, the population and the businesses moved elsewhere. Detroit is the same thing only on a much larger scale.

    And like Detroit, the Liberal Morons “think” that adding things like 1890’s choo-choo trains, stupid waterfront “bum-camps”, and a glitzy “new bridge” that doesn’t improve anything will somehow “entice” people to move back into the “dead zone”.

    The simple fact is that metro areas are dying all over America. People don’t want to live in metro areas and have been moving away from them for quite some time.

    The only people who like metro areas are Liberal Elitists and homeless bums. And they want YOU to pay for their incredibly stupid “ideas”.

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