U S Bridges, Roads Being Built by Chinese Firms

by lewwaters

What guarantee or assurances does Clark County, struggling with double digit unemployment for the third year, have that this scenario will not be repeated with the CRC?

6 Comments to “U S Bridges, Roads Being Built by Chinese Firms”

  1. It shows you just how much the government morons “care” about the U.S. Economy, doesn’t it? The dirty bastards sure want your tax dollars, don’t they?

  2. If you didn’t read it in the Columbian it didn’t happen

  3. Does anybody really read The Columbian?

  4. Give me a break…
    Today I called Sears for a service call on my washing machine.
    I realized I was speaking to someone in a foreign country with a thick accent that was not from India. So I asked where they were located and was told it was against Sears policy to answer that question. Then the woman asked for my address and I told her that if she couldn’t tell me that she was in the US earning her $11 per hour to route services calls that I couldn’t tell her where I was either.
    I hung up and called a small local repairman from, get this, Vancouver Washington!

  5. I’ll bet she wasn’t “earning $11 an hour” either. Probably 25 cents an hour.

  6. Steve Stuart asked this very question… And you will just LOVE the answer he got!

    Link: http://www.cityofvancouver.us/cvtv/cvtvarchive2/Community_Events/2011_Events/Columbia_River_Crossing_Project_Sponsors_Council_12-15-11.wmv

    Watch at 33 or 34, listen for the answer to the workers question. I just LOVE Paula’s answer. It lines right up with the Chinese….

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