Illegal Aliens Protest Outsourcing Jobs in Portland

by lewwaters

Saturday, Dec. 17, 2011, Illegal Aliens held a peaceful rally in Portland, Oregon protesting the outsourcing of American Jobs.

Perhaps these Illegal Aliens never heard of NAFTA?

Perhaps too, if they held similar rallies in their home countries, they could remain there?

KPAM 860’s Victoria Taft discussed the protest rally here and here

6 Comments to “Illegal Aliens Protest Outsourcing Jobs in Portland”

  1. Know what is funnier? It was a 1990+ Democrat president that pushed for NAFTA to be created and signed into law by him. Remember that?

  2. Where was (ICE ) U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement when we needed them? When is the rest of America going to wake up and take a stand with us?

  3. How ironic! (That’s a great story!)

    The Trade Deficit this year will be $600,000,000,000. That’s about half the Obama stimulus gone. Even “illegal aliens” know we’re committing suicide yet Obama just signed ANOTHER “Free” Trade provision.

    Nobody’s watching America’s back. The aristocracy benefits by exploiting the foreign labor market, the Marxists are happy to send American wealth to others, the Conservatives like the idea of putting it to the unions, consumers just want cheap stuff, and our politicians are so mediocre and ill-informed that they don’t even know we’re killing ourselves.

    If there’s any single element that is responsible for America’s unemployment, it’s “Free” Trade.

  4. What a Crock, illegal immigrants protesting, What will be the next group of lawbreaker, thiefs, bank robbers, child molesters, etc., that will be allowed to ignore the rule of Law for what ever reason.

    But then we have politiians at all levels of Government either breaking the law (Lying and Insider Trading) or ignoring those that do.

  5. They are awfully comfortable standing up for their right to break our laws and remain here illegally…
    What kind of gall that must take and….
    What kind of statement it makes to our own effectiveness at self protection and preservation.

  6. Hey! Feliz’ Navidad!

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