Vancouver, Washington City Council Bids Pat Campbell Farewell

by lewwaters

Pat Campbell, who lost his bid for reelection to the Vancouver, Washington city council in the 2011 election, is given due honors and thanks for his term on city council.

Pat and I have exchanged words more than once and our emails often contained snarky comments to each other, but he did what few others are willing to do. Run for public office and sit in the line of fire from citizens.

Regardless of differences, Pat thoroughly investigated positions he took and more than once, cast votes we could not disagree with and many times brought laughter to council meetings with his “stories.”

Bill Turlay will be replacing Pat and has been very helpful in preparing Bill to take over his seat.

I don’t know what is in Pat’s future, but I hope he sticks around and remains involved.

13 Comments to “Vancouver, Washington City Council Bids Pat Campbell Farewell”

  1. Initially I was a strong supporter of Pat Campbell, However as time went by he became a follower and fell in line with whatever the Majority of the City Council wanted him to do.

    Case in point, he sent out a strong anti City Manager email stating that Pat McDonnell had made a liar out of him over some public safety issue. When I asked him about his email at the next council meeting, not only was I was attacked by “Gavel Down Harris” who told me to stop talking, sit down and that I could not address a sitting council member by name. It was then that Pat, in my opinion, became, when the dust settled, an official member of the Mayor’s Gang of Five.

    When finally allowed to speak up, he reluctantly withdrew his complaint against the City Manager.

    It was apparent to me he had, because his widely circulated anti City Manager email, been taken to the proverbial “Politicians Woodshed”.

  2. When Mayor Leavitt first invited us to email the council he used to respond. Other council members would chime in, too. Towards the end, it was only Pat Campbell who would respond. I still respect that.

  3. I was amazed at Pat’s inability to learn from the opinions of the community, especially when his goofy ideas and opinions were effectively shot down in blogs and emails.

    When a person can’t see that his ideas and opinions are obviously wrong, then it’s time for him to go.

  4. Jack, Pat, like all of our elected officials, received input from a wide spectrum of the community. It must be very difficult for them to decipher what is right and wrong just by talking to and listening to individuals. They have to show a deeper core of values and beliefs that is borne out in their record before we can judge whether they deserve to remain in office. There are people in my life, who I love dearly, who disagree with me politically. I wouldn’t vote for them but I’d still wish them the very best in life. I think Pat showed a good heart. I wish him well.

  5. Dang, Robert, that’s a great bit. (I wish I’d said that about Pat.)

  6. I don’t buy that, Robert. When someone points out simple facts that a six year-old kid could understand and they let pure stubborn boneheadedness get in the way, then it’s time to get someone else for the job.

    “Good intentions” and a dime won’t buy you a phone call any more.

    Pat was shown the door because he wouldn’t acknowledge simple facts that were put right in front of his stubborn nose. Period.

  7. And to expound on “stubborn boneheadedness” a bit more, it’s a real pity that these elected morons aren’t made to discuss their “ideas” on blogs such as this where their goofy nutiness can be challenged by the members of the community.

    Back in the days before the instant communication we now have, having “Representatives” making laws off in a corner was the only feasible way to go.

    Nowadays, there is absolutely no reason that the entire community can’t participate in making the decisions that govern our lives. The “need” for “Representatives” is quite passe’. What “Representative Government” results in is a few dumbasses getting “elected” then forcing the rest of us live by their screwy “dictates” and absolute stupidity.

    No wonder why this nation is such a goddamn mess.

  8. Will not be long before Pat will be missed.

    It is not often that you have an elected official that is so beholden to the voters who put him there.

  9. Apparently you didn’t follow Pat very much, John. Pat ran interference for the Liberal Elites on the city council. You must be mistaking him for someone else, but I wouldn’t know who. There isn’t a one of the bastards on the city council except Jeannie Stewart that gives a rat’s ass what the voters think.

  10. Jack, I have to disagree with you on that point. I had many discussions with Pat over email and he was one of the few that actually read what I had to say and responded most of the time with kindness, candor and interest.

    I can never say that much of the other council members as much. No, I don’t agree with some of his stances, posts on the blogs and at the newspaper or where he stood some times. He was one of the few that I can recall in 20 years that I have been dealing with the City that listened and was willing to consider my ideas on reforming Information Technology that would have cut some of the dollars needed for some of their projects.

    If you look seriously, a lot of what the city DOES is now computer based. Wouldn’t you like to find dollar savings there? Though now we’re down to the nitty gritty. So I doubt there is much left to cut here.

  11. “Email”.

    Therein lies the “key”, Jeremy. These public officials don’t have the “man-equipment” to present themselves in open-forum discussions because they know they’ll get their miserable butts kicked over their goofy ideas.

    They may “discuss” things in private emails or their “gavel-down” atmosphere, but they obviously can’t defend their nonsense out in the open.

    I don’t have that problem. Here I am. Come one, come all.

  12. Some very interesting comment’s concerning Pat Campbell being ejected from his “Cushioned Seat of Authority” by an Aviator no less.

    We all have our own ideas on what is expected from a person elected to sit in that Cushioned Seat.

    Personally, I have very high expectations and if that person is unable to measure up to what I expect or fails in his or her responsibilities to the people they should quietly fade away.

    Honors should be reserved for only those whose performance is above and beyond the call of duty.

    Just filling a Cushioned Seat won’t get it.

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