Vancouver Strikes Back! Dream of the Suburbs – Vancouvria

by lewwaters

“If Portland is the place where 20 year olds go to retire, Vancouver is the place where 50 year olds go to avoid income tax. Welcome to Vancouvria – it’s what Portlandia would be if it was filmed in Portland’s northern suburb of Vancouver Washington.”

Vancouver, Washington, affectionately referred to as “the Couv” by many, looked down upon by Portlanders who erroneously believe they are better than anybody or anything has our own answer to Portlandia’s Dream of the 90’s

Portland can stay as weird as they wish, I’ll stay in Vancouver, no matter how much Boss Leave-it tries to make us like Portland.

Tip of the hat to Brighton West for his Vancouvria

17 Comments to “Vancouver Strikes Back! Dream of the Suburbs – Vancouvria”

  1. I agree! If Portland was so great, we all wouldn’t be living in small-town Vancouver!


  2. Great! However, the Elitist Liberal morons are trying their damndest to turn VanGoober into just another neighborhood of Peetown.


  3. Well done!

    It’s nice to know someone get’s it!

    Vancouver rocks!!!


  4. It is amazing how stupid those elected to be the Custodians of our Hard Earned Tax Dollar were and are; When I came here in 1976 we had the best of both worlds. We had a quiet, beautiful, crime free city, low taxes and all the benefits and none of the problems of a large city just 5 or 10 minutes accross the river.

    But then Pollard was struck down with Portland Envy and “I was against Bridge Tolls before I was for them Leavitt” like an obiedent puppy followed right in his foot steps.

    Now, not only did our once beautiful city start deteriorating, we now own a good portion of Portland’s financial and crime problems.

    And so it goes


  5. I still love this video. Even if it can be true…


  6. Now Larry, it wasn’t just Pollard with the ‘Portland Envy’ as you forgot those in the County that also started to push the barn door open with the thoughts of being the third largest city by the neglect we see with GMA to make money for their buddies? The birth of a certain group to start the education as to why we do it this way? Just don’t point at one person here and the fact that sometimes when the snowball starts to roll, those coming up in the ranks are powerless to stop it.

    The Couv video was a good laugh and the 90s was even better but I live in the 21 century and don’t want to go backwards!!


  7. Karmaht, Every boondoggle has to have a leader and Pollard was ours. Like it or not he was going to make us the second largest city in the state. That would give him more clout with and more money form the state. Those coming up in the ranks like our good Mayor could have stopped it, except they found it more politically advantageous to jump on board Identity Clark County’s “Lets take control of the City” program.

    I too live in the 21st Century and if we don’t go back and learn from our past mistakes (we didn’t) we are bound to make the same mistakes over and over (we did), Will we ever learn?

    And so it goes.


  8. Mr. Patella, again it wasn’t just Pollard. He was a part of the whole GMA density group lead by those that started the ICC to become the second largest city grandeur. So don’t just pat Pollard on the back here, County gov is over City gov and when the State told them they needed to comply with GMA those in leadership wasn’t going to take the marching orders kindly. I heard from many folks that got their marching orders. GMA in what was proposed in the first go around and continued with status quo is going to bring this community to it’s knees!! Planning sucks on all levels from City to County. The push now for LR is in hopes to solve the failures of our roadways. But again with poor leadership, what can one say? One Commissioner made the statement, ” If we have made such a serious mistake in one area as we see here, what in the heck did we do to all of Clark County?” That statement was from 1995 with the passing of the West Felida Plan.

    No one wants to look at past history and that is why there is so many making the same mistakes. Plus there is the 50 years of neglect/selling off of the city & county. Then you have those in office that well aren’t looking at past history, know what programs are in place, have their people in place so they don’t have to deal with the Public or folks that bring letters with false doc. that push agendas when making their requests. Ya also have the ‘Nimby’ folks that just are looking no further than their own neighborhood and property values. Nor do they know the laws of which area that they live in. No one is looking at the big picture either. Folks just don’t care that we taxpayers have to foot the bill or that folks tend to move away due to the screw ups? Time to hold those that screwed up accountable? Oh that is if you can find them??


  9. Vancouver, where else can you get McDonalds and Wal-Mart??


  10. But neither one are downtown.


  11. Jack, isn’t there a mcD’s on fourth plain and fort vancouver way? 🙂 Yeah, they need a walmart downtown. That way more people can buy more junk and give it to the thirft – cosign stores still down there.


  12. It isn’t “downtown”, Jeremy. Downtown hasn’t had a McDonald’s since the “McDonald’s Express” was in the old Woolworth’s Bldg.

    Anybody remember the “CC Store”?


  13. I remember when there was a Penney store downtown, does that count?


  14. now, now karmaht. If my memory serves me, the reason why JCPenny closed in downtown Vancouver was that Vancouver Mall happened in the 1980s??

    And to Jack, may be my reference of Downtown also includes the VA and Clark College per se. That might not be your version of the area you perceive as Downtown Vancouver.


  15. I remember when the crosswalks were changed in front of Penney’s and Woolworth’s into an “X Walk” so people could walk diagonally across the street.

    When the Lloyd Center opened in Peetown the VanGoober City Council crafted a “plan” to make downtown VanGoober into a large “mall” like the Lloyd Center.

    I think it depends upon the time frame, Jeremy. Clark College used to be located at 4th Plain & Stapleton Rd. where Kyocera is. The VA was built at the remote end of the military reservation across from the post cemetery. Hardly “downtown”.


  16. Your right, Jack. It is all about a time perspective. Yours might be different than anyone elses here. I remember several pieces from when I moved here in the 1980s. Downtown still had a bus station south of esther short park. The was an old train sitting in the park and there was a lot grass die off in the park as well.

    Then in the 1990s, it was improved and you see the results now.

    I do agree with some of your past statements that downtown is a ghost town at certain times of the day and night. I go down there a lot to switch busses to go into Portland for medical reasons. There are things that go on but more often than not, it is a ghost town.

    And with the city now going through another iteration of financial woah, there is not really a lot of more money to pour into that area. Look at the recent example of the Slocum House. (whose significant history I was not aware of until Lew brought it up. I had known its location since I have a good number of years going down to the Downtown.)


  17. so Walmart/McDonald’s bad, Burgerville good! oh crap, Burgerville ‘aka greedy corporation’ is gone from downtown too. Kinda like Warren Buffet good, Mitt Romney bad! I get it now. I think?


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