Syrians Know the Impotence of Barack Obama

by lewwaters

Hat Tip to Bad Rachel who states, “5,000 Syrians have been massacred by Bashar Assad since March, including 300 children. How are those sanctions workin’ out, Mr. Obama?”

For the inevitable troll claiming the sign being in English means it must be photoshopped, video of Syrian women protesting in the street carrying a sign clearly stating in English, “USA PEOPLE, YOU LIVED 11 SEPTEMBER ONE TIME, BUT WE LIVE IT EVERYDAY.”

BHO is doing nothing other than kowtowing to the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist radicals.

22 Comments to “Syrians Know the Impotence of Barack Obama”

  1. It’s no “coincidence” that the people of Egypt are now enslaved. The complete dork in the White House has absolutely bungled any chance of seeing some improvement in the middle east. Any wonder why?


  2. Keep out of foreign entanglements!!!

    I have to repeat this a lot because folks have short memories. We were in Iraq because the lessons of Vietnam were forgotten, and the Occupy movement is too young to remember communism.


  3. We can’t hide from the world, Martin. 9/11 taught most of us that. So did Pearl Harbor.


  4. Jack; Pearl Harbor, 9/11, Korea, Vietnam, Somalia, and Iraq are all lessons to us. Just because I don’t believe in pre-emptive war, or wars of attrition, doesn’t mean I won’t support nuking Iran if the time comes. Back your trigger off some and you’ll meet me.


  5. The world isn’t a “nice place”, Martin. It’s the “Law Of The Jungle” out there. You either take a tough stance or you pull your panties up over your head and try to find a place to hide. Wimps get lined up against a wall and shot all the time.


  6. Jack, dude, dial it down – you’re talkin’ crazy talk. (I hope you’re just having fun with it?)


  7. Gee Martin, doncha read the papers? How many people were gunned down in Syria yesterday?


  8. Jack, IT’S NOT OUR PROBLEM! We’re not the World’s policeman.

    Perhaps I don’t fully understand your position? Could you explain to me, please, you’re reasoning why America should spread democracy around the world? Perhaps Christianity too? And Capitalism?

    (Don’t blow up, dude, I sincerely want to understand your logic.)


  9. Martin, it’s sure a good thing the Spaniards, French and Dutch who allied with the Americans during the Revolutionary War did not see it as not their problem, isn’t it?

    BY the way, Democracy cannot be imposed, only offered and chosen or rejected.


  10. Gee Martin, don’t you know that what happens in the rest of the world directly affects us?

    A six year-old kid could tell you that when an Ostrich has his head buried in the sand, his ass is exposed above ground for anyone to kick.


  11. Okay, I’ll accept that “shoot first” is a Conservative value. I’ll add that to the “punishment” value – both I’ve discovered by reading and posting here. I make no judgment but it helps to keep the conversation going. Thank you for keeping it civil.


  12. It’s just one of the “simple facts of life”, Martin. It’s sort of like the violence you read about this holiday season in the shopping malls over tennis shoes and I-Pods. The world is full of selfish SOB’s that would kill you in an instant for the quarter that you have in your pocket just because they “want it”.

    I guess that some people would like to “pretend” that things aren’t that way, but that doesn’t change the fact that things ARE that way.

    As Americans, we not only have to keep an “eye” on the rest of the world but we also have to watch out for our own tyrannical, out-of-control government. Either one can easily kill us and take everything we have.


  13. Thanks for your opinion, Jack.

    I’ve made a list of the “Conservative Values” I’ve been able to identify. Please check them for correctness. If both sides knew what the other held important, perhaps there would be less hatred?

    Preemption (shoot first)
    Punishment (accountability)
    Proselytizing (spread democracy)
    Anti-tax (Supply-Side economics)
    Soldiers (idolization)
    Religion (Christianity)
    Consequences (people get what they deserve)
    Guns (individual power)
    Laissez-faire (limited government)


  14. Gee Martin, to be “balanced”, perhaps you ought to include a list of Liberal “values”, don’t you think? It might help readers to “understand” where you’re “coming from”.


  15. Of course, Jack. I always keep my values posted:

    Your turn, dude.


  16. Those are “your” values, Martin. You made a list of supposed Conservative “values”. What are supposed Liberal “values”? Make a list of them. Then we’ll have something to “compare”.


  17. So, once again, Jack, nothing from you… I’m getting used to that.

    BTW, if you want, I can teach you how to use quotes (“).


  18. I’m sorry Martin, you seem to have a “problem” in “reading comprehension”.

    I asked for “Liberal values” to compare to your supposed “Conservative values”. Apparently you don’t see the “difference” between “Liberal values” and your own “values” but I think there is a vast “difference”.

    Ergo, your snide little “offer” on “how to use quotes” only shows arrogance on your part because I didn’t ask for your “teachings” on the subject. I like my quote marks just as they are.

    Perhaps you’re just having a “bad night”. Drink some warm milk.


  19. Yikers!?

    Merry Christmas, “Jack.”


  20. “Fleas NaughtyDog”, Martin.


  21. “Fleas Anó Nuevo”, too.


  22. Actually, make that “Fleas Año Nuevo”, instead.


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